Activities for People Living with Alzheimer’s

Activities are important for keeping someone living with Alzheimer’s engaged and productive. However, as their disease progresses activities they once loved become impossible to manage. Activities offer important benefits like cognitive stimulation, the opportunity to connect with another person, relaxation and more. If you’re caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s you may struggle to […]

Alzheimer’s & The Birth of AlzAuthors

  Jean Lees parents were both diagnosed with Alzheimer’s on the same day. She was the hometown daughter, working full time. Her sister lived 1,000 miles away. What could have been a recipe for disaster became AlzAuthors. Jeans sister suggested keeping a journal as part of caring for their parents . The result of this […]

Knowledge As A Coping Technique

Caregiver superhero

These days there’s a lot more knowledge about Alzheimer’s and I am truly grateful for that. I’m grateful to be part of the knowledge space. By learning more we are better able to handle challenging situations and keep our stress as low as possible. This episode is about how I use knowledge as a coping […]

Gift Ideas for Caregivers & Their Loved Ones

Gift ideas for caregivers image

Caregiving is stressful. Receiving a gift that relives the stress or makes caregiving even a little bit easier will be greatly appreciated. Finding these types of gifts can be a challenge so we’ve provided a list for both the caregiver and person living with Alzheimer’s.

The Perfect Activity to do Today – Two Lap Books

Two Lap Books – A Great Way To Connect! Two-Lap Books are Read-Aloud Books for Memory-Challenged Adults,  People with Alzheimer’s disease (and other forms of memory impairment) gradually lose their ability to initiate communication with others. Because of this Lydia designed these uniquely adapted books to “give voice” to them. By using the book’s large, […]