Assemble A Care Team (Shopping & Meal Prep)

This Care Team article is on shopping and meal prep. If you haven’t read Assemble a Care Team (General)) start there first. As I’ve mentioned in previous care team articles, evaluating your strengths and weaknesses is where you need to start when getting help. In the earlier stages of the disease, it’s not impossible to […]

What is Alzheimer’s?

Active brain image

Alzheimer’s affects everyone differently. While the disease is the same, where it attacks the brain can vary widely. The path of living with Alzheimer’s is similar and has the same result; each person is affected uniquely.

Millennial Caregivers & Their Unique Struggles

Part of forming your caregiving team might include a millennial or even a younger person. Learning about their unique challenges will allow all of us to handle caregiving in a more compassionate and understanding way.

Flex Your Brain Muscle with Neurosize

Neurosize Image

Are you looking for a way to flex your brain muscle in a fun and creative way? Would you also like to improve your connection with others, especially your loved one? Fun makes us stronger and feel better. Games that engage, entertain and stimulate the brain in a fun and creative ways help you think […]

Deciphering Dementia Speak – Repetitive Questions

One of the biggest struggles of communicating with a person living with Alzheimer’s or dementia is repetitive questions or comments. I struggled with this with my Mom and it took me a while to understand why she asks a particular question over and over.  That allowed me to figure out how to deal with the […]

Caregivers-Lots of Self-Care Strategies Here!

Barbara Cohn Calmer Waters

In this episode, I bring you as many tips, suggestions, and ideas as we could fit in an hour. My guest, Barbara Cohn cared for her husband for a decade. He had younger-onset Alzheimer’s. In writing her book Calmer Waters, it was Barbaras’ goal to help other caregivers feel happier, have more energy and time for themselves, sleep better, and feel more relaxed.

A Ray of Hope? Stabilizing Cognitive Decline

photo of the Beacon40 i nose

We all want to avoid cognitive decline. What if you could fill your room with a light that promotes brain health? Would you use a product that enhances your daily routine, promotes wellness in a safe, non-invasive way?

Why Are You Sick, Fat & Tired? Healthier Lifestyles

Why Are You Sick, Fat and Tired book cover

What can we do to live healthier lifestyles, feel, and look better? Is there anything we can do to lessen the risk of Alzheimer’s or dementia? If you want to take care of your health and need a system that is simple and successful with positive results in as short of time as possible then this is the podcast episode for you.

Our Golden Years & End of Life Options

Golden years residence image

When we think about our golden years we think we’ll live the rest of our days in our own home. However, what if that’s not an option? Have you had conversations with your family about your wishes for your final years? What if something happens and what you wanted is no longer an option? What if the option you decided on no longer fits your needs?

This is a podcast conversation about assisted living, nursing homes, long term care and what options we should consider.

Bonus-A Caregiving Communication Tool

We all look for ways to make our caregiving responsibilities a little easier, a little less time consuming, and the Memoryz app app might be a solution you’re looking for. Tune in to this podcast episode to learn more.