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Fall Prevention with Dr. Elena

Fall Prevention with Dr. Elena

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Welcome to fading memories. A podcast with advice wisdom and hope from caregivers who have lived the experience and survive to tell the tale. Think of us as your caregiver. Best friend today’s podcast is presented by pago. Pago is the easiest way for you to monetize your podcast providing podcasters with a flat rate for ad space. So you always know how much you get when you include an ad from pago apply to become a member and immediately be connected with advertisers that fit your audience. That’s pago dot co at p. o. d. Go dot co and be sure to fadi memories in the. How did you hear about pugo. Section of the application. Many of you may know that a fall was the beginning of the end of my mom’s journey with alzheimer’s the shocking statistics in older adult falls highlights the importance of preventing falls by taking deliberative action. This is an area that our good friend and regular guest host addresses daily in her medical practice. Most of us know the risks of falling increases with age. But do we know why. Dr elena is back to discuss how we can prevent falls from happening. The most important reason for doing so is because the most profound effect of falling is the loss of function associated with independent living. Most of us want to maintain our independence which means we need to address falls before they happen back with us. Today is our favorite doctor. Dr elena we are going to be discussing fall prevention. Which most of you should know. A fall is what caused by mother to finally pass away from alzheimer’s so it’s very important topics that thanks for joining me elena. Once again thank you very much. Thank you nice to see you again. You what topics. Oh yes i i do. Get that from your instagram posts off the constipation weakness post-invasion will pre lunchtime here. So let’s go back to falls okay. So you’ve had some interesting cases surrounding falls. You wanna talk about it up real quick and then we into preventing them yes jenny. Ic- patients being admitted with foale’s every single day and there are certain patterns in in the fall spots Every patient is individual egg every single one of them has to have s lies approach to that was management one of the struggles. I have in Still set in. Which i see knowing geriatricians adopted that approach is as signing the full to single medical problems. For example. i’ll give you a recent example. It was this week education boss. July dementia was admitted to hospital with a full Shipbroker pelvic bone. And when she will she’ll see and spend couple of days in the acute assessment unit. An came down to my geriatric ward and her diagnosis laws. Urinary tract infection and the cause of a full was look to be secondary to that urinary tract infection but of cool was. Let’s face it. How many who haven’t had urinary tract infection. I had two episodes lost year jenny. I don’t know about you go around. The full is my urinary tract infection mo so why are we making an assumption that all depends with dementia head a fool because they had a urinary tract infection. Uti that’s misconception ad. I’m fine today and they are because if you don’t get to the bottom why this patient had fallen and urinary tract infection probably spinal store in the cascade of events which led to the unless you also every event and address the problems that will continue forward and just get it onto fire. Dex to urinary tract infection is not going to seoul. The problem recovered makes sense. My mom while my mom was fighting with the caregivers. That’s why she fell. But i don’t think i have had any of my caregiver friends. Our listeners indicate that a uti caused a fall. That doesn’t i. Don’t i don’t follow the quilt logic.

