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003 -Stop Acting Your Age! Feel Years Younger!

003 -Stop Acting Your Age! Feel Years Younger!

How would your life change if you could look, feel and act 10-15 years younger regardless of how many birthday’s you’ve had?  Did you know that staying mentally & physically active can help our brains to grown and add new cells?  How do we achieve looking and acting younger?

I interview Thom McFadden on this topic. Thom loves helping Baby Boomers stop the depressive cycle of feeling “over the hill” and have “one foot in the grave”.  By learning some simple techniques he has effectively used himself as a guinea pig to test his theory.  Thom is an Elder born in 1938. He has taught countless others to look, act and feel 10-15 years younger than the age on their drivers license.
Who Is Thom McFadden?
Thom is an accomplished actor, acting coach, mentor, author, speaker, teacher, loving husband, father and grandfather. He shares his wisdom from over 40 years in show business and nearly 80 years of life with the people who need it most. People over age 55 that feel invisible and who society has written off as “Done!”.

“Stop Acting Your Age” is a tool for those who wish to age as well and to ward off chronic diseases.  The positive messages in this book will help you live a better life, even when throwing you curve balls.

Listen to this episode, read Thom’s book and see if you learn how to Stop Acting Your Age!

Nutrition for a younger you

Exercise for a younger you

Science shows how to act younger

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