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Summer Reading with Gray Matters

Gray Matters & Me


Gray Matters & Me
Summer reading is fun again with Gray Matters!

Remember summer reading? Well, I’ve got a recommendation for you. Gray Matters is a novel that comes from a troubled mind, from first hand and family experience with campaigns and coders, democracy, and dementia.

Can the digital networks that record our footprints hold us steady when dementia threatens to push us off the path? The question has real stakes for data analyst Charlie Sanders, His best hope for a father succumbing to Alzheimer’s comes from assistive technology that Charlie helps design. Despite early successes, Charlie has growing doubts about the motives of his colleagues. His worries grow when the company takes on a clandestine client. Will Charlie keep his father and his country on track or turn a whole generation into glitches?

Join me and the author of Gray Matters as we discuss his first novel. The inspiration is interesting. As always, John also has a connection to dementia.


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