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The infection makes a confused people confused so and if you have the joke goes the veteran will make it even more confused than you are but your exit neuron. The fools are multifactorial. If our was to take one message brought today’s session east to remember the foles multifactorial add. Whoever is assassin. Your mom or dad. You need to challenge the practitioner had to give you at least three causes folder. Foles and try to address at least three hot. If i’m andrea my patients. I can come at least with five six schools. I’ll give back to our patient with bastille and dementia jen. He you know. Mind zone Case the causes of her foals shed a brain scan to make sure that she didn’t have a bleed on the brain after the all and the brain scan showed quite at An hardening of the bundles of the brain and of course that cold in medical terms small vessel disease can cause balance problems now. That’s number one. Dementia itself is that independent researcher. Although the same small vessel disease caused the vascular dementia the dementia itself is an independent respectable fools because people with dementia have reused safety rounds. They can not appreciate the risks around us the risks. If you’re walking across the room and you see telephone cables overflow vile cockpits. Whatever you will be cackle you will give me. A listing of the people with dementia do not recognize. They have reduced safety. They triple so that was. But to remind patients number three. She’ll cleanly over medicated with a psychotropic drugs shingles on the lights old diaz with Various sleeping tablets psychotropic medications on ticket percents. Loads of blood pressure. Medication saw for the pharmacy was a huge problem. In her case number three number before she will suffering with osteoarthritis of amis while knee was replaced ten years ago. The other knee needs replacing Now too dangerous to protest surgeries all become operating at me gives way and it goes during i can talk about Come up with reasons why it is important. Yeah once you put all this together and you have the buddhist points you cannot look at every one of them and address them. So what can we do about for example you safety awareness getting good occupational therapist into the house and look around and major removal. Will the cables overflows yet there yet. The carpets maybe have the rails around the bulls at being size. If that’s the problem is. I checked away. Hoffa medications cut down policy yet. And so that’s a lot and your husband’s a pharmacist. So you always getting rid of medications is kind of funny bombs ideas of each other all the time. He’s a cottiaux pharmacies so sometimes he gets worried. Vinai touched that eulogy drunks. I can always justified. And he mainly deals with young asian saw become quite appreciate that this same cardiac drugs which helped my patients in the last five years to come to reach. The age of ninety now was inappropriate. And it’s not a crime to get rid of these medications families will say. Oh my god. Oh my god. Mommy has been on that drive for years and years and years. Now you’re suggest into super dry. Well the dot is joke your mom in her nineties now what that drop do break a hip that all the medication major pharmacies from the main was is over carnivals and it kills people if palin our was lucky not just to break for pelvic bowl if she broke her hip answer needed to go through surgery the general anaesthetic. I assure you jenny. This statistics are very clear. Should not have survived the on three to six times. Because general atlantic It affects the brain and patients Precipitates acute delirium aid leads to rapid decline dementia. And it really is.

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I always say he fractured as getting every now. A patient’s let’s what happened with my mom. Break her hip. She broke her the the bone right under her kneecap she landed on her kneecap so she broke with his that one. The tibia can okay. Yeah i’m glad like letter. I remember that. And i knew from basically talking to other caregivers. That anesthesia was definitely not a good idea for somebody with advanced alzheimer’s like my mom and thankfully the surgeon didn’t press to do this area in key understood that although they don’t never really admitted it and i was really surprised that her neuro neurologist said ono the brain clears out the anesthesia. And i’m like not instantly that’s had also referred to the years. Yeah and so that. That was very strange. So i appreciate that you actually stated all of that because at least on this side of the pond on this side of the country. They don’t really admit to that and it’s frustrating. A lot of doctors over here will say no. It’s okay it’s fine or we can do this or do that. And it’s like. I just knew in my heart that it was the wrong move with my mom and she would have been chewed of needed physical therapy with or without the surgery and since she swatted away. The physical therapist. The first time he came over. I was like wow. There’s no sense in. Doing surgery is mentally. If she won’t let him help her so she broke her leg march eight. The died march thirty first. Twenty twenty so. It happened quickly. So i hope it was very peaceful it was she just she mostly just started sleeping more and more. She wasn’t eating or drinking. So that was the her death certificate. Said essentially in medical speak that. She died from lack of food and hydration due to advanced alzheimer’s. I had to look it up. Because i wanted to make her her death certificate. Basically said that. She passed away from alzheimer’s. ’cause i know a lot of people their deaths certificates. Don’t it says everything else. But that’s what she had. That’s what you know why she didn’t make it to seventy eight so anyway and what’s interesting when you were talking about rails in the home and i bet a lot of people not i i would have been one of them would have been like. Oh i don’t want those ugly things in my house where my mom lived. They had very wide probably three and a half to four inch trim at hand level along the wall so it was like a trim so it looked very nice but it was very beneficial to those that needed a little balance help Those that were in wheelchairs could actually use it to help propel themselves young. You would not have. I didn’t i don’t. I’m assuming that it was there for that purpose. But in my eyes it was just there for decoration. So you can. You can do things in your home. That look nice and are still beneficial to those of us. The plan on aging really long. I’m gonna seventy seven. That’s for sure. I wanted to get back to that point. You spoke about any role. Just sat that dump. Low-rate will out or get over brian I disagree back. I’m sorry tilden urologists outback. We can’t here’s of exteriors. Fifty nine of them as a geriatrician icy complete opposite. of course it depends on the severity aligned. Dementia and the most sedan dementia is the less likely Clear out on any dusk. Klay alphabet grade out out of every drawn gets toddlers off. That was joking about what we’re talking about that honestly Precipitates acute confusion and delirium and eat is the delivery of takes a long long time to clear and dependent on the degree on the line on the severity of the line dementia hat in the apple. Oxygen on it might if the dementia was very mild. They mitrou come within several weeks if all if moderately severe they might recover elliott toll yet halfway through all its dementia was really bad. The this new level of confusion precipitated. By the general on the second could impact be the new baseline so the families should be prepared. That their mom who is coming out of general Really confused they might never recovered.

