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Before There’s A Cure – CBD?

Before Theres a Cure CBD?

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Today’s podcast is presented by Pago Pago is the easiest way for you to monetize your podcast providing podcasters with a flat rate for ad space. So you always know how much you get when you include an ad from pod go apply today to become a member and immediately be connected with advertisers that fit your audience. That’s pod gone. Co co and be sure to add fading memories in the how did you hear about pug go section of the application? At the same time we’re looking for a cure for Alzheimer’s are we ignoring a potential natural Ally at the very least could CBD be a preventative treatment wage according to researchers at California’s Salk Institute, their 2017 study has found evidence that cannabinoids such as CBD could help remove dementia from brain cells off in the hope that we can avoid developing the disease or at the very least reducing its effects. Are we missing out? Why are we afraid to investigate this option? There are uses for CBD for many people CBD does not have the THC which causes the high of which we’re familiar in one way or another this episode is a conversation on the use of CBD and we also offer on the politics of legalization, which I hope you’ll find interesting and informative. This episode is brought to you by caregiver Chronicles an eight-week online course from diagnosis through hospice for more information use the link in the show notes home. Welcome to fading memories a supportive podcast for those caring for a loved one with memory loss before we get in the show. I thought I’d give you some details on some of the courses that you receive with caregiver Chronicles. It starts from the very beginning with the diagnosis, but you will also get courses on a healthy lifestyle navigating medical professionals understand medication legal matters Insurance dealing with durable medical equipment. When a caregiver is needed finding one placement family Dynamics and challenges and conflict Home Health hospice and planning for your loved ones transition. There are three options available. I know from personal experience that the more you know about handling this disease the better outcome will be for everyone. So I urge you to check them out and let them know that you learned about them from fading memories podcast with me. Today is Richard Cohen, he has a job. An advocate for legalized marijuana for most of my life. He wants to educate his generation to the many and amazing benefits of hemp based medicine. He’s teamed up with dr. Igor boussole. I hope I got that right to give seniors valuable information from a medical professional and a lifelong help him, excuse me, and marijuana activist walk together. They have CBD seniors and Blue Ribbon hemp. So thank you for joining me Richard. My pleasure. Thank you. So before we discuss how CBD can help with Alzheimer’s let’s talk about everyday life issues that can also affect our break and specifically like weight gain and insomnia. So actually I should back up and let you introduce yourself a little bit more. Apparently my brains not working today. Well, I have just the Cure. Well first off I always emphasize the beginning God. I’m not a doctor. I just play one on the internet, but and seriously not folks. My point is not I’ve been involved in marihuana off the move and then they found out about medical marijuana. And so but I have never you know, prescribed suggested anybody used cannabis for a medical purpose because I’m Not Dead. You know a doctor I’ve not that is my degree is in economics and my which if we make you need marijuana anyway, but God I my point is always been about Freedom that people should be free. And this was the thing that really was so frustrated being until very recently as and you still encounter it the pro-business party line is sort of no medicine a smoked, you know, it’s basically oh, of course, I’m not a Baptist medical cannabis as long as it’s been developed by the pharmaceutical industry and approved by the FDA and you know, and then you will you no thank you.

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But and then of course all we don’t need it anymore will excuse me. There’s that mean you’re admitting that we used to needed and you were arresting sick people. So this is you know my opinion To this thing has always been you know, you know number one freedom and then in terms of you know, when looked at the the CBD business and how it was shaping up. I just turned 80 and I have this may be a plug for marijuana and Thursday. Is it a t i do not take any prescription drugs. I have been using cannabis on a basically daily basis for the last fifty some-odd years. And so everybody will have to you know judge for themselves for how it’s affected me. But the fact is is that I, you know have known no other hand, you know, a very fortunate in terms of genetics. There are a lot of things that are illnesses that are genetic apparently including Alzheimer’s by, you know, understand it off. But the fact is that you know, the the stress the problems that everybody faces as as we get older and it may be at sixty or seventy or eighty or ninety. I mean there’s you know, there are people that you know, still going strong, you know in their nineties and that is like Mel Brooks who is just still as funny as ever and just as sharp as ever but you know, you don’t you you know, it’s always I always say you were all subject to cancellation without notice. So, you know, we we this is something that whether or not people have are having to deal with the extreme stress of choice of Alzheimer’s that as as we age different things are going wrong with our bodies and in that regard cannabis club Seems to be you know, something that in the old days we would have called a tonic. I called it Jim but the the idea is does not help, you know, just in terms of every day alive and unlike THC whole cannabis. There is there are no jobs. There’s no high out in involved in in using CBD and you know, let’s say I’ve I’ve been getting high for fifty some-odd years off the bill joke if it worked for me, but you know again, I know people that that simply do not enjoy that I know a lot more people who are frightened by the idea or may have religious objections to it or whatever but you know, that’s that’s one thing but you know, the fact is that there are people that just find btao. Very uncomfortable. And so and I think that ironically CBD really helps with that. That’s funny. Well, I mean it really is you know, there have been some recent studies about you know, people who have problems some people idea. I think if something is probably worth dealing with here is the idea of people is marijuana addictive. Well, yes, everything is addictive in the sense that if you do different things that you like to do course, you know gambling is highly addictive there is is one of the most destructive addictions of any month. So because there’s a limit to how much cocaine you can put up your nose, but there is no limit to the amount of money that the casinos will happily take they’ll you know until you log Already, they’ll take it but you know, this is there is you know, this isn’t something where you’re taking something. This is an action that you’re that has become a fixation but it is as addictive as a more so than than many drugs and addiction from alcohol, which maybe my favorite drug can be fatal that details you people can have actually go ahead and and have seizures and died. The barbiturates are highly addictive and they will in fact if you go into details the hospital though, they will give you a rich what’s to stop stop the convulsions to keep you from dying and so the month.

