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Telling Our Caregiver Stories

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Telling Our Caregiver Stories is essential to helping others.

Telling our caregiver stories has many benefits, both for those who listen and for us when we tell them. Learning how others managed their journey as Alzheimer’s caregivers, what suggestions they have for self-care, and navigating challenges are essential lessons.

I’m continually amazed at the number of caregivers who also become authors. When you’re taking care of someone else, so much of your life becomes about them. Sometimes it can feel like you’ve forgotten who you are. Writing is a way to reconnect with you — what you’re experiencing, your opinions, passions, and hopes.

Today is the start of my fourth season of podcasting. I’ve talked to nearly 200 caregivers, and while each story is similar, everyone has something to add to our caregiver support conversation. Today’s guest is both an author and a podcaster. Both her book and her podcast tell her story, and I know you’ll enjoy her caregiver stories.

Healing After Loss Book (mentioned at end of the episode)

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My Caregiving Journey


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One of many of my caregiver stories is having to tell AT&T multiple times I didn’t have Dad’s PIN because he was dead. Don’t get locked out of digital accounts ever again.

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