A Supportive Podcast for those Dealing with a loved one with Memory Loss

A Supportive Podcast for those Dealing with a loved one with Memory Loss

“Accidents” & Aging – Learn How to Avoid Them

Accidents And Aging Learn How To Avoid Them

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Search for most alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers toilet issues are one of the biggest challenges we face but did you know that incontinence is not a normal part of aging. Nope urinary incontinence in older adults while they’ve prevalent bothersome and costly problem is not necessarily a normal part of aging structural changes in the aging bladder and the aretha may predispose older adults to the development of urinary incontinence. Once we know that this isn’t a normal part of aging perhaps will be more inclined to see the doctor about possible solutions for the rest of us who liked age as well as possible. Stay tuned to learn more than you wanted to know about the bladder. I promise the episode is interesting educational. And not the least bit gross. This episode is brought to you by Aaregiver  Chronicles an eight-week online course covering everything from diagnosis through hospice for more information. Use the link in the show. Welcome to fading memories. A podcast with advice wisdom and hope from caregivers who have lived the experience survived. Tell the tale. Think of us as your caregiver. Best friend back with us. Today is our favorite cool doctor. Dr Ekena Mucci. You may remember her from last month when we talked about it. Frailty today we’re talking. Oh all things incontinent. So thanks for joining me today. Thank you very much. It’s lovely to see her again. Jerry to hopefully soon we’ll be able to travel and now my husband’s go to europe so we have a lot of people to meet over in the uk soon so and me. Smile american college of physicians conferences. Which i used to do every yes. Oh yes looking forward to. That sounds terrific so last month we talked on. Frailty what it is how to prevent it or prevent it from getting worse. What’s on on topic for incontinence today. How is that tied into aging. Will danny wed do. I stop you can enormous topic and a very interesting run and i think as we get into the conversation i like to get a couple things out there straightaway and the first thing as incontinence and age in on the same thing incontinence at any age is malt known as we get older and if we spot experiencing We shouldn’t just say well. would you expect i. May you five ninety of those things happen. Not it is not normal to get incontinent. So eat back east happening. Medical attention should be sought because yes of course. We’re experiencing certain down that in terms of our blige urination bottles of apple. Talk about this zoological. Changing changes in our water systems. However incontinence is abnormal. The sun at the second thing is it can happen at any age at fifty year old can be incumbent yet and nineteen year old lady campbell accidentally fine with the gains so these are the two important facts to consider what it comes to the aging changes incontinence. I will mean we will be talking about blood today. I think it will be too much. We’ll maybe talk about bowels. If you have any questions but let’s concentrate on the blood or in today’s podcast. So when it comes to changes in changes of cools the bladder muscle which will detroit muscle does get a little bit on a mind of its own and will get more contractions mowing one in trade contractions and sunday out the blue. You might have been the toilet over half an hour ago and you saw yet energy. So that’s one of the changes way experience. The capacity will how much you the blubber can hold before it Tells your brain that you need to empty your blood. That capacity goes down as well and then of course. Let’s not forget as we grow all debit develop problems. Most commonly mobility problems arthritis muscle weakness. And of course the pure ability to go to that will becomes a challenge. And we’ll get back in.