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So the the point is is that what you know, in terms of do people do some people have problems with the cannabis use. Yeah people have problems. With almost everything and that’s whatever, you know people that couldn’t happen. I say there are people involved it can happen to people but I’m the general idea though of of dealing with stress, which is both for the families of the people that Alzheimer’s and with the patients themselves, and this is the so they are being two entirely different sets of facts that you you have the patient who’s in the grips of a terrible degenerative disease, and then you have the families and friends who trying to take care of the one of the things that I have recently learned about wage, and I had to fascinating stories is cannabis. Chem Excuse Me music and Alzheimer’s talking to a phone number. The other day that had a family with Alzheimer’s a very severe curled up in a ball and so they can often do you know stand, you know, basically pick him up his hold on to him and then put him in front of the piano. And put his hands on the keys and then it comes back. If apparently it’s a different part of the brain or whatever that comes back to it and he starts playing the piano perfectly. And then after he has finished playing the piano he gets up and walks by himself back to where he was City Life. I you know over the years I’ve heard about music therapy and I had a a friend’s daughter actually had a degree in it and he heard some amazing stories, but you know the wrong idea that somebody is so locked up at Alzheimer’s that suddenly, you know, they, you know, come out of it at least a little bit just through the power of music and you know, I think that one of the things that we’re going to be saying a lot more of in the the era head is an emphasis on music for healing because right now we need a lot of I mean America and the world is in a world of hurt and the wage And which you know, it’s difficult enough. I mean, I’m so blessed that for me, you know, this has been a major inconvenience and I am terribly but the fact is is that you know, the aside from the fact it’s killing a lot of people the the pandemic itself the locks down and the loss of businesses down. The isolation is for many people just a huge burden in many ways. And if these people are then trying to schedule with severely dementia-related issues with a family or loved one that you know, it’s I cannot imagine that on top of everything else and of course the patience the the people with Alzheimer’s if if they are in later stages, but still aware they suck. Up on The Vibes of the negative, you know the stress and everything around them. And so I think that the there is going to be a major role for the use of cannabis in the general context and particularly CBD and the general context of dealing with stress and the illness as I say, I cannot imagine anything more stressful than trying to care for a loved one with with, you know, Advanced Alzheimer’s I thought you know there there hasn’t been any of it in my family. But you know you you you know as people as as you know, it might my father got older, you know, he dead or follow a little behave be one. He was a hundred pounds overweight folks smoked four packs of cigarettes a day and could polish off a bottle of jail and get up the next morning and be dead. The very left be eighty-one and basically was in good health till about the year before he died.

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He said you have you have marijuana and I have martinis why like M&Ms you were saying, you know people people are concerned that page marijuana is addictive and it’s like I think like you said everything is kind of addictive because I know most evenings sitting down watching T reading a book whatever boxing and my brain goes must be time for something sweet and it’s like yeah. No, we don’t we should have had that hours ago so we can burn it off but I always give in or almost always give em, you know, well, I like chocolate. So what the heck? Well, I will not recommend my brownie recipe off. Well, okay now I am in an agricultural. You know, I don’t I’m not sure exactly what the difference between suburbs and exurbs is but I am on the far Fringe of the San Francisco Bay area and up until the late nineteen eighty-nine this town got its first stop light. So what does that tell you? So we’re a small city is 65,000 people. I had heard that pot brownies didn’t taste so great. Especially if you were a chocolate fanatic like myself and I won’t mention any names but one of our local farmers said, well, you’ve never tried my version and I was like you once you mention it everybody comes out of the woodwork, which is really interesting. But you know, well the actual one of the things that I think very important in terms of particularly a minor political Point here is the difference between legalization and decriminalization of that with legalization. You have properly labeled thing so that you know what you’re getting the problem with brownies wage and in the good old days was that you just didn’t know your dosage and I remember going with a couple of friends. This would have been the Circa nineteen seventy or when the movie 2001 first came out and it was one of those movies where you know, you have to see that stuff. So so what we smoke a doobie then have a brownie and then go into the movie the idea is about the time to do be wore off the brownies would kick in and put that happened except that we got the munchies and 8 the rest of the brownies and had to go back to see the movie. That was the first time but more Liberal Liberal the second time. That was one thing I was going to ask you is I know like my mom at the let’s see about birth. Six months of your life, maybe even a little bit less was having a lot of trouble eating and I know one problem that people in advanced Alzheimer’s have faith is you know, they see the food but their brain doesn’t register it as food. I’m wondering if actual marijuana since it gives you the munchies. If you think this just your personal opinion not a medical opinion if you think that might help them to want to eat if well, I really don’t know. I think that one of the things again is that yes it will, you know, we know from observation and that for example, the people in this one of the things that ultimately led to the recognition of the medical properties of cannabis was the AIDS epidemic wage. particularly in San Francisco and one of the things that you know people who are sick regardless of what it is dead may have a loss of appetite and of course on top of that if your knowledge has a little or a lot then again this cannabis between know helps with that and that’s one of the really heartbreaking stories from the early days of the AIDS epidemic was that it was recognized in the gay community that there was a lot of the people who are dying, of course in those in the early days of the AIDS epidemic that it killed a lot faster than it did which is fairly typical of and hopefully we’ll be back through covet as well.

