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Health Literacy With Tamvoes

Health Literacy With Tamvoes

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Unless you’re a trained medical professional. I feel confident that you’ve likely encountered challenges when dealing with the healthcare system communicating with doctors and family while also dealing with your health struggles surely makes you wish for a better solution understanding the medical situation. You’re in whether as a patient or caregiver. In addition to manage all the necessary paperwork creates more work at a time when your focus needs to the elsewhere juggling all the information and communication surrounding a medical diagnosis constrain. Both or mental and physical health becoming more health literate is essential but time consuming health literacy skills allow patients to control their wellbeing by making intelligent healthcare choices improving their communication with doctors and giving them information. They need to advocate for themselves in a medical setting. Fortunately there is a solution. And we’re talking about that today. This episode is brought to you by caregiver. Chronicles an eight week online course covering everything from diagnosis through hospice for more information used the link in the show notes. Welcome to fading memories podcast with advice wisdom and hope from caregivers who have lived the experience and survived to tell the tale. Think of us as your caregiver. Best friend thanks for joining us again today. On the podcast. I have rukia and madison. They are from a platform called tam booze and they’re here to discuss what it is why we should pay attention to it and all the exciting things that are coming up soon. Thanks for joining me guys. Thanks for having. You’re welcome so. These guys are in canada for my canadian listeners. I have a lot in california and you have a lot in canada as well. So how where would you like to start. The history of how taboos came about is probably a good place to start out. Go for madison. My name is madison. I’m one of the co founders of taboos. And i’m actually university students so from my perspective i i’m in health however i’ve never really dealt myself with An illness a chronic illness acute illness. Anything in between. I did have the pleasure of working alongside to individual Who really inspired the story behind. Tampa us And their their names are tina jamming and yvonne deduce which really makes up the name. Tam bruce And the reasoning behind the story. They really had such struggles within the healthcare system Tina struggled with honor. Cancer almonds will congestive heart failure and The difficulties that i watched them go through in terms of communicating with their family members About the difficulties that they were having information they were being tossed from one healthcare provider to the next one hospital to another really takes a toll on not only your mental halls to have to continually repeat your story over and over again But also your physical health in your family members as well who were kind of china Journey than so. That is really the idea behind him. Loses to help individuals going through similar situations And giving them the tools that they need in order to communicate better with their family members as well with their professional team that being the healthcare providers almond Eliminating that repetition where you’re continually having to go through this whole on a depressing story of where where you are now in how you got to where you are In terms of your illness and so adds is what chambas provides. we are again in a web based platform. so there’s many different features that enable individuals do that the main to the journal which is like an ongoing chronological journal of information. So this might be like appointments that you’re going to different conversations that you’ve had events going on in your life i and and that’s with you throughout your entire journey and then the health profile which i kind of speaks for itself but it is sort of like your personal health record where you can collect all of this data information about yourself and about your illness even if you are healthy individual you can start this early in have this kind of ready ahead of time And so yeah. That’s that’s what champions is and they Health record you. Guys are working with health providers to subscribe is the right word but partner with you guys to automatically update a tam lose clients information on the on the website breakfast. Yep exactly so. We have sorted to target markets. The one side is on or individuals family members.