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That could be a new baseline so something to bear in mind. Here in united kingdom would have socal books witness pope’s geriatric clinic sensible real protein assessment verbal dead dugouts. Where a team of geriatricians Look patient service in fact. Do have fool fara geriatric assessment all people who go for surgery and the do all our surveys calculators has where we advise the family what is the risk for back with is the risk for this and vise when it’s a sensible for surgery or Optimized patients prior to the surgery out. Please fractured hip. It’s more difficult. Obesity accurate problem. Somebody’s fallen broken. You will were surgery but if someone waved dementia is going for surgery. Let’s say plants show during knee replacement. He replaced wti kansas surgery. That patient he United kingdom debacle stage attrition at the medicine reviewed optimized eva-britt anemic. They might be blood transfusion fusion and solan so fold so as much as we can. We fit that surgery and get that brain. Strong to goes through the gentleman static different approach for. I’m sure that common practice group will blame I would be surprised the a you don’t have their socal hopes pre-operative geriatric assessments in states as well. I’m not geriatric. Presumably umass oi geriatrician jenny. But your fractured hip. Did you save your attrition constru- things that you know. I was in the hospital. I talk to the emergency room. Physician in person and then the surgeon on the phone is this was at the very beginning of the pandemic. So i was okay with talking to people from a distance and normally surgeons like to do surgery. I’m sure it’s the same over there. Example cooled plummets. They do that their plumbing. Oh a building work. And that that’s it would you take. Oh well. this guy was not. He was fine either way and i asked him. What was the outside limit to being able to decide which way we’re gonna move forward. Because i wasn’t going to make that decision just right off the bat i mean and i knew that i don’t really. I assuming it’s through all the work that i do because it wasn’t from the doctors but i knew anesthesia was not a good idea but she had been mobile. Prior to the fall see did not need any aids for walking. you know. She didn’t have balance issues. She had vision issues because of the alzheimer’s made her see things funny which sometimes was frustrated and sometimes was kind of entertaining was very funny when she tried to avoid walking on her own shadow. Try on things like that. Precipitated the falls as do missouri. Socio important to mention before we move on okay and that that is about surgery will no surgery. I think our listeners may to know that in many cases they with fractured hips even in people with dementia with fraility. The project he does have to be operated on because it could be. politics is politics procedure in some rating. Frailty asians the reason being is even if that person has only two three weeks. Four weeks to leave. It will be extremely difficult to nascar at passing with the project. He because they have to move people to would prussia’s source also extremely painful Saw its Dependent on the person and unless might patient is going to die is so bad that tonight the next day two three. I probably would like at passage to have this surgery. As i said surgery candidate policy because i have to nurse is patients continued. Ask them for the next two straight for weeks and we communist project he. It’s very painful. Believe that so we’re we’re we have to go back a little bit on fall prevention ma mouth. Yes yes yes so. Full prevention yes. That’s that’s very important saw.

