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Technology For Better Caregiving

Technology For Better Caregiving

Is it possible to use technology for better caregiving?  Most of our loved ones make it very well known that they want to continue to live in their home until the end. That’s easier said than done, especially if you’re one of the millions of sandwich-generation caregivers with a full-time job and a family. How do you juggle everything and keep everyone happy?

One way many caregivers, especially those of us, who care for a parent is by utilizing technology, especially cameras, in the home. Joining me today is Neena of the famed Instagram account Rants & Big Pants. She cared for her Dad as a full-time working parent of two teens and an only child. She utilized cameras in his home, adding more as his independence slipped. Neena managed to keep her Dad in his home, happy & healthy until the final year of his life. After he moved into a care home in January 2020, she became an activity volunteer to continue spending time with him.

Neena is one of my first guests from the UK. This is a warm & friendly conversation between two daughters doing their best to care for their parents.


Fading Memories was created to support family caregivers in a simple, on-demand form. When I was looking for advice on caring for my Mom, I needed this podcast. Since it didn’t exist, I created what I needed!
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