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Stop Spam Calls Today - Prevent Loss

Stop Spam Calls Today - Prevent Loss
IMP ad

Stop Spam Calls Today - Prevent Loss. Are you inundated with daily, unwanted phone calls? Has your loved one been scammed just because they answered their telephone? Did you know that, on average, people lose just over $500 a year to phone scams?

Thankfully, there is an answer. Recently I was introduced to Imp, a product that stops 100% of unwanted calls. Plug the device into a phone jack; Imp will only allow wanted callers to ring through.

Imp pairs your smartphone contacts with your landline to create a list of callers who can make your phone ring. Imp then checks every call that comes in. If it's a caller imp recognizes, they ring through.

Otherwise, Imp silently handles the call for you.
No ring. No problem.

Imp provides real-time tools to help you manage any landline. For caregivers near or far, this means safety for your loved one and peace of mind for you. The easy-to-use app gives you access from anywhere at any time.

Get yours at join Imp dot com, or use the hotlink in the show notes.


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Stop 100% of Unwanted Calls with imp.

Did you know people with Alzheimer's can receive nearly 200 spam calls a week? You can put a stop to those now.


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