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A Millennial Caregivers Tool w/Lucinda Koza

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Welcome to fading memories. A podcast with advice wisdom and hope from caregivers who have lived the experience and survived. Tell the tale. Think of us as your caregiver. Best friend as you know. My mom suffered from. Alzheimer’s and cognitive impairment affected my grandmother and great grandmother. It seems to run in my family. But i’ve learned my brain. Health doesn’t have to follow the same fate as those who came before me. I am doing what. I can to improve the health of my brain including eating a better diet and exercising. However i learned recently that when it comes to nutrition most of us are still living with undernourished brains. And i know i need something to fill those nutritional gaps this led me to neuro reserve and their product relevant relevant is a nutritional supplement that restores the vital nutrients frey healthy aging brain relevant includes seventeen of the most important nutrients that specifically target long-term brain health. These nutrients come from the mediterranean and mind diets which studies have discovered can reduce our risk of alzheimer’s by over fifty percent. You can use my code f. m. fifteen fifteen percent off of your order. This code is good for subscriptions which will apply to all future orders as well as individual orders go to neuro reserve dot com to purchase. The link is in the show notes and you can also find it on my website. Neuro serves mission is to help our brain span match our lifespan. The average age of a millennial caregiver is twenty-seven about one of six of these millennials. Care for someone with dementia because these caregivers already different life stage than older spousal caregivers. They’re needs are widely different. Many young adult caregivers put their careers on. Hold move back to their childhood home and become twenty four seven caregivers overnight. Loneliness and depression are common. Almost all caregivers feel isolated but this is worse for the younger population this episode features lucinda cause a young adult who is taking care of her father after her own experience becoming. Her father’s fulltime caregiver lucinda. Those life mission became to advocate for millennial family caregivers lucinda is part of tech crunch and she has created a platform specifically tailored to the needs of millennial caregivers. Good day everybody. We kind of have a double dip for you today. First up is lucinda from alley. And she’s going to talk about her caregiving journey and what she created as a result. And then you may remember matt from last summer. He’s been on but not released because we recorded an episode about his app and then lucinda decided it was so worthy of her scooping. It up that we had to start over on this episode so could afternoon. Everybody how we doing okay. Like don’t all talk at once a so. The audience should remember matt. So let’s start with lucinda. I understand that you became a caregiver at a very young age. Like many of us in a kind of emergency. So if you tell us a little bit about your sure. So i was super young way too young to have any sort of education around what this might be like any you know infrastructure bill That would help me provide this enormous support for my father as well as myself You know. I was just sort of getting started in my own life that i was. You know just sort of getting my crap together. financially and you know all of that and then suddenly. My father had several strokes and kind of ignored by everyone in his life. And i was living in another state so heavenly got see hand and you could tell that something was really wrong and had to really like grabbed situation. You know take control. i had The switch go off inside me.

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You know you’re not the daughter anymore. You know you or lease you have to act like you’re in charge of fake that confidence because my dad didn’t want to go to the hospital. I mean he didn’t wanna go to er and It was you know of course it was the dementia talking but he started saying things like you. Don’t love me in you know. Don’t touch me in you. Tricked me and stuff like that so it was really traumatic and horrible in. I have a brother and sister but it was just me and you know of course now. I know that that’s incredibly common. Which still is not an excuse. His i still don’t get it at all. But basically i took the whole responsibility myself and just thought such a lack of support from know hospital staff or health insurance or even like his colleagues and his wife at the time you know everyone is very keen to just be like okay. His daughters here like she scott. You know so once. I really felt this lack of support in felt myself falling through the cracks. Really i saw you know there has to be other people out there like may and of course there are millions and especially young. You know young people when it hits us at this stage we’re totally uneducated about it and just really not equipped to take on such a responsibility. So i decided to create something that has evolved into i ally To really bring us all together to share resources and support and just be there free gentler. If even if that’s all we got you know we can have each other basically Long short well. Fortunately i think it’s about twenty five percent of family caregivers and this is probably i think the number of family caregivers is actually an undercount but at least twenty five percent of them are millennials joy daughter as millennial now and it makes me insane thinking about and the and the ones that i know who don’t work because they’re taking care of a mom or grandmother and it’s like the society not see what’s going to happen here like this is not. This is not rocket science. Like i’m an artist. I was a photographer podcast or so. I don’t do like math and statistics and that crowd. It’s like you know. I can multiply dollars when you owe them to me. But that’s the extent of my. You know math skills but it’s like if you’re not building your career and your retirement your personal wealth by a home putting money aside for retirement like thinking about like. I’m getting to that point. So i’m thinking about that. You think and if something happens to you then like what the heck you’re not gonna have any there’s gonna be no financial background for you somebody to help take care of you. I mean it’s i can people not see this like the storm that is about to just you know it’s gonna make cova look like a walk in the park and it just kills yes. That is so true. It’s like we’re society is gonna like cave in on itself and how how are. How is everyone freaking out about this. You know this train wreck that is just gets. It’s scary so tell us about. I ally then we’re going to shoot it over to max and we’re trying to keep this from not being or episode. Yes so so i i. It’s really the main cornerstone of i. Ally is the community. So you know one of the top pain points that millennial caregivers experiences that isolated because you know we feel something must be wrong with us because none of our friends are dealing with this and you know we’ve been abandoned by our siblings or whatever and so that community it really helps with.

