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Telehealth VS In-Office Visits with Roz Jones

Telehealth VS In-Office Visits with Roz Jones

Telehealth VS in-office visits. How do we determine which doctor appointment is most appropriate?

Telehealth appointments offer convenient access to medical care from the comfort of one's home, eliminating the need for travel and reducing potential exposure to contagious illnesses. They facilitate timely consultations with healthcare providers, enabling patients to discuss concerns, receive diagnoses, and obtain prescriptions remotely. While lacking the physical examination aspect of in-office appointments, telehealth ensures continuity of care, especially for individuals with mobility limitations or residing in remote areas, enhancing overall healthcare accessibility and efficiency.

As Covid took over the globe in March 2020, in-person appointments became severely limited. The result was a rapid acceptance of telehealth appointments. Sometimes we do get a silver lining from the rain clouds.

How Do We Decide?

I've personally had two such appointments, one mainly for timing and convenience, the other because that's all my doctor had available. I was thrilled with the first appointment; my problem was resolved, and my schedule was barely impacted. The second one was also not in-person, which slowed down my diagnosis and treatment. (For those who follow me closely on social media, you'll know that I contracted Shingles at the end of June 2021.)

How do we determine which type of appointment is better? That's the conversation I have with Roz Jones. Roz is a virtual caregiver coach dedicated to taking a proactive approach to working with caregivers and their loved ones. This episode is Rozs' second appearance on Fading Memories. If you missed her first show, you can find it below.



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