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Time sometimes can lead to their little accidents piece of the main agent changes when he to know about amicus please coupled weight changes in their body for example aud as the old abbey develop sound failing and harmon of the blood vessels are on the brain. Will that small vessel. Schemic changes are Disease that of course has an impact was won’t our bodies regulated by multiple mechanisms up mainly by the brain. If you had the blood vessels of the brain for that will have impact on your brother and the blood to contracting voluntarily So these these are the main main aging changes. They need to be arou- make sense so we need to take care of our brains that we don’t have bathroom issues. All that’s that’s most set jerry and go for a danger. They you a good point because we need to take account of our brain people with strokes people who go wall man Let’s say that there are many reasons for strokes. Most common causes smoking diabetes. Obesity and sold this risk factors lead has had have recovered strokes and of course strokes is one of the main risk factors developing bladder problems as well. So what patients. With stroke do developing continous do develop imola These involuntary contractions which in medical terms were cool. All were active blooded syndrome so it leads to urge incontinence simple mechanism as imagine he’ll blah. It consists of one muscle which is called the truth himself and he just contracts might warns involuntarily. So that’s a basic sob- ov- that always active syndrome in swam back communist conditions which we see in our post stroke patients so absolutely take. Count your brain. That’s the one thing doctors don’t seem to know how to fix too well so preventative. Measures are definitely a good idea. Token about the nets I mean we touched on the brain to about the nerves. Of course the result as new regulated of course amongst many other mechanisms avenue allergic conditions are poem causes for overactive bladder. I generally bladder problems continence problems. It’s multiple sclerosis. For example of our ms patients experienced problems. Played a continents at of course. Let’s not forget dimension. Acute delivery mechanisms parkinson’s disease beliefs. Goes on is there. Something one can do if you’ve got the rest of us healthy but you’ve got an overactive bladder rethink. You have an overactive bladder besides medication. I know somebody that similar to myself not very tall little heavy and had been a lot heavier this friend of mine. We both went on the same path of losing quite a tremendous amount of weight. And she’s a teacher. She went on the medication for overactive. Bladder and i looked at the list of possible side effects. And i was like. Yeah no thank you and not something. I’ve ever interested in taking. But i always tell people on airplanes. I need to sit on the. I’ll see because i have. Tb and look at you. And i’m like yeah tiny bladder genetic it works but you have to give it the pause between saying tb and then telling them it stands for tiny bladder that way they leave you alone. I had a gallon tried really hard to get me to move to the middle seat. My husband was on the window. The middle seat was open. And i was on the island. She tried real hard to get me to move. And i pull them on her and she went and sat somewhere else was it was very useful. But it’s very true. But i don’t drink a lot of water and a lot of tea and i find. I have less of an issue when i drink a lot. Less but been drinking is a is an interesting hard to deal with the drinking but before we move onto the treatments and how to deal with overactive blood that i think it would be good to actually understand different types of incompetence and there are many types coast again. I try to a sunrise coming to the main runs way. Have spoken about the overactive bladder or will also urge incontinence and the main mechanism Base easing trick. Contractions of the blood. The truth a muscle.

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there is a horse. They’ve and the main symptom of that is exactly that completely out of the blue blue urgency frequency. You goal for. It’s painful when the edge comes. It’s quite painful to hold back. You have to rush to the toilet. You have to be there and then when you do go to tolliday mouse you pass a quite small and you every half an hour. So that’s what we call urge incontinence or elected blood. There is of course and bribe away especially motivations in the people fifty to seventy percent obey incontinence episodes due to this condition There is the second communist type of incontinence stress incontinence. And that’s to do with the different muscle group with cool pelvic muscles. So that’s because they weakness all the pelvic fool muscles and that we see that type of incontinence especially in females who have been through multiple birth in the young years and or cities of major predisposing factor as well to the stress incontinence. And you know that you had a stressing when you leak a little bit with a cough or at alaw way fuel lift something heavy it blinks yukon muscles strong enough to hold it back the important one in all the patients as overflow incontinence. Now i think it will be very interesting in our to our listeners. Walk harris full. Patients laid demane child with memory concerns. Neurological conditions degenerative neurological conditions so parkinson’s or anyone who has poem mobility because we’ve poor mobility calms constipation. Wave constipation comes urinary retention. You see if you have a lot of feces in your inside. Your that will impact on the broader empty on k. The feces the bottles will depress it on the blood. You won’t be able to empty your blood appropriate and then. The blood accumulates iran and you have over fluorine continents in other words jenny. Your blogger can hold up to. I have seen up to one and a half two liters huron on there comes a time that it can hold anymore and you just gradually stopped leaking out. Does that make sense to you. So cool that overflowing calmness. One of the honest causes forbade as constipation on the blood is not empty improperly Data cohen who received cheekily in man is locked prostate so the life prostate campbell’s obstruction today iran out possibly also End of berra’s neurological conditions. Stroke delirium can can caused many avenue Conditions coming fact will laugh and medications. It can be a side effect of medications which relax the blood muscle. So much that it becomes loses its told soaps contracted and your accumulate you reina. Then you have overflow incontinence. And i think the last one. I’d like to mention and while we’re talking about different types is functional religions and i’ve already touched on functional autism. That’s actually nothing much. wrong way. Blah had an urinary tracts as such. But you can’t get in time you might be some way to severe disabling strew. You might be someone who has really bad arthritis. you had we some heap replacement. Whatever you just come get than time and distinguishing between the time is so important. Because obviously you’re management. Planning treatment will depend on exactly on what type of inclusiveness you are doing with. If it’s functional getting at commode max to bed might be old what you need however you sack overactive bladder then. We need to talk barriers techniques. Lot trading Medications might come here as room. That’s really fascinating. I’m really so glad i had lunch. Eddie i hope you wanna be to the toilet while from this asian tiny bladder so happens if i don’t trouble then i have to rush down the hall so my grandmother who you know why we’re recording this. The end of february. She’ll be hundred three in just over a month and that was one of the things that triggered her change in medical status was sudden incontinence.