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Who’s prevention. The main thing is usually the pools prevention starts when the full happened. And then we put in place outlawed the things to prevent further fools but was that first full happens if put so much anxiety to the person that it’s very difficult to eradicate. Sometimes i mean i had people was extra zainuddin become house on after the first full. So of course it’s very important to even prevent access full realized that the respect is are there and put everything in place to prevent the boastful. So both your resume if we take patients dimension. Let’s say your mama Received a new diagnosis of dementia anjana anti already discussed their schools is about actual causes. Which could be there. I’d say the first thing needs to be done as get a very experienced deserve arab and vocational therapies and do at home assessment. Jenny i have to you know. I like demonstrating things on the old many weird things i’ve been on visits home visits. I do boom visits every friday. And they’re sacha weird things on average just a little bit of tweaking will prevent the You i’ll give you a few again. These people was called me to their parliament. dementia so there was a piece of was as a frame mobilized across room with the fray and She was holding zimmer frame in her hands. it wasn’t on the flow. Just who cheated momoa were to do this and now the gentleman. I was observing gentlemen cutting out of his room. He already had one he was coming out of his room and he will his jumper. He was kinda of who did his job. But on ’em morgan. So you can imagine in general and you will be buying it by the job if you seconds right and in frontal me he bumped into the door into the dobro and he’s thought at caught in mid air so that’s talk things up. Another visit carpets. So this will have home visit boosted on in his use of a gentleman in his late ages and he used to be among teak. Do and he’s house is like an antique show and he’s very keen okapis cockpit over carpet carpet carpet. So many trip hasn’t so that’s where to stop. it’s simple. It sounds like some people might say. Well don’t teach their grandma. Thanks but i see that all the time to meet seems like cohen says a thus place to start to clear out the hasn’t save Saving money romantic actress having read it. Deemed ables walking in darkness. Saving trysted by breaking that his at the absolute. These are the things we need to talk about festival. The second one his medication review every three six months medication review and it has to be done by a geriatrician. Because i think it’s geriatricians on will train understanding the Report a pharmacy Even the primary care physicians. Mike gatting buddhist marvel Obesity in general is it will be to have forty pharmacy review by geriatrician. I would say dementia patients having religious rides to nine as adema jet but they also should have friendly geriatrician to always see dementia and everything else because new role is unlikely to be looking at the clock pressure medications or cholesterol medications all treat their arthritis right. So that’s my second advise you have a loved one with dementia find a friendly geriatrician from Who will always see the cowboys Dad grandparents from the beginning. Till then you can. Of course the specialist Cardiologists all your neurology. So by you do need that generalists view over the passing and putting everything together. So that’s the next one. As i said quality pharmacy william and then of course education of the campus. It’s a camera. Location is very important iran. Local they’ve jimmy. I little charity work where they local patients participation ropes and wear an my using my youtube account.

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Be your own doctor. So i’m doing massive among to work on educating our carris families patients to understand will on too much just be a receiver all day instructions but also understand why. I’m asking you to do if that makes sense. Oh yeah why is always the question. I like to have answered. It’s why i’m not good at math. Why i’m supposed to solve for x and teachers don’t like it when you asked that we. It’s interesting that you mentioned the education because as you know i am right now. Between zoom calls with our lawmakers advocating for several new laws and continuing other funding for our health care system vote unquote healthcare system. And one of the asks is four payments towards local agencies to educate caregivers. So we’re starting to get out and don’t forget to mention me. I can do all those who’ve educations. Okay oh this is. Basically for the to codify in the law away for doctors Local departments of health so like all of our administrative type agencies. I guess is the right word. It’s really interesting so there was Eighty of us on the first call. Now don’t know what i don’t know. How many will be in the second. But it’s it’s education is definitely important. Which is why. I started my podcast in your on here and think we’re finally getting there but boy it’s taken a lotta wanna hard work on a lot of people’s parts to to get this information out there and your youtube channels doing really great. I love it yes. Please do advertise at the Johnny whenever we are talking about Advertising this sessions are also a Youtube channel because we will be posted a lot educational. It’s for you for the cameras educational material now going back to the bulls prevention prevention. So i wanted to touch on couple of couple of things. And that is would compromise. Volvos and i have dealt with number complaints regarding foles Families upset about mom or dad full in hostile and put it in a complaint in show. And let’s see said we cannot prevent every bowl. There are so many boxes amalgamate at doesn’t matter what you do. The foles inside nations would happen. Saw my next topic. I wanted to touch on as well. Hey we accept that some pools will happen. What can we do to stop the passive fracture in that. He if the full happen vegetables friendly physiotherapists will actually teach you how to fool safe. You know what so. My husband took a motorcycle training class years ago. And they teach you how to basically slide instead of crash. That’s so interesting. That’s actually a very good comparison. So what. You are saying that to me jenny. That in his training they had no alleged that it is impossible to prevent all voles from the motorcycle cycle. And that’s exactly what. I’m talking about with our patients lined receivables by console the foles Measures in place to stop the fool causing the structure and the latest kissy showing that about sneaked Fools in all their doubts result in really serious injury fifteen percent. That’s at thousands of asians. So what can they do. The physiotherapists teach helpful full save sacred entity harris as well how to handle before impatient and a low of the carriers relatives telling how they catch them on my bed therefore with or how do you do that without breaking your own back. The second thing is boats saw important thing to remember. You do not wait until you break your hip the ball. We treat your osteoporosis. Because there are ways to diagnose or your process before you have the full and you put measures in place to strengthen those phones so when the full happens you don’t fracture your hip and that is born block tests shaking the costume levels. Checking be tuning d levels are our home level so your primary care physician with no blocks to test today to check the state of your bones.