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Isolation provides peer support and then just as extensions of that community with access to mental health telehealth a ton of expert resources like financial coaching all kinds of coaching caregiver. Coaching people who are specialists in dementia and We have some legal counsel and really it’s sort of an inning aiming for it to be pretty comprehensive so yeah that’s it says that’s it like that’s just a small feed now. I’m assuming you must have some sort of computer science background or did you just how i tried to buy i. It was all self taught which you know. If i could go back to school i mean i see myself a woman in attack but but i can’t really do that by really granular work of coding. And i wish that. I could but on but i had enough awareness to know you know. I was kinda obsessed with apps like always i wanted to. The new act was product Was like my home page on the chrome browser and so that was like the first thing. I thought when i wanted to make i ally i thought i’m gonna make an app darn it. What people think. Oh i’m gonna make an app. But i’m sure it’s not quite that simple but matt’s done it. So why matt for the people who have yet to listen to your episode from last summer and i don’t know if we’re gonna pepper at any of the stuff that we recorded literally like less than forty eight hours before your app got acquired by lucinda and i ally great time. Invite the way. Tell us about your background and why you decided to create your app and you can tell us the name of it again because our pronounce it wrong so my background is actually in homecare When i was twelve my mom opened her. First care franchise Which has been led to now. A couple bridge is is and a small grupo Or the group homes only about four people at a time ever since we opened it after kovin took on the challenges that nursing home faces and reduced it to a lot smaller lot safer environment and it actually is a lot cheaper. So that’s been nice that opens up the next month. So we’re excited about that but Yeah i started creating the cairn theft while ago I really hit no direction. Or any sense of where i would take it but i got an email actually the last month or two and it was from listening to all the members the time and it was making them for it must have been following for over a year now and which is funny because i would have said i wouldn’t have found it for another six months probably last year but i guess some it must have been written for the pandemic rebounder just stumbled across your on social media something. I’m not sure if it was a twitter. Instagram was but Follow your about a year ago. And then recently once the caridad while once. The website started picking up traction. I reached out to her Hey you know. You’re everything that i wish. I could make the website Is there any way. I can get like involved somehow like i want to be cleared. Wanna work for you. Your vision like what you’re doing is what i wanted to do. And what. I wish. I could do but it would take me five seven years to get where she’s at And she did it in a year and a half so obviously like. That was somebody that i wanted to work for and So now that’s the game plan. Let’s let’s help her. Grow the community and let’s see where we can take this. I mean what the services in the things that she provides out on. The app are truly just amazing. I mean it’s like what i wish. I could offer every family caregivers. I mean i’ve been in over thousand homes unless year or in the last five years working in client care. How only ten thousand now. I mean less ten years.