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But the it was you know, they look around this is obvious that the people who are dying fast as where people living in the fast lane that you know sex drugs and rock and roll with or without the rock and roll and so that the they were groups of patients that people with AIDS who were really trying to figure out anything, you know, because nobody just didn’t like coated in make any sense home. And so the but they really one of the groups called act up and they were acting up because nobody was taking it seriously real rude dying in your life, you know, particularly a problem during Reagan’s first term, but the idea was that, you know, sort of like a a we’re going to take care of all drugs. That was a really good thing except that they also were swearing off of marijuana. And so the group basically split into those that were continue to use marijuana for medical purposes and It’s still hard for me to relate discuss explanation. He says we won the argument because the other side of the the side that the the the life expectancy of people with full-blown AIDS before any really effective treatment. It was really obvious that cannabis improve the quality of life. And one of the main reasons has that again, they were there was a wasting disease that was basically because they couldn’t eat. Yeah, so and so the, you know, everybody getting the munchies are a big joke unless you have you know, something that has destroyed your life and you’re nauseous all the time and then it is you know, and this so, you know to the things that cannabis might do to help dead. You know the patient with age who may not even recognize the food at that point as that if they’re less stressed and and and they get a job if they are going to tell you they’re not obvious. They’re not going to tell you they cannot take the right now, they’re not hungry or I’m hungry. But if they have a nice if that is the problem then whole cannabis in terms of with the THC cuz it’s d h c that gives you the munchies, but that’s you know, it’s definitely something that I think would be worth exploring but back but really really important thing is that off with you know, legal cannabis. You can go to a dispensary and you can get ten milligram squares of chocolate tastes really good wage. It looks being Wicked here and I haven’t had lunch. So you’re really giving me wrong. But you know that’s again going back to the other aspect of it is in terms of the stress off on the family the caregivers that dealing with people with really severe problems. And it’s you know, the the emotional strain of not having your mother recognized your you know, that sort of thing and then, you know being frightened of you in this sort of thing. So it’s that in terms of just general something to look into it would be a well. You know, CBD really does not seem to have any really significant side effects one of the things I want to emphasize about Thursday. That is the way to be. I think that everybody would be, you know, particularly if you’re dealing with, you know, the family and and the patience with Alzheimer is took off with a few draw a dropper and then wait and see if if there’s any discernible effect. If not, you know go for you know to next time and this sort of thing and you know Edge because again, there is no lethal notes that you know, people can get to Stone the wrong time and do all kinds of of really dumb things and you know, including you know accidents phone, but there has never been a a fatal overdose of cannabis and that’s more you can say for aspirin and acetaminophen and any number of over-the-counter drugs, but some of which by the way have a dog Really bad effects of cognitive function as as people get older and you know just in terms of over the counter drugs not talking about promotion drug just over the counter drugs that can have psychoactive effects or something like that that you know, I was amused this morning’s nude.

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Tylenol acetaminophen is associated with risk-taking behavior. Well, I’d have enough for Christian eBay. I take Tylenol because I have a headache or some other pain. Do you want to go out and get wild I’m thinking if well, I’m not pleasant when I have a really bad headache. So I guess you could I think that’s the opposite. I don’t know who saying that but that’s that’s nuts. Well, it’s the latest research. So it must be true. Right which is actually another peeve of mine is that over the decades that I’ve been involved with the Cannabis Reform movement was always off all the latest research shows, you know that if you give enough of it to mice, you know mice drop out of school, you know, I mean just it’s if you age Then you read the fine print that the National Institute of drug abuse provided the funding and then if you read the conclusion is that this particular problem is associated with marijuana a used but we need to do more research. So send another check. Yeah, and this sounds very cynical and partisan and so on but I really think that that’s basically the national still drug abuse was buying press releases that they the an example going back to San Francisco and age of dr. Abrams who is who was in San Francisco General for many years and they still be still. For several years tried to get a grant an approval to do research to see if marijuana medical marijuana would help with the AIDS patients every year they that they would say no, so we suggested that he submitted his proposal will see if it hurts AIDS patients checks in the mail right there. We’ll get you the marijuana and sold them so he he gets this Grant and and by the federal government control Supply marijuana, you you you any other drug you want to do research on you get funding you can get the approval but they don’t you can get the the drug in question wherever but if you need to do it better one that you have to get it from the the d e a n i d a but anyway, Kentucky, right? Hm the marijuana comes from Kentucky, Louisiana Louise. Uh, but it probably tastes better. But anyway, the he got the approval he got I think it was Thirty patients put them in a hospital over and half, you know double blinds a half of them were given a placebo and have them are given cannons and the they were, you know locked up for 30 days so that you know, they could do a you know, real test and the 30 days the results were disastrous. It turns out that not only did me wrong not harm people with AIDS. They actually felt better and most alarming of all there was even a drop and their viral count now off I never heard that that it wasn’t a big thing because again, they were only there for 30 days and then it wasn’t but they actually did have a drop in the viral thing. So He never got another ground over, you know, this is this is and it is in fact the law which they may be a song about to amend that the basically the same gave the government a total Monopoly on the the access to cannabis for medical research and the law actually prohibits the federal government from doing anything that might encourage legalization of any illegal drug in certain cameras off.