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And i’m wondering if it’s po- i mean obviously you can’t know but it seems to me like something must happen like a minor stroke is to be a major stroke to affect your bladder. Could it just be her advanced age and other infirmaries infirmities call and a minor stroke that maybe wouldn’t have been obvious to her. I’m always using her as the example. That’s a very good question but very very good question jan. You brought me to in fact discussing yet another type in which we can add to the tax which we’ve discussed and that’s called transient inconvenience okay. So it’s very important to whenever we’re discussing goodness to decide. Has this been building not manage chronic or been in acute onset of to to the episode. And it’s exactly what you said when you come to a certain age you have multiple factors which predispose to increments as i said you could have had tiny little strokes. You have apple Blood vessels you might have. Poor mobility and You might be on certain medications wage interfered. They contractual contractions. All your the truth amasau you might be a male with a little bit of been much prostate and then an event comes and that event can be at biggest stroke. They event can be a urinary tract infection. Let’s not forget one of the major causes of acute. Transient incontinence urinary tract infection You treat the urinary tract infection onto the continents gets better Than that could be a urinary catheter. Jamie you cannot imagine how many episodes of incontinence is caused by us doctors or nurses because patients come toast alarm well and when someone is way to re down well they do end up with having a your night. Cossutta are in the department. And of course you take the cockatiel out and ebay handicap. The temple several days they blooded forgets to drive the interferes with everything down pat and people might have a transient inconvenience so to answer your question. Now ron incontinence. Janet is usually an acute event on their background or other predisposing factors Which didn’t help the situation. And in indication of your grandma could have been anything. It could have been a big a stroke. Or as i said. Uti delirium is a big worm huge huge risk factor for acute transient encounters. Hostile set in acute dila. Ram with with an infection. Constipation of course is the other one. So yeah it’s there is always predisposed. Partner makes sense started a new medication. That’s how you know when they’re going to can about being convinced my question would be. Have you been started medicine recently. What was the medicine. Let’s have a look into your medication. Child as well make sense she probably either had a uti or a minor minor. Really minor stroke would be my guess. It could have been a bigger stroke based on what my aunt told me. And we’re going back almost a year so this is having to dig deep in the history of my mind here. I believe that she was having some delirium like some memory issues and continents and so but it was literally fell overnight which we kind of touched on last time with the frailty so your poor grandmother is the subject of all my curiosities lately. Insurer call from magic income or became at f. beginning off herbie that way Will she does where the undergarments to take care of it. But she’s she’s capable of getting into the toilet but she’s mostly blind from glaucoma and she uses a walker and she’s very very slow. So there’s the functional incontinence. I’m assuming different things going on with know. Learning new things is good for my brain and you know this is an easy way for me to learn stuff. I don’t have to read it and try to i. I love to read. But i don’t. I don’t know. I learn better through conversations. I guess so. Chosen the right to medium for that. I know with people. With alzheimer’s disease affects their brain to the point. Where they i’ve been told. And this is the general assumption that they forget. How toilet is that your experience or is that just are kind of passive.