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I’ve been in about ten thousand homes all in metro detroit area that we’re all caregivers now. Most of them are leno’s but some of them are and this is like what. I wish i could have said to him. I walked kate. Check out this app. Like look at these resources. I mean we got everything from community to financial aid to legal services to everything. Listen decide i mean it just literally just what i wish i could have made from the beginning carrying a part of it now. I have one question for you because it came up yesterday. Popped into a caregiver check in clubhouse for those of you who are listen. Aren’t familiar with clubhouse. It’s another app. So i’m a gen xer so i’m like almost hip with apps but not quite you know like i had to be kind of drug in the clubhouse a little bit but there was a caregiver there that asked specifically what people used app wise. Because i think i think most of the people in the room yesterday were probably millennials or really young gen xers. I’m on the other end of that spectrum of genetics and she’s visually impaired and she was looking for an app that would basically journal help her journal. All the daily activities you know for you know when we get up the medications what we’ve eaten when we’ve toilet at all that stuff. None one hundred percents sure issues taking care of that or journey. Not but i do know that it can be important for a lot of people. So i don’t know i don’t remember that connect does that says i ally do that. And if it doesn’t now have a possible you is that you might want to check into. I will say it doesn’t really do that that same way now. There are a lot of apps that already do. The one thing i like about. I l i is that we were way different than anything else. That’s out there. We don’t try to rent here to make money we’re here to help people That’s not what most businesses are and. That’s okay with us. I mean that’s i don’t care about this up. It’s helping people. It’s the people that reach out to you in d. m. you that say what you’re doing is helped me so much is to me better than any sort of monetary gain that you can get and swiping. I do. I mean the last linden working napoli. What less than a month. And it has been the best month ever had so thank using a god. Thank you thank you. So how is the care necked app. How is it being integrated into i ally is going to be putting on hold on is really truly That much better now. The candidate the big part of that was content in content creation. The podcasts and blogs the and a lot of that we’re going to roll into isla is move forward It’s not our main goal right current moment. I’m right now. We’re really trying to grow the community and then as that rose will integrate certain things like your podcast things like that we can bring in you know Less act is still its own thing but it’s sort of on the back burner the f. Wise but the website still And it’s it’s going to replace more just for the content side of what we’re trying to do. So why don’t you tell us more about the content. Listen the sure. Yeah of course. Will i mean what. I loved so much about carrying Mathews has done is the community that he is so tapped into and has really just his cell likeable and lovable and mike. He’s able to talk to anyone in the community which is so valuable mma dealing with caregivers and people who are lou have so much stress in responsibility in in their lives and i mean in terms of content. It’s funny because i love having all of the different voices and that’s my community so i’m not. I’m not going to speak for everyone. You know that would make no sense. So i love having all of the different voices as the different experts in the different opinions. And you know experiences and i do have my own things that i think needs to be discussed and that i think can help people but the best way for me to know what’s going to help people is to actually interact with those people and and figure it out so i’m not going to sit here and write like how to be a caregiver that just that would make no sense to me.

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Because i’m still figuring out you know with everyone else. I relate because now my mom passed away march of twenty twenty and she had alzheimers for twenty years so she i was like thirty two when it was obvious. She had a problem. Because i always think of myself as a young caregiver because i wasn’t really her caregiver until much later after my dad died but i have learned so much from talking to other guests about their journeys what they’ve learned their bits of insight. I mean i’ve learned so much since she passed away. And it’s like okay. Well we’re definitely keeping the podcast going is if i’m learning something and i talked to people all the time then. I know the listeners are going to get stuff out of it as well. And everybody’s gonna get you know what might be a big who to me. They might be like. Oh yeah. I figured that out months ago but they might somebody. That’s obvious to you. Maybe it’s not obvious to them. So i am totally right there with you about connecting with the community. And it’s just we need to be a bigger community. I mean it’s a big community but it seems like everybody’s got their own little village like i didn’t even know about the alzheimer’s association until twenty seventeen and i only found out about that because i was it was after my dad died. I went to one of the hospice grief support groups and i was like well. This is only addressing half of my problem because the other half were even more than half is my dealing with. My mother and i wasn’t sure how to do that because my dad refused help most of the entire time that he was alive and i googled it. I googled like alzheimer’s support group. And that’s how. I found the alzheimer’s association. I’m an advocate. Not you know they suck you right which is fine but then after i did the podcast i’ve learned about all these little like tribes like we need