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So the the outage you may do all the research that you want to as long as you promise to come up with the results make prohibition work. And now there’s you know, even if my age are not cynical. Yeah because basically because we’re winning, you know, that’s the truth will make us free and but it is really yeah even to this day. It is very frustrating to see the government still trying to block a reservation counters for blocking medical research. And and of course all of it come accompanied by let’s talk about freedom of waving flag, you know, and you know, yeah going to make me wear a mask. It’s a free country. I cannot go. I don’t have to wear schutz shoes and shirts to get serviced home is a it’s a vast there’s a vast quantity of his pieocracy available these days. I don’t know if I’m just more aware of it or if there’s more of it off. But yeah, I’m with you, you know, cuz well I’m in California we’ve got so I’m I believe me I know about it, but I think it’s just best friends of Hypocrites. I think we all are a little bit. So let me let me ask you a question before we get you to our conversation and I’m like chewing on my arm his life. Now. CBD does not have the THC in it correct good THC and CBD or two entirely different cannabinoids both of them occur in various degrees in the hint. That is that doesn’t meet the actually there’s a small traces of THC in legal hemp in the United States, but that they there are something like eighty. Yep. Going to have it on it and they it was THC really wasn’t discovered until the sixties and it was not covered by hippie. It was actually discovered by scientists and in Israel who is by the way still still added but both he and other things begin to determine, you know, you know what’s in this thing and so now they actually there maybe eighty different cannabinoids but CBD again the government about CBD since the seventies And but it was not available as you know in in sufficient quantities, and and of course the fact that it was associated with marijuana, it came from the evil plan that you they blocked access to that too. But you know, there’s a c b d c b g a c b m and so and the way these cannabinoids in there are terpenes that same that there’s a huge debate over this but it now seems the terpenes actually have some sort of odd both medical value and so basically cannabinoid medicine is going to be if the government would just get out of the way is you know is going to be is or particularly heart is a major area for research going forward and it really I mean but to go home is still doing everything they can even you know, turn off. Threatening CBD Mark Meadows the Trump’s Chief of Staff when he was in Congress opposed even CBD he has a provision list and the this is something that you know, again, we’re going to see a debate on this and the next day a few days in the Congress just to see but you know, the unfortunately the Trump Administration has basically been staffed with prohibitionists and they don’t offer it began. I mean Jeff sessions who was his first choice for attorney general it was rabid prohibitionist. And and so you and of course, unfortunately, it’s the new attorney-general bar is also and he is a you know is threatening wage fornia even legal operators in California, and he wanted to do an antitrust case against some of the bigger CBD companies and Thursday at the very beginning most of these companies and their stocks fall about eighty and ninety percent.

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So if they have some sort of Monopoly they are not doing it very well. It’s but anyway being is is the government is still blocking access to cannabinoid medicine and just not so but in the in the case of CBD an infield phone number which days you’re still a few studies where you can’t even get CBD And this one, you know, well, that’s one of the great things about California. You got the money, but you know, it’s it’s by the way it’s going to be real life. I’m back home in Texas right now and legislature is going to go into session right after the first of year, maybe and Texas by that point Mexico. Where by the way CBD is legal Mexico is going to completely legalized cannabis and medical and Recreation. So often Texas at that point, we’ll be surrounded by states that have you know, either medical or legal marijuana and it’s so Texas with a huge market for the noon improved Mexican. Marihuana. Everything old is new again. That is so funny. So quick question, and then I’m going to dead. Turn us back towards Alzheimer’s what’s the point of all this prohibition? We my husband used to smoke very big Beer and Wine Drinker won’t even touch my little mints that are five milligrams of THC each. So there I’m not even sure they’re a glass of wine for somebody like him. I got them to stay calm and kind of in Mom’s reality while I was visiting with her and I wanted a lowest dose because sometimes we drove places and I didn’t want to be driving impaired. So I was trying to be trying to be responsible person. He will not even consider the the adult marshmallows for adults mores or my mints but twelve pack of beer every day is okay. Like I don’t understand it’s like to me it’s the same drinking beer pot. I don’t see a huge difference. So what’s with this? Let’s not with the prohibition. Is it just our crazy be Puritan culture from way back in the sixteen hundreds or I’m not a good I think it’s more like the sixties America had a there was a huge social division in the sixties, you know, the growing up, you know in the fifties Lounge the everything. I mean, there’s some wonderful pictures like Willie Nelson wearing a coat and time. Yeah make it as like shocked face because I cannot picture them exactly or you know, the beat poets in Greenwich Village. We’re all wearing coats and times and it was simply the way things were done dead. But the social Division and the political divisions and the 60s caused marijuana to be associated with hippies and a general nonconformity. And of course up generally speaking, even though the Democrats didn’t want anything to do with the the hippies like Democrats and home. Yep. Dianne Feinstein who just turned 90 finally. I mean the most left-wing members of the United States Senate. He finally came out against marijuana prohibition. She’s former mayor of San Francisco. So, you know if but I the idea of you know, I’ve had people like really like a drink and you know, I suggest oh, no, I have enough trouble but this drug and so I think that and that is you know, your name If the you know, I don’t want to be a hypocrite. I love alcohol. In fact wine. Maybe My Favorite Drug, but wage is one thing of course as I get older it takes less of wind for my occasional infirmities, but I just I think that it really is it’s a combination of social factors and then again somebody who does a lot of alcohol things, but I don’t need anything else.