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Excuse because we don’t really know how to deal with it. I’ve got a gal my support group whose whose mom can’t seem to remember that she seems to think everything is the toilet except the toilet. Which is huge problem for this gal and jenny you reminded me and i will say your question but you also reminded me all a patient of ram research on scott He’s relatively young men. He’s sixty seven sixty eight and he was diagnosed than the authors disease. About seven years ago is now coming to. They’re really end stages of disease and the saddest thing as that he he wasn’t continent and it was just about manageable but now he just does it whenever he wishes in another residence room in the corrida in the kitchen during the breakfast just takes his trousers dawn and he does it and it came to a point where they can manage you anymore and the campbell music victim. His wife was even a multi use to get him somewhere else so it can be very very nasty this problem Patients based dementia. I know that our firsthand at s for the mechanisms why this is happening. One of the mechanisms is of course neurological disturbance in the control dab because there will be a it’s a neurodegenerative condition their second component east simply more understanding about the component of urination not only physically how to do it but also social lay understanding bad. There is only certain places you can do it. so yes. There is component as well. There is also a third component functional journey. Where of course. They don’t only forget how to urinate. The patients was dimensional so forget how to sew. The walking becomes a problem. Not five in the toilet yet to the toilet in timely manner so they he just opened his bowels in the middle of the corridor before he gets to the determine so yes there are number of components out there unfortunately and when we come to the first neurosurgical one bush shouldn’t completely dismiss that incontinence as mobile portal. Dementia we should try to deal with it and understanding that there’s a huge neurologic or component. I do treat my patients. Raise dementia with the medications which calm down there blubber. When we say neurological we are talking about incontinence that elective blowing so the treatment for that particular kind of incontinence ease impact medications wage. Calm down the blunder. Damaso calm down the contractions so they don’t get rich so that’s must detroit. Amena suggests that to this gal my support group because her mom is wrecking the house. Being the carpets will need to be replaced furniture needs to be replaced mean. Jenny talk to him about medications. However it’s important to mention that the medications were useful. Aware active the like soul oaks Told para dane. Darren thomason medications. Wave with call on calendar jakarta. Dvd’s and they’re relatively contraindicated in patients dimension. They can actually make memory ways so we do have alternatives this medicines. If we can shoot avoid some of them are better than the others when it comes to cross our blood brain barrier like saudi fantasy. Any supposed to be better. Now venison bucks the row tentative berries. The medication hold me. Robbie grown which doesn’t have that auntie properties Has to be the doctor before they go that direction that makes sense so your patient who is getting evicted from care home. What are you going to do for him. Because that’s a that’s a horrible situation. It’s similar we have. I know people that have dealt with similar issues this gal in particular because of her mom’s toilet in the other ones. It’s a totally different topic. So you’re gonna treat him with medication and hopefully it improves. Or what can we do when they get to. That point. I guess is my question. Yes oh with. Chris culkeen involved with him in october last year. And i d treat him with miranda grew on their medication.