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You’ve you digit indeed treatment. And i am not talking about Because the supplements you can buy over the counter. Usually they contain their little amount or between tuned. If you watch series efficient. You’re actually need a treatment with high doses of vitamin d at that can out from your doctor. Li do various. Scans to diagnose osteoporosis. Saw there are there. S will line to slightly can do calculate the risk of stroke roses. Sometimes you don’t even need a scam of in england here. We use so-called frosts or f. r. a. x. score it’s all mine. How fillet tab you enter certain details and then their scores his tells you what is the risk of osteoperosis in your mom or dad at that school. Then how you. Actually the risk is high treats. You are halfway. Neither he’ll their get your primary care physician segment To know or the third option is the risk is very low. Don’t for everything is fine. Take your Topics add calcium supplements. And he will define so yeah. There are tools out so much can be done to actually stop people fractured. Even if they not mentioned that vitamin d treatment with calcium can prevent foles approaches. It’s preventative measures on doesn’t just treat your process. It you can reduce the risk of falls on hatches as interesting to know being in california. I have to be careful. About how much sunlight. I actually get so i don’t burn but i make sure to get outside all the time and get a little sunlight on my skin prior to sunscreen but not too much so that i get burnt so my daughter was on vitamin d vitamin d treatment when she was first diagnosed with crohn’s disease and it is pretty intense. She was taken a pretty large pill but they had. I think tester liver to make sure it wasn’t affecting her liver. It gets complicated so it’s best to prevent all of those problems in the beginning but now that you’ve touched them between d End we are in the month of may we have a obese adults ahead of us I might as well talk about healthy some exposure and what actually happens that you’ll be saw each wanted to remember that we accumulatively tuned. During the summer monsanto consumed during the winter months. So for those of you who wants to know what your the state as the best time to check your between d levels on the block is easing. Act october november. I i mean. I’m talking about europe where we have the they autumn spring so if we in europe bowl. The best time to check is in october november time when you had an exposure to sun and subsequently accumulated between your body. And we’re checking whether you’ve done enough for it whether you have not mundane you’ll block to last year the winds if we do between d levels. Let’s say in october november. The levels just about normal on lower side is gonna lost winter so you need either supplemental treatment. So that’s one t as five each indeed palestinians concerned The second thing is a healthy sun exposure. Now you very fairly. Did you ablett very quickly. Jenny right is do so. I would say for you. Generally there is a advise out that if during the summer basically government most governments that will advise during the summer months. You need to expose your arms and legs to their directs. Not mind the fact victim minutes three times a week. And if you do that you are likely to articulate. Did not be during the summer months some mums. When we had most of the sun enough to less you the wyndham so we say five to fifty minutes if you are really fat. Has unlike jenny berry very white skin. You’ll burn Than five minutes is enough foyer. If you’re that at than sixteen minutes exposure And that you can apply you sunscreen. Saw a lot of people i observe.