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But on the other hand at some point or other it the damage from the alcohol may necessitate medical cannabis and I’m not pushing that on anybody else. Believe me. It ain’t either or that’s a funny while my whole attitude is once they figure out they can tax it and make money. They’ll they’ll flip the switch off zero Unfortunately. They they had this idea that it’s going to be a cash cow for them which then means they want to tax it so that legally we did not competitive with the black market and that has been a big problem in California, but it really most of the other states is the black market continues now, we don’t the the really off the most important thing about getting rid of the black market or making it reducing it is that in the Netherlands you have been able to go into coffee shop. For like it’s a 19 mid-seventies and buy cannabis in the early days. It was all hashish now. It is mostly Dutch Spanish Eastern European could beat weed and one thing that you will never ever find in a coffee shop is hard drugs the the Dutch call it separation of the markets so that when you go to the black market marijuana seller he may or may not remember most most of them that I’ve known they’re putting out who had cocaine but you know as you move into more unstable areas always say they are most likely to have, you know, Polly drugs and so, you know heroin cocaine meth whatever and even at the wholesale level back home. So decades ago when the Colombians had one point become a major source of marijuana particularly, if you remember Miami Vice that was about Don Johnson and ironically cheeched. Yep. But the the reason that Miami, let me have become a major source of Columbia and lead the northern Colombia produces. Some really great weed. Mexico had been poisoned by paraquat and wage information. We do is really bad. So the Colombians get into the business and some point in the early fifties, but tons of George Herbert Walker Bush became president that the boats coming up from Columbia suddenly. He wanted marijuana wage. Had to buy cocaine they basically forced cocaine into the distributions and system for marijuana for Columbia. That is the way black markets were off. So this is is why legalization is important why it is also important to minimize a black market so that you don’t have, you know, poly drug sellers on the street what you do about the hard drugs after that. That’s a separate topic. Yeah you but you want to separate the markets. Okay. Well since I’m in California and I believe you can get a lot of this on the internet. I don’t know. I’m sure it’s every state has its own laws and I don’t even know about my investors that are in Canada and the UK and do have some in Mexico. So I guess they know what what’s coming down the line for them. One of the issues. There’s several issues with Alzheimer’s wage that are pretty common thankfully not everybody has to deal with aggression. And that is that was the problem. I was trying to talk with my mom one of it. I was trying to get her neurologist to take her off of the Alzheimer’s medications cuz from what I had learned and she was a neurologist will try to tell me differently so long I’m not sure if she was staring me in the direction. She wanted to go or if if the jury is still out on this but they from what I’ve learned some of the boss timers like the cognitive enhancing medications after about five years do not help and can make you aggressive. She was getting she she’d been taught how to do math like eight years and I I think her aggression was just from the disease and it’s and it’s essentially took her she jerked away from the caregiver.

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That was there was two of them helping her shower raped for her clothes slipped landed on her knee and broke her leg and 2 and 1/2 Weeks Later. She was gone. So my sister and I independently tried to figure out how to use CBD to calm the aggression the, anxiety. The problem was getting her off the other drugs and then getting the professional staff to essentially medicate her with something that often prescribed by a doctor. So that was my challenge. But what what do you suggest maybe people who are caring for loved ones at home or maybe even people that were in our situation what we should consider trying she was pretty mellow the day I gave her half a half a pauper I think was a quarter of a pot brownie that I got cycle club friend. That’s one of the things to think about for example, is that if you Just really make it simple the police get called to bars all the time for violence and the in and going back to the dog example. They never get called our coffee shop that there I was almost always a nice drunk wage. You know that there are and you hear I mean, yeah. Yeah, you’re really good guy. There’s a nasty girl and you here but you know, you you really never hear about it being a nasty Stoner and the fact is is that it is a mild sedative among other things what it is doing inside your body. I thought well, of course the fact that in this is one of the things that suggested CBD and THC cannabis and could be useful in the actual treatment dog. Of Alzheimer’s is you know, the fact it is an drug has an anti-inflammatory and so it does have physical effects. It isn’t just that you’re getting you’re you’re you’re getting high and and mellow and you know, but, you know melo’s off and particularly, you know in that particular context and so and I think one of the things for example, you know, you can t or a brownie I’m sharing it with the the patient and you know the just see what happens in terms. Of course again, depending on how far along are they’re going at the risk of sharing it as a meaningful concept, but you know just to to but dealing with the stress that all of the people involved For feeling now the big problem is that the despite all of the progress that we have made wage in terms of getting these, you know some recognition from the medical establishment for the most part. It is simply, you know, see know we’d hear know. We’d speak know we’ve we bought that they they are locked into this Paradigm and it is very difficult. I’m very sympathetic with the Alzheimer Society in the other official disease groups that they have to deal with the medical establishment and the federal government and various, you know, International groups and so on but it’s really they get down to the point of of course, you’re going to talk about cannabis but not here, you know, and that’s dead. No of the story about one of the the most disturbing conversations I had when I was in normal many years ago. God, well first I’ll tell you one really quickly as I got a call one day from a young man, and he I thought I thought he was just you know really stoned but you know, he spoke very slowly and so it turns out he serious mental issues and so he had been really miserable and what the doctors were giving and but you know, so we were talking about things that the doctor wouldn’t talk to him about their want. So he’s he’s calling normal too long to get our our unbiased opinion, but the thing that he said right at the end of the conversation that took me still does I haven’t tried to kill myself since birth.

