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Becoming More Me With EFT

Becoming More Me With EFT

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Welcome to fading memories. A podcast with advice wisdom and hope from caregivers who have lived the experience and survive to tell the tale. Think of us as your caregiver. Best friend today’s podcast is presented by pago. Pago is the easiest way for you to monetize your podcast providing podcasters with a flat rate for ad space. So you always know how much you get when you include an ad from pago apply to become a member and immediately be connected with advertisers that fit your audience. That’s pago dot co at p. o. d. Go dot co and be sure to be memories in the. How did you hear about pugo section of the application. Your body is more powerful than you can imagine filled with life energy and the compelling ability for self healing you can take control of this power by engaging in the tapping practice having been documented extensively the benefits of tapping include the ability to shift our thoughts and mood more quickly than conventional therapies. Tapping is a gentle form of soothing. Touch brainwave study show. That tapping energy affects the deep subconscious. Touch is comforting. No one knows how it works but however it works tapping seems to activate our bodies innate self-healing intelligence and allows us to transform our lives case. Histories abound showing tremendous changes in anxieties fears and phobias. I think after this road you might actually be a convert with me. Today is theresa levin. We are going to be talking about. Eft today and no if he not electric funds transfer but emotional freedom techniques of. Thanks for joining me. Theresa my pleasure. So can you explain exactly what. Efta’s for those of us that are more on the banking end of the world and not not familiar with emotional freedom. Sure am. I wasn’t familiar with it for the longest time. Either but It’s it stands for emotional freedom technique and it’s actually been around for decades already and it is based in Things that go back over five thousand years so it has a very very strong and long history to it And i am practitioner. Which means that. I am trained to the highest level of certification of practice in the technique and some people know the technique as tapping. That’s probably what is more commonly known as two people. But you’re seeing it more and more. Sometimes you’ll even see people doing it like on the sidelines. At football games and things athletes using it. People will use it in stressful situations. There are discreet and not so discreet ways to do it and while plenty of people have never heard of it it does have a you know a very scientific background to it. So it’s it’s a form of energy psychology. Essentially which means that. We work with both the psychological aspects as well as the energetic forces in our bodies and that brings greater resolution as we work on negative things. That people are feeling. So that’s the big value with emt. Is that you know. We all have negative emotions as much as you know. We are want to be positive people and feel good if we don’t acknowledge the negative things that are happening in that were feeling our life. We can’t resolve them and Actually feel genuinely positive so what. Emt allows us to do is to dissipate those energetic blockages in our body with the combination of talk therapy and also tapping parts of our body known as meridians so. These are the same parts of our bodies that Someone that’s doing acupressure. Acupuncture massage therapy even like chiropractic or all different things that you know release Physical pain Also have the potential to release emotional pain so wit. Emc t- You can literally tap on and release anything even feel so that not only means that you can release sadness. Frustration irritability grief guilt overwhelm anxiety. And things like that. But you can also make you know a hurting your body. Feel better like a headache. Backache you know a stiff neck People were on all different things. I literally if you can feel it.

