Caregiving In Harmony, Not Conflict – Eldercare Mediator

Conflict is a natural part of human interaction. As we age, all of us face difficult decisions that affect our loved ones and often bring up strong emotions. Many of us avoid talking about the subject because we are afraid to cause a family conflict or even a legal battle. This delay can force us to make decisions at a time of crisis, the worst possible time for peaceful and effective communications.

Raising An Aging Parent

At what point did we become the parent to our parents? For some of us, this transition happened slowly over time. Others have been thrust into the role because of a crisis. Regardless of how the role-reversal happened, it comes with a host of challenges we may not be ready for.

Giving a Caregiver Help

Providing caregiver help isn’t easy. Asking for help is just one more task in a long list of tasks.  Learning how we can provide help is the topic of this podcast. Because of their ever-increasing workload, 65% of caregivers are hospitalized or die before their loved one. For that reason, finding ways to provide help […]

Knowledge As A Coping Technique

Caregiver superhero

These days there’s a lot more knowledge about Alzheimer’s and I am truly grateful for that. I’m grateful to be part of the knowledge space. By learning more we are better able to handle challenging situations and keep our stress as low as possible. This episode is about how I use knowledge as a coping […]

Long Term Care Insurance Options Explained

Long term care insurance image

As we age we know it’s likely that we’ll need some sort of external care. Most seniors I speak to are adamant that they don’t want to become a burden to their children. That’s admirable but it’s not always an option. Finding ways to make that desire a reality isn’t always easy either. I know […]

An Alzheimer’s Love Story

Blue Hydrangeas is a beautiful novel with a truly important message. When a spouse has Alzheimer’s we want to do everything we can. Sometimes, that requires rethinking our lives and getting creative.

Keep or Sell? What to do with The Family Home Part 3

  It’s time for a move to an assisted living community, now what should you do with the family home?  Keep or sell, where do you even start? There are a few factors that will determine the answer and we discuss those on this episode. Good Reasons to Keep the House After a Move to […]