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They minute they hit the beaches. They suffered in their sundstrom. People are so scared of some. They apply the sunscreen in that hotel room in that house even before they get out. While you not gonna get any india conflict sunscreens are so they actually blocked ninety ninety five percent of our brand she in your skin. So you’re going to get any. And i think that they have been a bit too much all bus in kansas going out to a degree that we have now Efficiency pandemic if you want which is a real Especially older patients law institutionalized. It’s a big problem. So i once again i repeat on and leg exposure five to fifteen minutes three times a week. What is recommended without sunscreen. And then you can apply your son protection cream. That i’m doing okay then because i checked before i go out on my bike i check the uv index and depending on how high it is gives me a very big clue. As to how long. I can be out in the sun without sunscreen on and it’s almost always more than fifteen minutes ’cause go out in the middle of the day when the sun is at its most intense. So i’m assuming that you can’t get too much vitamin d from the sun. All that such a good question. Downs as no you. Slupic camel get in prosecuted with vitamin d from south. Now you can with the tablets if you overdo the couplets and i have seen at least one or two cases where people were always use in between the and what happens need to be aid that auction communities to improve absorption of calcium from the guts. Saw if you take too much featuring indeed your calcium levels will go up yongsan calcium jenny that that’s mineral which we need our bones cuts for dairy products. So if you take too much humidity you’ll council levels go up and consume damages kidneys. So he will have kidney stalls and the kidney stones can actually totally kill of your kidneys same At least two patients who had to go on dialysis machine cassette damaged by all those with each in india so It’s wonderful peel. But it can actually be diesel multi user appropriately. Let’s try to spend a lot of time outside but usually under some sort of protection but what they get this morning at least twenty minutes with my legs were in the sunlight but it was early so the uv is low. So i don’t run the risk of getting burned but here full that i don’t get. Oh definitely definitely i. I’m a bit biased. Because i m seen Over ninety percent of my patients are severity to efficient. All you can see how by siam by i’m saying how there’s a little Some scammell going on of course if there is a dermatologist next week restrict and seen kansas. You will be back to say all we don’t want song protect yourself but we are looking for a healthy balance. I also wanted to talk about the patients who might be already owned the treatment voice. Your process with medications recalled peaceful on enjoying acid zoran. Johnny acid their number them. We call them phosphates. Course the way they were walk they want You’ll need to app addict. levels of vitamin d in your body for these medications to work so that that’s another thing to remember Basically i would advise at risk. People though slalom osteoporosis treatment with kidney problems with legal problems on multiple medications recurrent foles elderly institutionalized people. They should have that india levels champ. At least once you make sense and it makes me feel good. That i took my mom to the park regularly. We mostly went to watch kids. ’cause that’s what she enjoyed doing but she did get sunlight on face for probably more than five to fifteen minutes. Oh at least. I didn’t realize i knew it was good for her. I didn’t realize how good it was for her. So little pat on my back today. Diplo everything else you’ve done on our listeners. Probably think about a fish. What about mushrooms. Bob davie janine di campaign in foods. As i’m sure that question would come up with an audience right and we’ll we own the subject between the i might as well.

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Yes it is very important jer. have a balanced diet and the between de continue foods in your diet that is fish mushrooms eggs and soul however even if you eat fish for breakfast lunch and dinner seven days a week. Three hundred sixty five days a year. You still will be between deficient if you do not have sun exposure because food only provides ten fifteen percent. Ob community requirement most of virginity Zone saw if you’re trying to compensate the lack of sun exposure with increasing indie campaign foods in your dive. It’s not quite. That’s good because i don’t like fish or mushrooms sunshine for you then this moderation so i don’t end up bright pink because that is not fun. So there other fall preventions. We should know about before. I go back to zoom call number three for today. I think we’ve covered more or less everything jenny. I think it’s and yeah we. We’ve kinda delong and i don’t. I did make a list. i can. Of course talk about foles in terms of medical preventative measures talk about different diagnoses. And things like that for hours five for our listeners to keep it simple to keep it use of friendly. I think we’ve done with done daniel. That sounds terrific. And that’s i. I have a couple of topics on the be looking at your home environment. We have a patterned carpet. That i swear half of the dog toys blend into and because we have bigger dogs they have bigger toys and some of them are like almost toe breakers. They’re they’re big in their hard rubber. And so whenever. I see them accumulating. In the path i