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You can work on it and usually get really favorable outcome with these methods. So that’s kind of a little bit about it awesome. So you’re going to walk us through a little bit about that correct. Yeah i do have Around that i have prepared. I’ll tell you a little bit more about the techniques that you understand what we’re getting ready to do but just a little bit more i guess about. Emt is that in the caregiving situation. Which i spent some time in this past week. You know getting ready to talk to you speaking in different people in that Because i feel like you know. Caregivers are they’re giving so much to that. Loved one that they’re caring for in in this state of you know losing their their memory and going through dementia and alzheimer’s and all that that embodies which is a lot and i think the caregivers probably very neglectful of their own self care. Not because they wanna be but because it’s a really time consuming and all consuming job to care for somebody else and bats one of the reasons i having. Emt in your toolbox of coping mechanisms can make a huge difference. Because you can bust out around eft if you know what you’re doing in between like to six minutes and feel a heck of a lot better than you did before you did that. And that’s part of what i do. Is i teach people. I have a whole program called becoming more me with emt where. I teach people all the basics of that. I also do private sessions in those You know. I work with people on all different things. We do multiple tapping around in a sixty or ninety minute session. But the point is when you get to the root cause of what it is. That’s bothering somebody. What’s causing that negative feeling with emt. It doesn’t come back. Many people spend years decades a ton of time in talk therapy and while maybe they feel better after that session usually whatever it is that they went in america is going to rear its head again and come back and keep doing that. And it’s like until it’s talked to death pretty much. It’s not at the point of not bothering them with egypt and somebody who’s willing to like work get into the heart of the issue with the pretty quickly you can resolve things way faster and i think that’s really important from the perspective of a caregiver. That’s on time to know that there are tools out there where you know they can a do it from home do it anywhere do it virtually And you know because then you don’t have to leave the person you’re caring for and you can still put on your headphones hop and do a zoom session with a practitioner and resolve issues and then get on with your day feeling a lot better And continuing to help and care for that person. But i think a lot of people think that they have to shove it down or not deal with the things that are bothering them because people have this weird construction that if it took a really long time to develop a negative painter problem that it’s going to take equally as long if not longer to resolve it and that’s that’s a limiting belief that is untrue. You can heal and feel better literally in an instant. And that’s all energy. If we unblock energy we can do just amazing things and are her bodies are just way more powerful than we realize or imagine and filled with this astounding ability for self healing. And when we understand the practice of tapping you get to get control over that power and get to reclaim that and really get resin and clear about the things that tend to fog us and give us that emotion pain and most of our pain comes when we are leaking our power either into the past which i mean a lot of caregivers you’re caring for somebody a loved one that you have a long history with a parent a spouse A sibling there may be negative. Things from your past. That are bothering you things that maybe you can’t even share with that person anymore. Because they don’t remember a recall it but you feel it in your energy system like it is happening right now and that is an example of leaking your power into the past and the problem with that is the only place that we have any power at all is right here right now in this moment so we waste our power in lake to the past or conversely when we leak it to the future which is anxiety and worry and fear than we have absolutely no power in the only place where we can right here so emt gets us presence and when we are present we can be logical. We could be rational. We can be calm. We can be clear and we can be happy and joyful. Because you’re in the moment meant to be in instead of a past or future moment that either doesn’t exist anymore or we don’t even know if it’s going back so that’s kind of the beauty of it and it sounds simple but it can be really hard for people to get prison.

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Yeah i’ve talked to a number of caregivers. And i’m always a little surprised at the the volume of guilt especially when it’s an adult child taking care of parent like i always felt i don’t want to say i always felt like no matter what i did with my mom. It was never enough which was in the motion growing up and my mom was really good even late stage. Alzheimer’s push that button. She knew which buttons to push to set me off which i did not go off. You know. I didn’t let her push my buttons to the point where i would exploded hurt. His i knew that that would just be super ugly but it was amazing to me like she was so much nicer to other people and anybody that tried to help her or do things for her that she couldn’t do for herself anymore. She just was ugly. It’s like this is. This is not cool. Honey is so hard to you