like one big community with all these different pieces and another people working on that kind of one of my dreams to have like an entire media ecosystem where you could get everything you need for support for caregivers. Entertainment for older adults older adults and cognitive impairment. There’s people working on that very slow but hopefully that’ll happen because carter caregiving should not be searching out the information. That’s why i started a podcast. Podcast versus writing a book. Which always say is still on the back burner. But i don’t know if it happens. It happens if it doesn’t not gonna not gonna lose sleep over it. Because i wanted information to be accessed easily while you’re doing other things. Yes in august two. I mean of science of time. This sheds i’m not here right now. Having simulation with lucinda your guests was the first one. That and this isn’t me just butter you up. It was the first one held kidding between you to actually in this conversation online. Seeing that i could be or do something caregiving related and make living and then seeing your podcast and how that’s girl blessed year and that there’s actually just content being created for figures. I mean it was like the blend of two storms. That really helped push me doing what i did. And then ultimately leading here. So it’s really cool. Conversation around. you guys are fun. I did not know that. There’s just i ever saw those even early. I content. that was ever really related to caregiving. So i thought that was really cool and it wasn’t just all focus on the boring stuff like you have light side the you it’s not. It’s not just like okay. This is how you a transfer like it’s more than that and that’s why laws and you can watch videos and stuff on a lot of that and that wasn’t my original goal was to impart wisdom that i had learned and my very first podcast. That i recorded was so bummer. My husband listen to his. Oh my god that’s so negative but it’s such important information. And then i listened to it and i was like no. Yeah that is. I’m not sure. I’d want to listen to that and i’ve been a podcast listeners. Since before ipods again when you had the light keeper like if you had it on your phone it was through websites and if your phone went to sleep the stupid podcast would stop is really important and i was also listening to doesn’t know this but i was a photographer until cova that was.

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That was the end of dealing with that. That career plus had done it for thirty years. And i would listen to podcasts. While i retouched portrait’s but playing a podcast through your web browser while you’re using photoshop makes her computer go honey point ease. We need more ram for this crap so it wasn’t until after they came up with the podcast apps. Can i kinda faded out of listening to him. ’cause they were just almost more trouble than they’re worth. Then they came out with the podcast apps and i started listening to him. That way was much better. But when i started my before i started the podcast reason i got. The idea is in late twenty seventeen. I was at the gym. And i went duh. I should look for podcast on caregiving. This podcast on everything else. Like like the most abstract topics you could possibly imagine. And i because i’m older and need glasses to read on my phone i went home and google did it on my computer so i could see and there was one and she’s been around a long time. Got a great thing going. But it was just not my flavor and i crazily decided to start my own so kinda like lucinda and matt and a lot of the caregivers i talked to. I don’t know where they seem compelled to like it’s not like caregiving wasn’t enough work. Let me write a book or create an app or there’s always something like i’m just amazed at the creation that comes out of this journey that many many of us are on. So let’s go back to. I ally and we got its origin story. And it’s do you have any like success stories. you wanna share with us sure Well that’s so funny. What you step back. I think is why that was the flavor to use your word that i wanted with i ally was like. There’s nothing out there for young people who are dealing with this and all of the very form mall do. This is how you do this like everything was so form all and had no personality or set not discover you but yes so that stuck was i was like there has to be something that speaks to like you know so so yeah thankful that people want to create their own stuff his with all out were the people who who get anyway on my. Gosh what was your question. That’s okay. I have the same probably start answering questions. And then that brain cell dies out. When i was in college. I had a night class with an instructor. Who would talk blah blah blah blah furiously taking notes as we do in college and then he literally like stop and he’d think he’d be like well that brain cell diet and then he’d go off on another topic it’d be like whoa whoa. Whoa whoa. whoa. You didn’t finish talk about that topic and it was so friends. I i think about him. I wonder wasn’t just ended the day and he just he just kind of went off a little bit on a tangent losses train of thought or was that actually an early sign of you know a neurological disease and i don’t even remember his name. ’cause i’m horrible with names and has been a few years but yeah i always kind of wonder about him but you going to tell us some Positive stories yeah success stories there. I go see even. I lost the word I never really good when abbott has it really involves the whole sort of lay attitude of i ally which in addition to you know we wanting content that is more friendly to just people young people or more just know just out there people. I don’t know. I also you know i felt super angry for awhile very you know. Very angry at mike’s family that i felt like abandoned me and i felt you know all the times i had to serve protect my dad because he has asia dementia so he has a lot of trouble communicating.

