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050 -The Successful Caregiver (W/Rick Lauber)

050 -The Successful Caregiver (W/Rick Lauber)

Being a successful caregiver is a challenge that many of us think we're failing at becoming. When caring for someone with memory loss we're faced with ever increasing challenges. As our loved one declines we have to take on more responsibilities that very few of us are ready for. Fewer have had no training on how to be a good caregiver.

Becoming successful at caregiving isn't impossible. Following the advice of the many people who have been on this journey is the first step. On this episode of the podcast I talk to Rick Lauber. Rick cared for both of his parents and one of his stress relievers was writing. Thankfully his stress relieving led him to write two books on how to be a successful caregiver.
An Excerpt From his book:
You may be among the tens of millions of Americans who provide care for a parent — or you may be among the ten of millions who will.

When physical and mental health declines in aging parents many children are caught unprepared. Life cannot readily prepare you to provide excellent eldercare while balancing the demands on your time. Consequently, this book provides practical tips, realistic guidance, encouragement and insight into the time ahead.

Among other things, it answers:
• Deciding when your parent stays at home or moves to
assisted living?
• What should you expect when caring for your elderly parents?
• Who should you ask for help?
• How do you balance caregiving responsibilities with your personal life?

The Successful Caregiver’s Guide includes extensive explanations of your options and checklists for differing types of eldercare to help you choose the best care possible for your loved one.

Because Rick faced this challenge head on we're blessed with his guides and his wit. Enjoying this episode is a side benefit to the excellent advice you'll receive.  Following his advice is easy because he's been through this and lived to tell the tale, literally.

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