know. You’re you’re trying to allow them to do as much as they can. Because if you take away that power like will you struggled with eating last time. So i’m gonna feed you like a baby this time. No no you gotta let them try when you’re in china to allow their own empowerment and they’re just acting like jerks. It’s like i’m done with you. It’s why they treat other people nicer and not you when you’re literally the hand that feeds them and the one that’s caring for them and everything else and those feelings have to get acknowledged you know because i always use the analogy of late. Push things down or it’s like you know if you have a yard full of weeds and you simply run over the the lawnmower. What are you gonna have again next week. You’re still going to have a yard the weeds but if you’re able to use something that allows you to route the weeds. Then you can plant a garden. You can plant grass. You can do whatever you want with. That and those weeds are not likely that those exact weeds are not gonna come back. You might get other ones your have not another really cool thing with tapping is that you can work on those things that come up on a day to day basis that frustration with you know made you’re carrying somebody that says the same thing a hundred times a day in it’s driving you absolutely insane and you feel like you’re going to lose your mind or maybe you’re dealing with a past issue from fifty years ago with that person or something else. There’s ways that you can use it to treat any of those things so whether you need a quick fix or whether you need something really big taking care of it’s still not gonna take nearly as much time as it will. The traditional therapy is to resolve it. And you get a resolution that is like up rooting the we’d instead of just cutting it back and waiting for it to rear its head again and you know need more attention. It’s funny because when you were describing the technique and the reasoning for it. I was like it’s kinda like weeds. You got to yank it out with a route. So i’m laughing because you’re using the same analogy. That’s funny crumley. People can relate to so unfortunately weeds are who are unfortunately quite common so what you talked to some caregivers in preparation for today. So what were some of the issues in general. Obviously we don’t need to spill everybody’s dirt shore waving obviously self care like we brought up and just feeling like you know. What’s that like. Who has time healthcare and not feeling like they could live the life that they did before Obviously a lot of people in this position. You didn’t choose it. It’s not like anybody as a kid is like. I hope i get to grow up and take care of somebody who’s losing their memory and and dealing with our abilities to the sadness there’s those feelings of loss of the things that you are losing about the person a lot of people just said he felt like they had all these ugly emotions that they couldn’t you know that they weren’t supposed to express. They didn’t feel like they had the time or the desire to allow the feelings so they just kept fighting them so that they wouldn’t come out. And i think some people felt like you know at least if i’m fighting than i’m doing something i don’t have to realize how saturday militating or upsetting or anything. All this is going to just keep doing. Just keep fighting. But they don’t realize exactly how much that’s wearing them out until they just kinda crash and burn you know you have that have adrenaline dump at some point along the line and you just realize like you need a little bit of time to recoup A lot of people felt like they were two different people like they were trying to live. Two different lives and maintain very different. Set of things people. Spontaneity was lost after a couple of people that you know not that having kids is really anything like caregiving in this situation. But it’s a warm of sorts. I would say you know to have to care for another human on that lake.

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I’m totally responsible for someone level But different on ozone many levels not immune to go there but just feeling like they’re spontaneity was lost like they were you know just an independent human doing their thing and then all of a sudden here for somebody else i. I can’t go bike ride. I can’t do anything that i used to. I read something fantastic that compared caregiving and parenting and it was said when you’re frustrated with your children. There’s also those moments of joy because of their accomplishments but when you are caring for somebody who is losing their memories in their ability. There are no joys because there are no accomplishments. There’s only loss on loss on loss. And i like hell to one is one is growing. Its growth it’s nurturing and it’s You know there’s there’s good things that are building and the other is a lot of deterioration and loss and you know that continued kind of sadness so it’s like kind of going up one going down but they’re both. We’re both caring but it’s totally different. makes me nuts absolutely want to jump through the computer monitor and just smacked people when they say you know well. You shouldn’t feel frustrated because you’re having to clean up the feces that your father missed from the toilet because they didn’t get frustrated when we were children. It’s like well first off. Yeah it’s not the same thing because you know the kid will eventually learned. Stop doing that but you know that not only is dad. Not gonna get better from that. It’s gonna get worse. Yeah that makes it. I’m glad that some people can comfort themselves with that feeling. But