00:50:17 – 00:55:00

Started using marijuana. Those are exact words after we hung up. I cried. I walked we were office was just a couple of blocks from the White House wage. They the the staff generally knew what was I get up walk out walk across to the White House and go our home. I glowered menacingly because the sob and the White House and I didn’t inhale I knew better. I mean, I knew he was lying about smoking not inhale. Well, I can be a president without lying that’s a whole other podcast me that message to another time, but you know it really the the idea is that saying about this. I got a call one day again, they’re dead. Early in the morning as I got there early this woman whose father was basically dying of cancer in a very bad shape, but they so they were doing chemo and he was vomiting so violently that they were very concerned about and there are pharmaceutical antiemetics. But if you read the label, they don’t work all the time and sometimes they worked first few times and then stopped working. And so this little guy was retching his life away and the nurse actually says to the guy start my father had the same problem and we gave him marijuana and he was okay. So she asks the doctor and he says I don’t want to even talk about it and walks in storms out of the room. And so she’s calling me she went she she threw on her worked up enough courage to go get some weed so placed and she’s calling me wage structure normal. It was Good Friday morning cuz I will never forget that and she is asking me what is you know, how long she’s why should we just don’t want to get mod, you know get on killing do want to get my lease on those. How much can we say forget it and I said, you know, I told that there is no lethal dose wage and she was so relieved. She also was so paranoid. She wouldn’t give me her first name and she was calling me from a hospital. It was within sight of God, but the place where the Star Spangled Banner was written about the land of the free and the home of the brave. And she’s afraid to give me her name. She wants to find out if a plant who’s going to kill her father who’s dying of cancer, and she’s afraid not. And that actually I remember that so well because one it was on Good Friday, and she was calling from within sight of the for the Star Spangled rip-off. It is a neat story. Yeah, you know, this is again to me. I just I believe in personal autonomy. I believe that, you know, the you know, we if if we don’t own our own bodies, if we do not we cannot have wage they over something of the sort of thing that we’re talking about right now to help, you know patients with Alzheimer’s have families. With you know her dealing with this and I certainly don’t need to tell you anything about that and but the the idea that you could be arrested for using a plan to help people. Is you know just unimaginable but I don’t have to imagine it. You know, it’s I’ve you know, I you know, I suck at two friends who were driven to Suicide who did kill themselves because they were suffering so much and when they were going to be put in jail for using the one thing helping they kill themselves. That’s not good.

00:55:01 – 01:00:01

Yeah, and so whenever you hear well we haven’t done enough research on marijuana. We don’t know but I always say one of resource you have you done on arresting people and and this is the idea is well going order to to recommend they you know, a drug we have to do research on it. Well, have you done research on arresting people and well? No, that’s your policy. That’s what you’re doing with you as a physician or advocating. Yeah with more research sure, but stop arresting people until you know the until you’ve done your research on a rash get free for twenty two million Americans will marijuana charges since Nixon was ons 22 million will arrest this year will arrest six hundred thousand people under one possession charges and that’s more Americans that will be arrested for all violent crimes put together at the same. Yeah. Because I don’t think we obviously people that are on hard drugs are going off or very very it into the political podcasts say which is I like to listen to but I don’t generally produce know people like on the hard stuff Coke and meth and heroin. I guess I don’t have any experience with any of those, you know, they’re generally causing more problems than somebody that’s doing marijuana. That’s Portugal Portugal has decriminalized possession of everything in small quantities and the but you know alcohol alcohol a hard drugs, you know, cause you know, all kinds of social problems and yet we don’t arrest people for possession of alcohol bath. Um that the idea is these the people and particularly we think we’re doing going through right now is it there had been a down trend on Opeth overdoses? That is unfortunately reverse. And again, I’m getting everybody’s obvious. This is related to covid-19 Simply the stress of covet. Is is you know, these are the people who are I guess most vulnerable to stress but they you know, the overdoses or something that off these are these deaths are most of them are preventable and the idea if particularly, you know in the old days with Heroin distribution office, uh, often owned various countries, including UK various time tried, you know, treating a heroin addiction as a medical condition and it is weird. But heroin if you people once can actually stabilize the thing and you know, they don’t always come off of it. It would be nice if they did but they are able to lead normal lives if they have heroin maintenance. It’s called Dead. If you Vancouver is incredibly lovely city and I was there for about five years. It was very strange thing. Is that just blocks from some of the nicest areas and just within blocks of Chinatown you would see uh, never see a Chinese heroin addict you ever say a Chinese. Chinese bigger on the streets those that but one block over anglos and Native Canadians, you would see the most horrible scene off of addiction you can imagine and the thing about it was was how utterly chaotic their lives were because they could not plan around anything that their whole life was about life story. And the that becomes the center of their line and that is you know is yes, it’s a function of addiction but it is also a function of Simply criminalizing. What is really a terrible, you know disorder. Of course again, this is never a part of of the marijuana World wage except when they end up in the same markets and your guy who you’re popular tries to sell your hair on but that’s but anyway, so I keep getting political on you.

