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Teepa Snow & The GEMS Model

Teepa Snow/GEMS Model


Teepa Snow/GEMS Model
Utilizing Teepa Snow’s GEMS Model will help you have less frustration in your care responsibilities.


I’m excited to have Teepa Snow as my guest for my 200th episode. We discussed her Gems Model for dementia care along with many laughs and a few personal insights. When creating her Gems model, Teepas’s goal was to help care partners provide better support for a person with ever-changing conditions. It is a way to help them live fully in the moment. I found a great understanding of how to provide better care when I learned about the Gems model, which is why I wanted her to tell you about it directly.

Any disease that causes some form of dementia forces us to reckon with what our loved one is losing. The Gems model helps us to focus on, and utilize, what skills they have left. By appreciating what is changing and what is still possible, we can have more positive interactions, more productive communication, and care that is more effective and less challenging for all concerned.

Teepas Website (Positive Approach to Care)

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