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So i spent so much time. I feel like defending him or tactic in. And so i just thought very like you know f you to hola to. I don’t know many different layers of people are whoever and so. That was part of a i. Ally was was taking power back for for all of us collectively and there is a a young woman who was actually her boyfriend caregiver and she was trying to file for disability insurance because of his mental illness and his doctor would not release his medical records to her even though she was power she power fraternity and healthcare proxy. And all these things and so we were talking. And i was like you know. I’d like doing research furiously in. And i was like call the hospital. The doctor is affiliated with and she was like i have and they all they did a yeah. We have a lot of complaints about the doctor. Hey that’s helpful. I know it was like an. I just couldn’t help thinking. Oh they’re brushing off this girl because she’s young and she’s a woman and they’re also because her boyfriend is mental. Probably his mental illness. When all this things like stigma you know. And i’m sure that they know either not listening to her taking her seriously and that just makes me in raged so so i was like what is what can we do. We do in the night realize it. I guess maybe because it was during the pandemic you could file. A civil rights played Or it the office of civil. I can’t even say it correctly it anymore. But it was a hippo violation. So you know going above the doctor going above the hostile going. Above you know everyone everyone to the highest level and filing like a hippo violation against this doctor and it’s felt really awesome and and and made me feel and her two obviously together. We felt so like finally Powerful finally it’s like makes me emotional because you feel so disempowered as a caregiver and this was just like a big win or caregivers everywhere. That is a fantastic story to here. Because i have a follower on twitter who is a very big dementia advocates. She lives with td frontal temporal dementia and she has had breathing issues and the doctor recommended a breathing machine and the insurance company went. Yeah now and they’ve just been fighting and fighting and fighting. They finally get appointment with her for the doctor. Of course the doctor should know she’s got f- td. I mean it is her doctor and they won’t let her husband go back in the exam room with her and she signing papers to. She has no clue what she’s signing. The entire thing was a disaster. I guess he talked to an attorney and he pretty much got the whole not much we can do and she’s got a pretty pretty tight knit following and i’m like if we have to rein holy hell down your insurance company or this doctor’s office i’m like let’s mode your followers on twitter to just rain fired on these people. She did not take us up on it. I was not the alarm suggesting but first. Here’s my opinion. I truly believe we need to change way. Doctors are trained. But that’s a whole like probably generational change. Doctors are trained to fix us to heal us fix broken bones. Cure diseases can’t cure things like f. Td or brain damage from a stroke or like my mom’s alzheimer’s so they get to a point where it’s like. I can’t fix your person. why are you here. I don’t think they actually think that. I just think it’s like an internalized feeling. But there’s women in my support group my alzheimer’s support group.

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Who have gone through the same thing. It’s like all of a sudden. They’re normal family. Doctor retires. ’cause you know those things do happen they get a new doctor. New doctors really nice they go for some reason to the doctor and oh no no. No you kick back here with your husband because you know we have to make sure that there’s no abuse going on like there’s going to be abused because i’m about to kill probably what i would’ve said but it was like i mean i i get that but it’s like he can’t answer questions and you’re going to ask him questions and he’s gonna say oh i feel fine and then you’re going to go out in the waiting room. Go well he says he feels files again. No kidding he doesn’t know what he’s talking about so it’s like holy hill. But i did not know that you could. Do you know when i think of hip violation. They usually think that. I don’t know i don’t think about it in that context so i’m going to send her a dm because that sounds like an important thing to know she’s like she’s waking up in the middle like gasping for air. I’m not sure she did have cova. Did and not really sure what’s going on twitter. There’s not enough characters for held lengthy of what’s happening but it’s like how about we. Just give her what she needs. And then keep evaluating and if if this is. She really doesn’t need this equipment than say well okay. The insurance is only going to pay for x. Because you know it’s not helping or whatever. It’s not related to the gasping for breath. And it’s like if you’re not getting enough air to feel like you’re breathing. You know it’s not doing your brain any good a now. It’s another one of those things it’s like. Can we not see the obvious like is it. Just okay this to let her suffer and then like i don’t know die faster because we don’t wanna provide a breathing machine. Yeah it just kills me. E