Bonus Episode! Ben on “Brain Stuff”

  Brain stuff isn’t really the main focus of my podcast. However, sometimes with the right guest, it’s hard to avoid some of the more scientific parts of Alzheimer’s.  Before we even started talking about Canine Caregivers the host of Dogs In The News podcast, Ben Brooks wanted 2 minutes to “nerd out” about what […]

Canine Caregivers

I’ve had dogs all my life. However, I was not aware of canine caregivers until Ben & Michele of “Dogs in the News” podcast approached me. The idea was to create a shared episode to educate people about these dogs. After my conversation with Ben & Michele, I now want to get and train a […]

Misty Tales – Pros & Cons of Pets for Seniors

Mom & her dog Misty

  Misty tales is an episode mostly about my Mom and her dog Misty. There are a lot of pros and cons to having a dog in a memory community. First, have a listen to this episode, there are quite a few funny stories. If you are still considering a dog after what you hear, […]