Activities for People Living with Alzheimer’s

Activities are important for keeping someone living with Alzheimer’s engaged and productive. However, as their disease progresses activities they once loved become impossible to manage. Activities offer important benefits like cognitive stimulation, the opportunity to connect with another person, relaxation and more. If you’re caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s you may struggle to […]

Raising An Aging Parent

At what point did we become the parent to our parents? For some of us, this transition happened slowly over time. Others have been thrust into the role because of a crisis. Regardless of how the role-reversal happened, it comes with a host of challenges we may not be ready for.

The “Match.Com” of Eldercare

Eldercare consultant

When it comes to eldercare we frequently need a partner. Even for those who plan ahead, making decisions for our loved one is a huge challenge. For those living with memory loss, it’s nearly impossible to know what they’ll need, when they’ll need it and how we’ll provide the care. Enter and eldercare consultant.  What […]

Caregiver Pathways – A Better Way to Connect

Caregiver Pathways is a program for people living with memory loss. It’s a way to engage in the community and returning purpose to their lives, gives them social opportunities and more. This program keeps their world as big as possible instead of the shrinking that normally happens.

The Successful Caregiver

Image of a successful caregiver

Being a successful caregiver is a challenge that many of us think we’re failing at becoming. When caring for someone with memory loss we’re faced with ever increasing challenges. As our loved one declines we have to take on more responsibilities that very few of us are ready for. Fewer have had no training on […]

An Alzheimer’s Love Story

Blue Hydrangeas is a beautiful novel with a truly important message. When a spouse has Alzheimer’s we want to do everything we can. Sometimes, that requires rethinking our lives and getting creative.

Age In Place Or Assisted Living _-Things to Know

According to the executive director of my Moms community, 70% of us will need some sort of living assistance at some point in our life. What should you consider when choosing to age-in-place versus an assisted living community?  This conversation should help answer many of the questions you face when deciding where to spend the […]