i know i know it’s his communication breakdowns. It’s like the doctor doesn’t well okay. I guess i. I will speak for every doctor. Obviously the doctor doesn’t wanna take that extra time and effort to talk to the caregiver win. The caregiver has all the especially if if there’s if someone has dementia the caregiver has the intel. The caregiver can is good. Say what’s up. And that of god. That just makes me really angry at my mom’s neurologist was very good at taking the time and you know i mean we would spend probably at least half an hour talking to her and she was really good. This was probably skill that she taught herself she would talk to my mom. Look at my mom and listened to me so she like her back could be to me. And i knew she was paying attention to me because my mom would just go off with gibberish answers. They were actual real words and somebody. That wasn’t trained in alzheimer’s would not necessarily be aware that she was as advanced disease as she was. Obviously this doctor did but like her. General physician would ask my mom questions and i would try to quietly. Give him the correct information and then he kind of looked at me and like look at her. And you’d be. You could almost see that he was like trying to blend the two answers together to get the truth quota quotes finger quotes for those people are looking at video and so frustrated when he was a nice guy but it was like. I always have to remind them. She has advanced alzheimers. They’d wanna do it. You know a urine test check for you. Ti and they’d hand me the specimen couple. We’ve been through this you know. This doesn’t work this way like i saw. She gets really combative. And there is no way in heck. I’m getting in that personal position. Because i don’t know that she woke clobber me over the head and knocked me on the floor. Fortunately i’m not you know i work out. I’m pretty strong but you know. I am not kneeling on the floor to do things in the bathroom but are really what any of us want to do them. Every single time. I mike open her freaking chart and look at it. Oh yes we need to do the urine test this way and then. Just don’t frustrate everybody. Everybody’s like so stupid. Like why is it that you insist on frustrating. Four people in a matter of three minutes because that makes sense. This is like so irritating. They alzheimer’s association is working on legislation. The california version right now and the way california goes generally the rest of the country goes so you can think us for this one is they’re going to. They’re trying to require of the fifty hours of continuous education for doctors that four of them be specifically on alzheimer’s so it’s not adding to their workload.

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Now that’s four out the fifty hours as over two years. So you’re talking like two hours trading this year two hours trading next year so it was like a really low bar ask and i was really super encouraged that will make our little zoom zoom advocacy day that one of the legislators that we spoke to my team. He’s in southern california. I’m in northern california. I don’t know if you knew that. They he he was like wait. It’s only four hours over two years. It’s it’s part of the fifty. And i’m like yes. That’s what the bill says news. I think it should be more. And i’m like yes i completely with you but this is what the bill says. This is what we’re asking you to support. So i see movement and they’re some of the legislation that’s been passed has been on getting them paid through medicare to take the time to do cognitive screenings. Every year on people. I believe at sixty five and older to do to take the time and to get paid for the time. Because that’s our problem. It’s like doctors have to crank through patients to be able to pay the bills and and make enough money to live and pay off their student. Loans i mean it’s just a whole system is a disaster we got to rethink the whole procra- which as we know really simple to do what’s been your experience with i ally thus far matt you’re very passionate about joining the team so you’ve been sitting there quietly nodding your head. She’s been nothing but great. I mean honestly I spent all weekend with family. That i haven’t seen in. I mean years really And basically they probably were all me talking about. How much loved it with a smile. My face but cool was that so many my cousins who i don’t talk to you on the regular came to me. You seem so happy like we’re happy for you. And i know that was. That’s been the best part of this. Is that just like caregivers. Doing something or caregivers. You feel very low. And i’m sure alison about the same waves was just like half. The reason why candidate never really took off. Because i never had the vision she had. But i also was scared to do a lot of things by myself. You know really gonna put myself all the way out there for this. Would if this fails. I mean i feel a lot of different things so that’s not really something that scares me a. It’s more of if i get bigger and fail hottest. How do i feel or whatever the case law be all sudden now. I don’t feel though. I don’t feel alone because now i feel like i have a team i have. I have the community but more than that. I have a teammate. A have a leader. Who believes me as you know. I’ve always worked for my family. So i can say i’ve never had that feeling