i try when i see people making those kinds of statements. I try to interject politely without disagreeing with them why. That isn’t the case for everybody. Because when i read that it actually feels like a slap in the face and my mom gone a year. It’s so it’s one of the reasons. I don’t like the facebook caregiving match. But yeah i mean so those are some of the feelings as well as some kind of a the top contenders that you probably have a lot over. Well fear tiredness. You know compassion fatigue is a bang. And i think it probably happens among most caregivers and loneliness as well as just feeling that even though they wanted to be upbeat and positive about things that everything felt hard and difficult and like a struggle so those were kind of some of the things that people you know enlightened me about and i was just so appreciative of people being willing to share and give me the privilege of kind of peeking into that part of their life. Because you know. I think it should be shared more but i think a lot of people keep it to themselves or they don’t want to burden other people with the details of you know having to clean up their father species or whatever else nearly nobody wants to hear about you know my parents or this or that or you know and know but they need to you know in order to actually feel understood and not having people make comparisons between childcare and carrying for an alzheimer’s and dementia patient than we need more shedding the light. On how different than how. It’s so difficult you know. It’s okay that it’s hard. It’s not it’s not supposed to be easy. I don’t think. Unfortunately it’s definitely not easy. And i think the more that people understand that it’s more than memory loss. It would help all of society we know we a lot of people in and i was the same way for a long time. And you know being a genetics or i did not post like all of the stuff that i was going through with my mom on social media. Because that’s not something that we did. I finally did start doing that. And it’s been very beneficial for people. Because i’ve got like a little video of where she was struggling to pull up her depends mostly because she crossed her legs and she did not want me to help her and it’s not her sitting on the toilet. It’s just her ankles down so it was. It was pg for sure and then a picture of the contents of her purse which was like ninety eight percent folded up toilet paper. She would unroll about four feet and folded up in shelvin in her purse in dresser. And it made me nuts before the pandemic but afterwards it’s like woman. This is like a commodity that i can’t stop doing that. And it just right. roddick. In retrospect while it’s so funny because i have a picture that we took probably fall of two thousand nineteen early winter because she’s wearing a light weight jacket and she was being silly at so she’s got her chin on top of the four-pack of toilet. Paper is really wide and she just. She looks like she’s being silly in the picture and so i posted occasionally with jokes about you know mom had her stash. It was just it.

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Yeah she had this to know it needed to get saved. Oh gosh jovi bananas and she you know how will she always had really watering one. I and i get to one. Ida’s runs like you’re crying. It’s so frustrating and you know it just is and so she like most old ladies would have tissues shoved up her sleeve. Mind god this lady. Sometimes she was like a walking explosion of toilet paper and one and she got to the point when using the toilet because she got to the point visually where she couldn’t see it. It didn’t exist so when you’re sitting on the toilet you know we all drop the stuff inside and flush the how we are. That’s how my mom to go the bathroom. She would put the tissue in the wastebasket next to the trash can. And i was just waiting for the day that i walk in and find really bad used to pay i. I i was like i braced myself. Because i’m like you know it’s going to happen. But she always had this tissue. And i was always afraid that one of these days it was going to be really nasty stuff that nobody wanted to deal. And so i try to you know. Try to explain the people that was normal and like literally one monday. I was visiting and she said that we were. We always went out to the park to watch kids and as we’re leaving chinese bathroom okay. The the public bathroom in memory care. Oh it’s right here. So i opened the door because of course you can’t see the toilet with the door closed so i opened the door and i walked in with her and she just stood there. The first the first monday she dud does. Everybody does but she sat on the toilet sideways as like lynch bitch to that was uncomfortable like getting so then. I’m trying to get her to shift. She doesn’t understand. And i knew if i’m physically moved her it with upset heard it was like this is this is a problem and not sure how to solve it yet. The next week she sat on the toilet normally. But i had to take off her pants the entire time. Doing them like this woman is gonna smack mich- going to scratch me because that’s what she did. She was getting very combative. She did not want people to help her. And i’m like down pants down. And i’m like she’s gonna beat me was like not fun so you know. And that’s very typical and they forget they lose the they lose. Whatever you wanna call it the memory or the trading they forget how to eat they forget how to swallow and they’ll pocket food in their their mouth like chipmunks and what are you supposed to do with that you know you can’t force down her throat it’s just. I think society