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Manage mentioned fullback. The but i started with a low dose. Increase the dose. And it’s simple to do the trick to a degree but we came into january and i received their a cold from his wife in january so is open while november december full months past and At that stage their problem exacerbated again end cheese looking for a new care home. It’s just awful. I i did not have to deal with that with my mom. She was beginning to forget all the steps involved one week. She sat on the toilet instead of straight. She sat on it sideways. Which was very uncomfortable which she of course immediately complained about and it took a little effort to shift her forward on the seat and literally a week later. She told shoes always told me she had to go to the bathroom before we left. I think that was just a habit just fine and she. I always open the door to the restroom and you know because obviously if you couldn’t tell her it was over it’s oh it’s right here now. That’s door so had opened the door. We’d walk in together and this one day. She just looked at me she goes. Why am i in here while you told me. You need. not the bathroom before we left. Okay and she has stood there mike. Oh man if. I help her with her clothes. I was very concerned about getting scratched because that was what she did when she was when you gave her assistant. She didn’t think she needed but that was. I think that was like january february and she broke her leg mar early march and so that obviously prevented her from us walking to the bathroom after that point so i never had to deal with that. And it’s just. It’s just so sad. Because i had a dog that had that products like he couldn’t walk to get outside and go the bathroom in he was geriatric. And it’s like not getting better from whatever happened to you earlier this week. So i guess i know what that means in. We had to let him go but with humans expected constantly. Follow around and clean up puddles in messes in. Oh it’s awful jenny. west talk at. Let’s talk about incontinence problems when we’re dealing at a with a problem at the beginning because getting a bit positive about this the communist problems can be addressed good with a capital on asian examination identification and if we talk about our old adults with or without memory problems the the main the basics to cover of course. He’s I treat the constipation at all times. Make sure that the bowels irregular the second thing is drink. Plan to a water because jerry what happens they don’t drink enough. The european becomes very concentrated and the concentrated european irritates. The blood bloodline the line in the blood and that can irritate the blood. An contractions as well as uti’s and beauty is who’s causing continents. One thing Not than that. So the trade constipation. Drink plenty of water. Exclude the blood a european so exclude from your diet. Dead tackle stop which caused those contractions. I’m of course talking about caffeine and alcohol. They said the main things dimension of course fees drinks. Let’s not forget about those as well. And i know a lot of our my patients like pepsi and coca-cola and say accidentally big no-no. I advise someone does love that jia coffee and let’s not forget. There is a little cocky in tears. Well not just kofi. I advised to switch to dig up by jimmy. We have caffeine even Bring so if we’re serious about this addressing this problem it’s succesion your drinks with herbal drinks with water salt completely worrying caffeine free. So excluding the irritants trade him being factions and then medication revere so he have. We can do a three hour tour when it comes to navigations. And you and i agreed to have mitigation tool. Can we can discuss this in the future as far as medication review by problem cap physician ole pharmacists will nurse east quite essential. Because i can you give me a name of medicine and by will find a way of it. Affected the urinary tracts. Almost every medicine affect that at simple wants to mention his water tablets for simbine makes people go frequently and they don’t get so looking around their manned talking about functional incontinence to we need rails for them to be safe to get to the toilet so they’re not scared to pull do any.

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There will walk off to benita kamal next to bed and things like that. We’ve all active blood before we even touch any medications with always to blunt. It’s also important blood a train. If your loved one just came out of the they did end up with urinary catholic la they above as disturbed a little bit blooded. Training is very important. So what i tell. My patients is to keep a bladder diary. And let’s say you give the bold gold toilet tried to suppress jr and to toilet. Let’s say everyone and a half hours or every two hours or every one hour to begin with but don’t every fifty minutes every time you have urge so suppressing the edge so waiting in that while they address everything else goes so blonde. Training is a big component or the management dope. Active blood them and of course ben incumbent medications medications leitch calmed down the contractions of the blood. Which i’ve mentioned already. That’s all active brother. When we’re talking about pelvic week pelvic floor at and that is the stress incontinence when you make with every co for sneeze or cough. That’s pelvic floor exercises. So i actually did advise up to my young ovation’s if you want who don’t have any confidence programs to train that pelvic floor muscles now jenny. Hopefully you will leave two hundred. And let’s face it our pelvic floor goal week. You had children it’s inevitable you know how we exercise with talk about the benefits of exercising maintaining our muscles. In how exercise helps you be more mobile more slow. Mentally productive helps osteoporosis. The same about pelvic floor it. So easy to find the pelvic floor exercises online. Just do them the same way as you. Brush your teeth for a couple of minutes. Every day strength from them and then you will age their Strong pillared for muscles. So that’s stress incontinence management and then all doubt. The ones is little more medical. Alan will need medical interventions. Of course octagonal mentioned plenty of water but of course let’s not forget especially with all day adults. We had mocked shura knocked. You raise same frequency during get up to tour at minds. And when i say drink plenty of water. During the day of my older patients do have a habit of taking a large property and going to bed with a couple of co heaven to a lot cup of tea and a full muscle water to take the medication and then they wonder why they’re audible to the poor. The rich you are as solo. My general advice advices drink plenty of water during the day but especially your day frequency during the night. Cut down your fluids after six. Pm just have just have water with your medications. For example what i do i try not to drink past eight eight thirty in the evening i go to bed around ten. Yeah because i do generally get up at least once and that helps not to have to get up more than once so we were talking about not drinking enough causes near tation which can cause the ut which can cause the continents. That is not a roller coaster. Wanna get on. Do you have any suggestions for how to encourage older adults especially ones with neuro degenerative diseases to drink more because that was always a challenge with my mom and thankfully she never got you. T is but i know lots of people that that’s a common see never. Uti every other month and it sounds like sounds like a way to just have more and more problems. They’re out there are so many reasons for. Ut is drinking enough is one of the reasons of course brought there of course especially in females you they a distance between the anus and you re threat is much shorter than it is in males and bacteria travel backwards and forwards and there are a number of factors.