before but it’s different when someone actually understands you and understands your vision and stands like what you’re talking about in even if they don’t say i wanna see what happens. Go for it like. That’s a feeling that. I i’ve never really had so it’s honestly just like a dream come true i mean this last month has been the best and to listen to me i would go to war for. She’s the type of leader. The person that like once you find the dong like al thirty years now still be here. You know what. I mean a person. So it’s It’s been awesome based on in the so. They you clues. It’s been the bus like that makes me emotional because i definitely what you said like i. It’s it is. I’ve been just a one person team for so long and to find someone. I mean as a founder or ceo whenever you can hire someone that like does xyz. But you can’t find you can’t hire like the passion and the bike sharing the saying like convictions and commitment. And i feel so lucky. I feel the same way like to have a team is just. It’s everything really one. The the one woman team kinda of deal this. The end of twenty twenty joined a podcast community like a coaching and acceleration community. And that’s really nice. Even though i’m the only one that’s on caregiving and everybody’s got very different topics but we’re all kind of in the same boat so it’s kind of fun and you just have that connection and i think connections are really important especially after last year kind of realize how much you need them als. That sounds like a really important part of where i ally is going to tell us what your plans are for the rest of twenty twenty one. I almost always say twenty twenty.

00:45:01 – 00:50:01

Because even though i know it’s like it’s like the year that never happened but never ended a weird vacuum. Your vision going forward sell definitely like you said earlier of a community. That is bigger. That i mean that’s why i didn’t. You know people would ask very starting in new york. Are you starting in. You know texas at new york or whatever and i was like no this. This is global. I mean because it’s it’s really. It’s diagnosis agnostic. So it’s like any caregiver for anything. We experienced the same struggles and stressors so the experiences the same and is funny because people outside of caregiving. Don’t get that then. I’m like no. You need to have like this. This and this and i know man like we just want but we all just want be like together and so that’s really what the vision is is to create that much bigger community. That has people all the different niches. But don’t really so. We can all be enabled to live healthy. Happy fulfilling lives while also fulfilling caregiver duties and really. That’s alternate goal. Not as simple goal but definitely what are you gonna do with the matt. You gotta keep work. What’s what’s your what’s your role again. Chief marketing officer basoglu my goal for this year grow the community and that as unity grows will find even more resources partners team up with than than Gregory sources growth caregiver. This the game plan. That’s a good if i like it too. Well i’m excited to be a small part of the team. However i can help and i look forward to learn more about you guys and what you’re doing and sharing your community with mine and bringing them everybody together so we’re not separate little communities talking at each other. Yes i want that thank you. You’re welcome the i. Ali website is linked in the show notes. So slide on down there and check them out even if you’re not a millennial caregiver i am sure there are resources and advice that benefit all of us and it’s really important to grow the community of caregivers providers and everybody involved in this journey. It also helps support the podcast. So that advertisers know we can get people to their sites and speaking of official sponsors. Please make sure to check out joy gauge and sign up for your fourteen day free trial to their streaming service. And i’m telling you definitely gonna want neuro reserve. I’ve been taking nerve for about three months now. My sugar cravings have gone through the floor which is a miracle and it tells me that the supplement is definitely giving my brain things. It didn’t have before last on the list. And i know kinda getting a little long winded here this afternoon. Make sure to enter the survey. The link is in the show notes. It’s on all my social media. Check it out. You will be entered to win a fantastic gift. Basket that has two bottles elevate which is two months supply and over one hundred dollars value a beautiful fidget blanket. Lap sized a special item specifically from me and my hometown. Some children’s books on alzheimer’s all kinds of wonderful gifts from past guests and other sponsors. There are three weeks before we end the survey and find our winner. This information is really important to me. Because i would like to know what you think of the show. What you think is good. What you think can be approved upon. What episode you like what you don’t want to hear anything about again. Just you’re not going to hurt my feelings. Just let me know. Been doing this for over three years.

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And i don’t get too much feedback so it would be very beneficial for all of us with that. Said i’ll be in your ears again next. Tuesday have a great week everybody