needs to understand what the later half of alzheimer’s looks like ’cause the the beginning half is allowed is a lot more lot easier to deal with than you know. Four feet of toilet paper folded up everywhere all over the in her purse in or close in her dresser or sure it was sure well then you try to get her to throw it away. She’d have it clutched in her hand. If she would forget that it was in her hand and then she would go to like open the door or and then it was like oh wait i have this thing my hand and then that was a whole issues like should not take forty five minutes to get out to the car. My goodness knows know. Just those kind of frustrations and things that i kind of like uses basis for putting together this route of tapping that i put together and i know you’re kind of past the point of being able to use it in the live situation but I will say that no matter what. Your situation is what we’re gonna do with the tapping is going to help people to relieve anxiety and things because Tapping is actually shown in just one round can lower level of cortisol which star stress hormone by up to forty three percents. So could use that. That’s awesome not just for stress and anxiety but for like weight gain and all sorts of other things so being able to lower that by just tapping on certain parts of your body is pretty cool And while i there’s there’s many ways to do. Efd many And when i do like private group sessions the zoom where people can see me vs on podcast. Were just listening. There’s about sixteen different meridian points that i use on upper body in the hands and and a bunch of different techniques methods that we used like discovering resolve issues May sound complicated. But it’s actually like super simple when you’re just following along with somebody on on zoom but it is scenario like this what i’m gonna do is i’m just gonna do one points tapping so everybody can just do this along with me. And i i will say you have water nearby and you’re listening and you’re gonna do this drink up because energy is conducted in water so they have trouble releasing things as well if we’re dehydrated and we have had something to drink so i always tell people before the session make sure you’re hydrated ready to go because it makes things go a lot faster and we don’t get stuck on things as easily and what we’re gonna do is gonna start by.

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We’re just gonna use our chest as the point. It’s called the collarbone point. But it’s not actually your collarbone so if you were to put your hand on your heart. You’re going to do the pledge of allegiance and strict your fingers out to the end. You’ll find this spot in your chest. it’s like a sore spot kind of it’s literally called the sore spot. That’s what you’re looking for and you can either this with one or both hand. The let’s worst bottom left and right side and what you’re gonna do is you’re just going to dig in with like two or three fingers and In a circle. And you’re just gonna keep doing that. And i’m gonna say some phrases and You know. I guess for the sake of recording. I’ll probably to save them in. Not worry about having you repeat them back but will leave a little bit of space where people can repeat back And even say them out loud or you can just listen to me as i say them and thank them. And if what. I’m saying doesn’t resume exactly what the way that you feel or what you’re going through real change. What you say or change your thinking. I want you to focus on the things that are negative and problematic for you first and foremost. I tried to keep this pretty general. But you know everybody’s situation is different and specific work is for private sessions so this is a generalized Tapping round and. I will college in advance. If i yawn or anything and you may find yourselves yawning or even getting teary eyed or anything. Else is a release of negative emotion. So i always tell my clients. I’m like this is one place where yawning is like. I’m so happy to see it and it’s not rude or inappropriate or anything else. It means the work is getting done so here. We go and mrs just going to be what we’re gonna do. We’re going to start with these circles. And then tell you after a couple of things we’re just tapping on the chessel you we tap and tap on the chest. It’s that same area. You can use a few of us actually seeing me. I’m actually using all for my fingers and my mom’s just kind of tapping the fingertip points on my chest almost like a light tarzan kind of thing you can do it as fast or slow is feels comfortable to you and you want to do it hard enough that you feel it. But you’re not beating yourself up so that you can kinda unblock the energy is in there. But we’re gonna first start with those circles kind of digging into that sore spots so here we go. Even though i didn’t choose this role and sometimes it makes me feel like. I’ve lost control of my own life. I choose to love except and forgive myself. Even though so much that i love about the person and caring for is slipping away without warning and i sometimes wonder if they’re even in there anymore. I want to love except and forgive myself and all others involved even though it can be so saddening frustrating even maddening. that my loved one. Has this awful disease. I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Now we’re going to start tapping on the chest. And i will say if you have a certain level of distress and you want to rate it on one to ten. That can be really helpful because then we can read it again. At the end you’ll be able to have a measurement of progress that you’ve made so while tapping