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Uti’s are is a huge problem. So i’m jenny. Was your question how to get them to drink. Who’ll cynical one. I advised fluey diarrhea as well as direct. As you know by motos as a geriatrician knees be your own doctor. I spent considerable amount of time with my patients and by the way my new patients will be as sixty minutes so. I’m very lucky to be allowed that time. My hospital hop bitam. I sit down and actually teach them how to do things how to control the house. So i say imagine you’re flat or your house is a menial. Spital have everything organized. Proper way put notes everywhere. Have a blooded. Ira have a bowel. Diarrhea have a medication diary and heavy fully chart. So luqman what you have drawn. Let’s face it. A lot of our patients may dementia do have cameras and becky aim england. Charismatic visited to three to four times a day and if they manage two hundred fifty three hundred meals or water during that visit and book that we will all know what is happening so it’s literally diarrhea everything one more thing one more need for an talk reminder of some of my patients have all i drink a lot of heat flavor there on their ways of getting there the water. Ngo cranberry juice leitch of obligated of cranberry juice. Because we don’t ask preventative measure for. Ut is a lot of people pay. Pablo’s cranberry tablets produce. The evidence is clear. There is no clear evidence that primary juice reduces the frequency of beauty is but my people harm. There’s on doto evidence in some of my patients coming back and saying yes it did help. I’m kathleen diabetic patients. Because camera juice like any useful handle of sugar in it can be substituted was tablets but when it comes to fluids yeah you can flavor your dream sand diary their intake day. Lots of fancy restaurants or hotels. They’ve got water with citrus fruits and meant now. I’m making myself want something other than plain water by jenny. From one thing wage does get map. Set as jarrah attrition when i see patients or what medications black so fruit Lazic is bad. The name of this medication and then provide by one dog. And they’re not adopt a complete in the donald taking fluids and advising the patient to drink and then they come to see the doctor me and saying dr would be how these doctor gave me the medication and is told me to drink more. You must be the one to tell me what. I’m really supposed to do here saw. We need to talk together but that the keep going to one two different specialists deck indifferent advise ended his very confused and i feel for my patients so all patients out there all the cameras looking after the bell. Love what medications. Please do discuss with the promises or talk whether we can reuse the does. Maybe whether that walter medicine if your mom or dad is going through a patch where baton well not eat and drink into my bag getting a big dry that you’re on his very dark and smelly maybe for a week or two that what medication dose can be reduced or give them a little bit of a break give the fluid levels up so pesalai isn’t it. It’s the cash would be so fine june and that’s a lot about george. Mrs what age should we consider switching from adult medicine to geriatrician. Oh that’s a good one. Who won’t austria attrition also accredited for do general internal medicine. I actually have two accreditation ryan general position as well as geriatrician so jenny. One day. I might be doing well. Men’s clinic seen forty five fifty year. Old people will come to me to have this type of discussions preparing them for the next twenty five thirty years and we’ll sit down big by big goals everything. Everybody pylon discussing the.