moved them. Because you know they’re there and you still step on them or kick them frustrated and then you were talking about saving energy of course most of us have to get up at least once in the middle of the night used the facility and i have a tendency to put my hand on the foot board of our bed because of the dogs i have fallen over and onto the one that passed away last year is the one that got at worst but it’s not really very kind for the land on dog multiple. Not at all jenny. Interestingly i hit a sixty five year old under my care now will tripped over. The bulls joins us to play with her dog and fell downstairs and broken neck. So do began please. As i definitely move the dog toys off of the stairs and very careful about the doggone if they if they’re at the top of the stairs and the three of us are to go downstairs. I let them go first because they kind of fly down and they don’t they don’t have a care if they bump into me because their dogs so i just let them go first and then i don’t have the i don’t run the risk of them bumping into me because they’re what seventy and eighty pounds so that’s a lot of weight to hit your legs and yeah very careful around the dog’s even though i don’t have balance issues and ninety nine percent certain. I don’t have any vitamin d issues. Because i do spend quite a bit of time outside the. We’re it’s windy again today. I’m like i’m waiting. It’ll be hot soon but right now. You’re talking about preventative measures. You do not wait till you have a full and you don’t have balanced problems now by the you have an accidental fall. All toil of your dog and you break something believe me. You will have problems after the full even at your age. You know you are very young office. So don’t wait. Don’t why risk why risk it. Nope that’s why. I’m i careful with the toys. Well this has been good. I know falls are definitely concern for all of us but definitely as we age and those of us that were carrying her are carrying for loved ones with dementia. So this is a good topic and we will be discussing. Do we did you. Did you pull out your notes for what we’re talking about next time or is it going to be my countrymen by janney bus. We can agree now if you it’s up to you. I’m easy well. We can’t we can talk about Do you remember where the planet short about prevention of dimansur on that subject.

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So we yeah. We can cover that next time. That will be terrific but were there is such a thing is actually possible that we will find it out next. Don’t stay tuned. i appreciate this today. Appreciate you jumping on. So that i could manage both legislative calls today and we will be back again next month. Thank you fall. Prevention is such an important topic that there is even research done by the world health organization. Probably a bunch of people. You’re kind of familiar with. After last year. They suggest that prevention strategies emphasize education training creating safer environments prioritizing fall related research and establishing effective policies to reduce risk. I found interesting. And i also wanted to remind you that if you are interested in learning more from dr elena sure to check out her youtube channel. Be your own doctor. She has several videos. That are under fifteen minutes. And they’re all extremely informative for those of us who are not medically trained. It’s always been my opinion that the more we know the better. We are able to take care of ourselves. Our loved ones and advocate in a healthcare situation for ourselves and our loved ones. So i really appreciate that. You guys are loving dr atlanta’s episodes and we will keep bringing you more of them because she is confident that we will never run out of topics in speaking of topics coming up. Next week is an episode. That i have titled. Don’t let yourself down is with the author l. Kushner of the savvy guide to burial insurance. And i know that doesn’t sound real exciting and you might wanna skip it but don’t because he offers lots of excellent information on how to plan ahead and afford the high cost of burial. The last thing we need at the end of a loved one’s life is a bunch of stress and heartache and financial decisions on what to do with them after. They’re gone to balance out that topic. We’ve got something a little more entertaining for you first tuesday of july. If you haven’t done so already would you mind popping into the podcast and leaving a rating and review. That is the best way for new people to find this. And we know how important that is for new caregivers. Coming right up is a promo for a podcast from my friends from the other side of the pond. I hope you enjoy their promo and talk to you next tuesday. Hey why don’t you listen to the never astray on podcast. The podcast aims to cover a wide range of topics from conspiracy theories of popular culture and news. I’m your host gaza and joined each week. It’s my co host. mace the tayla for. Hey we look at strange happenings is going around your area and a little segment. We like to call walks folks away your fro- plus we cover the big topics like the mothman. Paul geist secret nazi space programs. Ufo’s close encounters glitches in the matrix. Fly of time trouble so much more. We even have the occasional guest. Also we’ve got international years global affairs including spain on space. I’m beyond so why not check out the never astray on podcast available on all podcast platforms from june spy. Wherever you get your podcast fix oh you can visit the website at never astray code k. I’ve been gas. I’ve been taylor piece.