on the chest we’re going to say these things. This caregiving role requires so much at me and really takes a toll on my own self care. I feel like i’m living two different lives. Maybe more and i never seem to prioritize myself. It’s always about them. I feel overwhelmed and worried. Most of the time. I feel like i’m always fighting and i’m constantly trying to power through if i could just keep doing that. I don’t have to face the sadness. The pain the worry or the fear that comes with this awful situation but with so much to manage some days. I feel like i don’t do it very well sometimes. I feel resentful and frustrated. Sometimes i feel impatient and angry. And i feel guilty for feeling that way but i need to honor and accept these feelings or how seriously go crazy. Sometimes i feel like i’m totally losing it like i’m losing so much of myself and my life. This is such an isolating and lonely process and there is little support for me. There’s no instructions for how to do this. And no one seems to realize just how hard bankwest and exhausting at all as i am so tired. This is not the life i imagined. I’d be living right now. I had other plans for how this would go. This disease and these obligations blindsided me and changed everything so fast.

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I am so sad that it has come to this. It is so hard to watch my loved ones that further away from me while i am still so bound to them through caregiving. I hate this disease in. The deterioration brings that keeps stealing. My loved one’s memory joy logic and understanding. I don’t want to feel bad for struggling with all of this. This isn’t easy. I am open to seeing the lessons. Joy and gift in my complex situation. I’m proud that i’m capable and caring enough to carry out this work. I’m going to take a moment for me to honor all these deep and painful feelings. That can be so full of sadness and grief. I know they must be recognized. Acknowledged before they can be released. And i’m going to ask the universe god or a higher power. I believe in for help support and guidance and be open to receiving it because i am completely deserving of it. I am open to miracles and relief as well as anything big small or unexpected. That will help. Ease the work and heaviness of this role. I’ve been called to fulfill giving my best. Each day is all i can do. Even when it doesn’t feel like it’s good enough. I choose to feel blessed that i am able to be of service. I honor and appreciate myself for the major efforts sacrifices and life changes i make each and every day on behalf of my loved. One i am enough. They are enough and we are enough to get through this. I will choose to find ways to take care of myself and feel good even though the days are busy and stressful. Because i know that will allow me to do a better job at being a caregiver with an open and compassionate heart. I take responsibility for prioritizing my emotions and my self care so that i can be rested. Censured guided and clear. I forgive myself and everyone involved in this complicated situation. And i call my power back into my body and the present moment so that i can offer up my very best with peace love and clarity. I want everyone to take a really deep breath in he’d stop tapping. If you want just really take a deep breath and just exhale out all of the negative feelings that might be. Lingering be blind. Just kinda rush. Their arms offers their brushing off the negativity. And just reassess how you feel now that you’ve released a little bit of that. How did that feel for. You can actually feel a little more. And as theresa knows yesterday was really horrible day. This is february eighteenth and you’ll gays have already heard about what yesterday was like and i do feel better good. Even some of those statements that were more directed about caregiving resonated. Because you know after living through this last year or the as somebody put it. Today the thirteenth consecutive month of march twenty twenty just definitely not a year or month. I wanna live through again. It’s just sometimes it’s hard to. It’s hard to feel positive about the future because it feels like it’s on hold and i know caregivers feel that i felt that way. You know that was like well. We can’t really do x. Because of mom or you know. I never liked we. We would go on vacation and i. I liked to not be gone to mondays in a row. Because that’s the day that i would see her. And just you know there was a lot of. There’s a lot of things that just you didn’t feel like you could plan ahead very far. You couldn’t you didn’t have like that light at the end of the tunnel kind of feeling because you knew what the light at. The end of the tunnel was not going to be pretty. That’s kind of how the last year is felt. You know it’s been really difficult for everybody. I definitely feel feel better. That’s interesting good. I’m glad yeah. And that’s that’s just one point and when it it’s interesting because the meridian points on our body are related to different feelings like some things are more related to like moving forward in our life or to grief or guilt or things like that. So when i’m actually working with somebody on something. Specific an extra those points get incorporated Emt originated first by somebody that created really really complicated algorithms of it and sold them for a lot of money as back in the eighties and nineties broadcast mahan when he was first working with it He charged like one hundred thousand dollars to get trained in the technique and then ten thousand dollars per algorithm to solve a problem whether that was fear of flying a phobia.