01:00:01 – 01:05:24

Yeah, that’s okay. Well, I hope it’s okay. I do have a lot of California listeners. So hopefully well the death anybody so you’ve talked a lot about using cannabis or CVT or you tell me which one or both to mitigate stress to not I don’t want them. We’ll leave it. Maybe that is the right word but to manage our stress which you know right now a lot of us could use. Yes and you think the family member like a family caregiver taking care of somebody with alzheimer’s this is something they should partake in together or this should be the family caregiver doing more of the partaking. Well first off, you know, as you explain I’m in the CBD business. So yes that I in the sense that there are no really major side effects or anything like that that if you have if you’re having issues price EBT in the sense and and you know, start off with a small doses and see, you know, if if you keep on increasing the hoses and your problems don’t go away then stop wasting your money on CBD bath. The idea is that this is something where it is so low risk. This in the sense that whole cannabis again no amount of is going to kill you but one of those things that you have people who are unfamiliar with it, you know, they have too much and panting, you know, they’re both extremely uncomfortable and it is on I I have a few times at a little more we’re talking alcohol, but I bought it really in terms of the old commercial try it you’ll like it but you know again start small with small doses and and off and see and then in the same would be true for both the caretaker and the patient. Now I’m I will not make the same kind of just flat recommendation for whole canvas that the some people are often become extremely uncomfortable with, you know, just getting to Stone. Yeah been there done that too. So, you know, the fact is perhaps the U as as with the AC start with small doses the smallest like your 5 milligram thing and so on and also the thing that phone number is whatever you’re taking an edible it may take an hour or so to kick in so don’t do what I did a two thousand and one eight on the boundaries and see what I’ve heard those stories. Yeah. Well as I say the second time I saw I had remembered it was really good movie wonder how he’s doing these dead. What I did when I see I went to Colorado a year ago ish and so I got to pick I went to Rome mountain medicinals and I picked their brain. I told them what what was going on with my mom and what was going on with me and because they understood that legal or not allowed to take it on the airplane and somebody who will remain nameless at the moment told me not to worry about that in future that I I can I can judge. Yes. Exactly. Yep. Um, that was before my city has a moratorium against dispensaries, which is very frustrating cuz I keep telling them, you know sales tax is a good thing. We would like sales tax, but it’s okay. There will put bars on every corner and then places on everything solve all our problems. Yeah, maybe I don’t know them. Maybe these not cheap, but I can now go next town over and I I have our best friend’s son has gone to this particular dispensary. So wage. I don’t need to pick brains, but it’s it’s helpful to you know, talk to them. I mean, they’re well, they’re knowledgeable. They’re not dead people knowledgeable. They’re they’re called something usually called budtenders that is really cute. But you know the they’re not again, they’re not doctors, but they they get a lot of feedback and you know, a lot of this is you know is really fairly straightforward that and of course A lot of it is that also sort of myth the nobody really thinks there’s any difference between indica and sativa, you know, it’s really there’s no scientific basis for years.

01:05:25 – 01:10:29

but just generally speaking it is you definitely go about it the right way you go to the dispensary and get em, you know talk to somebody who’s knowledgeable and again by in the smallest doses that you can you can always take more I would generally speaking I would buy CBD separately from THC because if you get dispensaries have high overheads, and so and also there’s a, you know more of a tax break on t h c so that if you buy if you buy them separately in the sense that first off your dog To get CBD cheaper online or or other or just regular stores cuz they they take a less of a markup and but and I get your THC at a marijuana dispensary and then you can combine them or take them separately that sometimes the high THC stuff will also have CBD in it. But again, that’s the key thing about legalization is you get labels of what you’re getting and they’re proud good about that is we have a testing company and you know, occasionally we find that they have too much THC in the CBD here they have you know, again, it’s like quality control anything else. They’re called the control pills, but for the most part, you know, you’re not getting anything dangerous that particularly not in any given dose so wage. I would you know, I think that’s probably the best way to do you definitely did the right thing going to the century and getting advice. Well, yeah, and it’s it was like I said, I’m not I don’t drink because I like to eat chocolate. It’s not it’s a a calorie decisions not in any kind of moral. You know, I have no prohibition against it. Although I do think a lot of our friends drink too much to cannabis enough. I don’t know maybe that’ll be a conversation for another day. But you know, I I knew exactly what I was trying to achieve personally and they were very good about it and they said these mints take about 20 to 30 minutes to kick in and they are not like 30 minutes. It’s like, you know, okay, it’s kicked in now and I think I’ve only taken two months once or twice there was a day recently where everything was irritating me. It was like every nerve was getting rubbed raw. I don’t know what was going on the dog dog. No, it wasn’t even watching TV. It was just life, you know pandemic like they wall of Americans can relate to that these days. Yeah. So I finally at the end of the day I was like, you know, I still just want to be like punch people which is completely not my personality. It was like, oh, yeah, I have those mints. So I went got him out of my purse and took two and everything stopped irritating me and I slept really really good. And then I was mad that I didn’t remember to do that earlier in the day cuz I’ve never experienced before I’ve never experienced that since thankfully but now if I do know exactly what to do and now the mints are not in my purse or in the bathroom because I don’t need them obviously for my mom because she’s gone but one last very important question and I hope people have gotten all the way to the end of this because I think I might have to tag this on to the front. And I hope you know the answer to this one. The reason I tried to get my mom off of her Pharmaceuticals was to twofold one was cuz I don’t think they were doing any good but not want to introduce CBD or anything with THC in it on top of pharmaceuticals for fear of really weird interaction and I’m getting the impression and I don’t know why that that is not necessarily something to worry about Am I Wrong well first so it would it depends on the package everything in my life everything in my life except underwear, but that’s a good joke so far so good wage, but you know the that there is a prospect possibility of interactions particularly wage.

