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How Death Teaches Us To Live

How Death Teaches Us To Live

How Death Teaches Us To Live. Death, with its inevitable presence, serves as a poignant reminder of life's transience, urging us to embrace the present and cultivate meaningful connections. It imparts profound lessons about priorities, inspiring a focus on experiences over possessions. The impermanence of life prompts introspection, motivating individuals to pursue passions, express gratitude, and foster resilience. In acknowledging mortality, we unearth the essence of living fully, appreciating the beauty and significance within each moment. Death, paradoxically, becomes a catalyst for a richer, more purposeful existence.

About Our Guest

On today's show, I am talking to Rabbi Steve Leder about his book, The Beauty of What Remains, a beautiful book that I thoroughly enjoyed. 

As the senior rabbi of one of the largest synagogues in the world, Rabbi Steve has learned the many ways that death teaches us how to live. Even after having sat bedside at thousands of deathbeds, Steve, the rabbi, was not fully prepared for the loss of his father from Alzheimer's disease.

I believe you will find this episode moving and inspirational, and hopefully, you'll take away a new way to look at your caregiving journey.

Steve Leder is the senior rabbi of Wilshire Boulevard Temple in Los Angeles. He is the author of five books: The Extraordinary Nature of Ordinary Things, More Money Than God: Living a Rich Life Without Losing Your Soul, the bestsellers More Beautiful Than Before: How Suffering Transforms Us, and The Beauty of What Remains, and the upcoming For You When I Am Gone: Twelve Essential Questions to Tell a Life Story. Newsweek Magazine named him one of the ten most influential rabbis in America twice!

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