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Whatever it was that people that needed the help paid it because it worked so darn well and then it wasn’t until gary craig who’s known as the founder of efg made it basically available to the world And realize that you know the algorithms great and it works like a charm but if we just tap the certain combination of things even if that’s not the right point we’re still hitting all the points and we’re going to release it in the process and it made it so much more accessible and and something that everybody can using it relief from so and that was like i said that was just one is on her chest and normally incorporating the head and around the eyes and around the mountain nose and you know under the arms and things like that so it’s amazing the you know one can do all that and that was what like three or so minutes that we did that. I’m not sure it’s probably a little more like five but yeah it wasn’t yeah i was. That was more complex around the fda you can do a round of espn literally. Just say over and over again while you’re tapping the same thing you know. I feel so overwhelmed. The also over well and you can still get a great result but you know i was trying to hit on more things to try to release more things for more people. So so is the technique. The what you’re basically repeating is his normally. You would think something like oh should get up and do that in the morning and tap wherever and with positive thoughts but you’re releasing all the negative things through the tapping an talking. Yeah we’re acknowledging. The problem where acknowledging the negative and were bringing back around a bit and the end of the positive. And what were you know wanting to see more of Which is just one way to do it. But that’s exactly what. I teach in that becoming more me with the it because it’s It’s pretty. I mean. I spent hundreds of hours invested in learning and getting my masters certification. But i’ve condensed it in due course just a few hours that people can learn everything. They need to not only help themselves of their loved ones and everything else and really get a lot out of it and learn you know all about the different blockages. The different meridian points and how to set up their rounds. Everything else. it’s it’s a. It’s a pretty awesome tool. Will you have an e book that you’re gonna share yet earnest in the show notes but go ahead and tell us yeah. I put together an awesome e book for you guys For for caregivers to learn about emotional freedom more to assess your levels of it and now that we’ve taped i will put in the The script for the tapping round that. We did as well so that you know if people want to do that. They can tap rate. Along with the words that i did and say at themselves. Always more powerful when you’re saying yourself and and have that and that’s got a lot of information that can be really helpful to you You know feeling better and getting on the road to freedom so that will be at. It’s a link so it is case sensitive and you don’t need to put in the h. T. t. p. Or anything else you just go to It dot l. y. Forward slash emotional freedom for caregivers all lower case. And that’s b. i t. dot l. y. words slash emotional freedom were caregivers. E-book will be there waiting for you. i’ll send it to your inbox and and you’ll be good to go and You can start there and you wanna learn more about any of other programs are things. You can You know visit my website at. Www dot theresa lear levin dot com and all of my social media channels and things are listed. There awesome will all that’s gonna be linked in the show notes like usual and this was really interesting. ’cause i had heard of tapping but i haven’t investigated it and i’m glad that our mutual friend gypsy hines passed. Podcast guest that for those regular listeners. Jesse and he’s awesome. She’s yes great connecting people. Yes she’s she’s. I cannot wait to meet her in person. I’m very lucky that i did. We live across the country from each other. And we’ve been you know virtual friends for years when she was here in. Dc doing stuck with her son. We actually got to meet up at the zoo for an afternoon and spend time together which was awesome. That’s fun will. My husband live always threatened to go down to pasadena and volunteers helped decorate the rotary international. Rose bowl parade float. Which of course didn’t happen last year. And this year twenty twenty one we had plans to go to yosemite for christmas. Twenty twenty we all know twenty twenty the year. We’re all gonna forget so. We just rolled over that booking to this year’s christmas and so i’m like i don’t really wanna be gone on christmas eve and christmas day and then be gone like the following. The dogs will kill me. So i said chris or new year’s eve twenty twenty two.