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What are the possibilities for various disease and next day i will be seeing each nineteen year olds so i think we are geriatricians. Probably the lost tribe who also daas pro pot general medicine. I ask because. I have to get a different doctor. And there are currently no adult general medicine doctors in my city or the one next over. Advise you to see a geriatrician. Those in england geriatricians those general medical physicians. I guess you in america you will go into your primary care doctor right your so. These are bad general. Medics will will see you as a whole and then signposts you tabanas substantial Depending on what they find out for more depth of general medical opinion he had people consciously geriatrician people. Were adrian jedi the call my health insurance company and say okay. Well there’s no doctors in my area taking new patients. So how about how about a geriatrician. Even though i’m only fifty four probably tell me you need a general physician. I and i’m not driving. You know forty five minutes to go to the doctor so hope jenny. You reminded me obama plea. I had this forty nine year old in my wellness clinic. And would you ever think he was very pleased. Everything was fine but we found that he has familial high Hybridity -demia or His cholesterol levels are high. He’s totally feed him while very strong excising man and nobody could pay him to take cholesterol timers. And that’s he came to me to talk why he should ever tell him why so. Yeah we had a good consultation and the end of it. I could not pass rate in to take their classroom tablets until i mentioned to him. That high cholesterol might also for our bad blood vessels in his penis and that might have never action on. He might have an effect on his election. He said give me the prescription doctor ways. That’s funny. We had a trainer at my gym. I think she had a heart attack at forty two and she was. She’d been an athlete fit physical trainer all her life. She didn’t tell anybody for a long time. What had happened to her because she was embarrassed. But it was the same thing. Her body makes cholesterol and has to be on the medication. So yeah your reasoning for him. Wouldn’t have worked with her but finally did Start telling people about it. And then she started doing fundraisers for the american heart association and she started doing a lot more awareness. Which was i thought really helpful. But of course i haven’t seen her for over a year because the gym’s have been close and now i have a peleton’s i work out at home by myself with the the person on the screen. My whole life is on screens on this. Yes our all yeah. It’s it’s been a challenge. Is there anything else we need to know about in kat linson preventing it or carrying for it before. I let you go off into the we hours of the evening. I think they’ll just concluded at. We need to remember about the impact or incontinence on the quality of life and In younger people as well as older in younger patients. I had a fifty plus year old at businesswoman who was flying all over the place and She actually didn’t have any major conditions any health conditions in her case. It just happened and how disturbing it was for her. Just run into the toilet. The seconds louis cardinals. The plane should couldn’t sit at her meetings. She was constantly worried about having a smile and in her case it was a very simple intervention given the medications common down the blood. Asha will soul thankful it transformed to live with all their patients. It’s the being in the community. Worn out that that clubs playing the bridge going out to different. It’s such a big part of life. And by have had so many patients given up on their social life and given up on the quality of beleive for embarrassment of the incontinence and not seeking medical attention their children talented. Gp thinking that this is them being old. Now it’s an old age and their embarrassment and they smile and they robin token about it. Being honest about david david hiding and becoming a recluse in their houses developing depression shield him from a society so my final messages once again incontinence is not normal at any age and if that happened to you or your loved one cleese seek medical out back could be a simple solution which will transform you and get your quality of life.

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That’s what we’re all striving for is a good quality of life. This has been fantastic. I learned stuff. I didn’t know i needed to know to tacoma. Yes dr elena will be with us once a month every month until we run out of things to talk about. That’s good because i have podcast. Put out all the time. So this has been says. I can talk. That sounds true. I know you’re making me wanna to relocate an expat. Go back to my Ancestral home of scotland. Although i don’t like cold or wet so i don’t know about that part. You made it to the end. That is so fantastic. And i greatly appreciate it. You’re one of the few that got through. That wanted to know how to better. H well i feel. These conversations are important because while caregiving is a very long and difficult journey. Taking care of ourselves is important aging. Well is how we do all. We can to avoid alzheimer’s if you know someone who’s not a caregiver who also wants eight twelve. Would you mind sharing this episode with them. It’s super easy with for the three dots or the download button next to the episode. Click it and you can share it right to them via text message coming up next week. We haven’t excellent episode with cameron crawford. She’s a long distance caregiver and she’s got a lot of advice on how we can get encouragement and support each other through our journey and as always. I’ll be in your ears again. Next tuesday while i’ve got your attention. Let me tell you about the modules in the eight week online course from caregiver. Chronicles it starts out with. What is a caregiver then. Educating yourself on the diagnosis caring for a sick loved one in observing your loved ones religious beliefs how to live a healthy lifestyle as a caregiver navigating the medical professionals understanding medication super important legal matters also important. The decision maker insurance community resources durable medical equipment when a caregiver is needed finding a caregiver placement in the skilled nursing facility or memory care. Residents family dynamics challenges and conflicts learning how to navigate. That is probably worth the entire fee then. There’s home health hospice than planning for your loved. Ones can be sure to check out their weekly live. Ask dr yvette. Anything the link that is also in the show.