01:10:29 – 01:15:08

THC more than CBD. But again, the key thing there is start with a a small dose of the CBD oil and the and you know, if they’re no problems and and and but no obvious benefits, you know increase the dose of them every day. And then if you if you if there if it doesn’t work or if there are problems then stop but there’s really if the problem one of the things that we met really a problem is that particularly people with Alzheimer’s or people My Generation generally and that ninety percent of the people my age are all Dead End Road at least one and the and how these drugs interact is something that we don’t know anywhere near enough about every time you add another one, then you add more variables than and then and so particularly, you know, you get up three or four or five and you know, how long does CBD going to interact with a combination of a b and c nobody knows and that’s you know, that’s a problem with or without going to have a noise that really is an In-Shape. But again, you know home start do it easy to start with small doses and and increase and see what happens because you know, it’s it’s not going to kill you. Well, that’s a good that’s probably a good place to stop not being dead is a good place to start. Yeah, that is very true. You know as many of my listeners know my paternal grandmother is a hundred to her mind is still really good. She does repeat one story fairly regularly, but not she repeated every time I visit her. I don’t see her she’s mostly blind, but she has a repeated three times while I’m there. Thank god. Well, I probably repeat do stories while we were talking today, which is a normal. You know, I just there was a story my mom repeated all the time and I got really really good at disrupting The Narrative and thought I couldn’t disrupt her and get her onto a different topic. Then I could I could pivot talk. It should she would always tell me about how when she was pregnant with her first, which was me that my job. Colonel grandmother said oh well now you’ll be getting rid of the dogs. Right? Well, that’s I’m off so bad. Okay, I’ll be fifty for November of this year twenty-twenty. My mom had Advanced Alzheimer that story kept coming out and unfortunately, sometimes it came out when my paternal grandmother was around that time wasn’t comfortable moments. If I could not knock her off of that track out of that group that I could sometimes pivot and start asking her questions about her dogs any dogs my dogs and and move it along. But so yeah thankfully, but you have not done that to me. My grandmother does not do that to me. Well, by the way, I will leave this with you in parting CBD is good for dogs and is really probably should try it with my old guy. He has nerve are yes, and he is on some we gets a shot twice a month. He’s on he is on the same drug that some people take off. And I’m not going to build remember the name but it’s for nerve arthritis, but he’ll love the CBD. Okay, you hear that Jinx home. He’s always close by so I will definitely check into that for him cuz he pants a lot. Well, if you just put CBD drop, they’re they’re actually some places actually sell CBD for for pets but on the other hand, you know, you can just get a dropper bottle and put CBD on their Kibbles and bits and off that it really does help. I would definitely try it cuz he’s getting to the point. He’s almost thirteen just very old for Golden and not if he’s not sleeping and he’s not fully medicated. So right before right after he’s gotten his Gabapentin is one of the drugs he just pants and he paid off.

01:15:08 – 01:17:40

Lot, he likes to paint really close to me. But if you listen really really maybe if you turn your turn this podcast up really loud. I don’t know. I can’t tell you all of them. Today’s is probably one that you hear heavy breathing in the background and it’s just the dog not doing anything weird how disillusioned they may have to put him on camera because there was one day I actually had to I was editing a podcast that I was like, oh I hear is dog panting. It’s driving me bananas. So I was about to move them out of the ring when I stopped the recording took the earbuds out. I’m like, oh crap. It’s not the actual dog. It’s the recorded. So, you know, there’s a little background on podcast life. Well, I appreciate this. This has been fascinating and we all gotta stick together. So give them some cheap CBD dog. Cocoa Farms is what it’s called here. Well not here in my town but in the next town over so All righty. You have a good time in Texas and don’t blow away or don’t come back to California till we stop having fires. Oh God. Yeah. So do y’all have a good day now. Thank you. Thank you. Do I hope you enjoyed that conversation enough to share with friends and family a while. You’re at it. Could you head over to Apple podcast and leave a rating and possibly a review even if you’ve done this in the past this helps new caregivers find this podcast and we’re still growing. We really appreciate the assistance while you’re on the computer pop on over to my website. It’s about as dumb as it will ever be I believe will always be a work-in-progress. There are articles recipes all kinds of fantastic information while you’re there make sure to sign up for the newsletter that way you’ll never miss anything into Resting and with our busy lives. I know that’s really easy to do and there’s always I’ll be in your ears again next Tuesday. home