00:40:03 – 00:45:01

Yes that’s what we’re going down to pasadena to do the floats planning ahead. Gotta get all these things on the calendar so that you we have that to look forward to see forgotten that we’d planned on that and i hope it works out. It will cause you know. We’re we’re getting close to the end of this pandemic insanity for as much as it’s ever going to be gone from our lives and then hopefully i could see her soon because you know we’re both in california but it’s about a seven hour drive to her so maybe proper yeah. I’m in northern california. She’s in southern california. It’s almost two different states to be to be fair. It’s amazing and wonderful the other way that we can all be so connected without ever actually meeting each other in person these days. Yeah i actually mentioned to my husband. I’m like you know you go out and you know he’s got a friend. These actually visiting right now. They sit in his backyard which were able to do because this is northern california. And it’s like sixty degrees sorry for the people in texas who froze to death while we were recording according to his friends got heart issues and had some heart surgery so his friend doesn’t like to go out much so they go and visit. And i’m like well. My peeps are all on the other side of a screens. Or i don’t have to worry about covid problems but it’ll be very nice so we can actually get together in person. Yeah i that i took up. You know doing this right around the right time. Because all of my people that i see are all you know virtual on zoom and everything else. Very friendly practice. Desa very true. It’s you know. Twenty twenty wasn’t all bad but it was very full of opportunity and silver lining. So i just needed. I realized recently. I needed to work through stuff that i didn’t work through so we’re going to work on that. Maybe tapping it’ll help so this is having me on. I really do appreciate the opportunity and the chance to enrich my own understanding of the caregivers perspective Even having worked with you know privately several people that are in this very position There’s always more to learn. And there’s always you know new ways to to grow and understand all of this. And i appreciate everything that you do about shedding light on it and helping people be more educated about it. I think it’s really important. Thank you that is my my goal be caregiver to the caregivers because like you said it’s it’s not an easy thing to do. It’s exhausting emotionally physically. And i want to be that voice that somebody could reach out and here listen to the two of us two o’clock in the morning instead of turn into a bottle running screaming into the street because neither one of those are going to help. This has been so much fun. Thank you thank you theresa picked out a tapping routine. That was easy to describe. But if you’d like to see it in action pop on over to the youtube channel you can scroll over to the park or the tapping portion starts. The link to my youtube channel is in the show notes or you can head over to the website fading memories podcast dot com and there are links to pod players and youtube on episode. I hope you’ve found her information interesting. And maybe even beneficial is always my goal to bring you as much information bias. Joy fun that i can bring to you via podcast so on that note coming up next week. Is your favorite tiktok doctor in the house. Doctor lena mucci will be back. And we will be discussing how to prevent dementia. Not sure why. We didn’t start with that one. But i have learned so much from all of her episodes and i know you are too. And she’s highly popular instagram. So make sure you’re following her they’re hurling will be in the show notes. It’s in the notes of all of her previous episodes. She’s also got her own youtube channel. Called be your own doctor. She does that with her husband. Who is a pharmacist. And if that is not enough streaming and watching information then. You’re just going to have to wait until i’ll be back in your ears again next tuesday and following this. If you missed it last week is a promo for one of my favorite independent podcasters. Hey why don’t you listen to the never astray on podcast. It’s the podcast aims to cover a wide range of topics from conspiracy theories to popular culture. News i’m your host gas and joined each week it’s moco host may the tayla for. Hey we look strange happenings going around your area and a little segment. We like to call walks votes away off. Plus we cover the big topics. Criticize the mothman.

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