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We call it the client side on you can sign up for free for an account there and then on the professional side this is like a portal where your healthcare professionals can actually sign up on a subscription costs. They can connect very easily with their clients that are on the client. Side of the platform streamline kind connections within communications within sharing that information and not only will you be able to share things with them but they can actually share things with you and then take that extra step share that information with your family members so yeah. There is a bit of a connection with the professionals as well. Is that the biggest difference between you guys and like i have an app for my health provider and they have like messaging within the app. I don’t know that. I could share it with like my husband or my. I have not had much need for using them thankfully. I’m not familiar with that option. And i don’t know if you guys have a similar law tar hippos which is like the health information privacy protection. I think what stands for act a. They’re very they’re very. It’s a very closed system. You know like. I know when like you’ll make an appointment and they’ll say well is it okay to like leave a message. If you’re not home yes is it. Okay leave detailed information on the answering. Yeah it’s just my. It’s my mobile phone. Don’t worry it’s not like not like the old days we push the button on. The everybody in the room could here. So is your question. Yeah we are hip compliant. So that’s great. It means professionals can share a profiles with other professionals. It also means that your information is safe enough for professionals to share it with you and then for you to share it with people at when we say your team we mean people who your caregivers your family members maybe your kids so yeah. We are hip appliance so it is safe and easy to use a platform for convenience. It’s also nice to have all of your your stuff on the same place. So i think that’s kind of think about taboos is like the google dry for all of your medical documents right. We are holding onto a copy of all of your medical documents and files on in a safe and secure way so they’re easy to access whenever you need them. That’s that’s a good analogy. Google drive for your your health documents. I like that. I’m a completely apple person. So i use dropbox same same deal Go ahead i was gonna say i didn’t even introduce myself. My name is rakiya. What do you do for the company. So i am knee. Marketing coordinator for taboos. So it’s my job to spread the word of taboos so In terms of the messaging as simplifying the language so it’s it kind of seems like an overwhelming platform when you hear all of the details of it because it’s so exciting there’s so many features that we have But the the concept is pretty simple. Really we’re helping you help yourself so we’re putting all of your information on a platform. That’s really easy to use super accessible. I’m so it’s my job to kind of do the outward education and outreach for what tampa does and what we’re passionate about doing what. I know from having health emergencies with my dad. And he was on so many pharmaceuticals. It was just stupid. You you have to like gather all this information. Because even though the doctors prescribe all this garbage they ask you. What medications is he’s on. It’s like i can’t keep track of that much yaris xlii and he had it in a spreadsheet and it wasn’t in a drive his. This was over four years ago. So i mean he at least had them in a spreadsheet which was helpful. I am not a spreadsheet kind of gal so we’re trying for my husband who’s definitely the financial side of the the couple here but just having the like remember to bring it. And i’ve talked to people who put together binders of people’s financial and for not financial health information. And it’s like. I want to carry a binder around. I don’t want to remember where the dang thing is i like. I’m fifty four. So i did not grow up with all his technology but i would like to have it accessible like i have my phone defy. Forget my phone. That’s pretty unusual. But at least if you have everything there you can access it. Like with your mobile. And i think that’s that takes some of the stress out of some of the health crises emergencies that we all seem to end up dealing with at one point or another in our lives so ruqiya. A listener is okay. We’ve got their attention. they’re interested. Walk them through the what they would do to get started and the benefits of using this platform. Yeah absolutely so. I’m to get started. Release them offering a free account. So you can sign up for free accounts if you go to Taboos dot com and on the actual platform to sign up for a free account.

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It will walk you through the steps of filling out your journal putting in all of your health history and information and then from that point. It’s just a matter of updating it so every time you go to an appointment adding the appointment as an event in your calendar sharing your health history with your family and friends. Maybe if you’re a caregiver on sharing having a you’re dependent share their profiles with you so you are in the loop for all of their medical appointments. And if anything were to come up you have access to to their profile. Am i missing anything. Mattie no yeah you definitely covered like the dependent profiles how individuals can actually go on. If you aren’t necessarily that tech savvy person but you may somebody that’s looking after you or caring for you They can actually go on to make the secondary profile under. There’s and actually manage your health information on your behalf so this could even be. A young child is from the very beginning which i think looking back would be so incredible to have every single event go on in your life just from the very beginning time and then on the other side of things that might be an elder who Definitely is not as willing to get onto the internet and job into that so Yeah there was. I think you’ve covered everything. I was gonna say Jennifer you used it right on the head where what we’re seeing. A lot of his people are still going to the doctor’s office with that You know do a tang that little folder with all the paperwork and and still forgetting the details are having to shuffle through all of that april work to just find that That one doctor recommendation could have been ten years ago and We’re not saying. Move away from paper papers important. It’s good to have your A file of all of your important documents but not reasonable to carry around that you know file folder retire. You go to the doctor’s office right if you have a record of all of that with you and it’s virtual that’ll be It’s just more helpful for you in terms of being more present You feel empowered enough to ask the right questions and You can you can focus on what’s really happening in front of you instead of. I’m trying to keep up not to mention with covid. Nineteen right now in canada at least in hospitals. You’re not allowed to go in with anyone. So you’re stuck. You’re ill in some sort of way you’re at the hospital And now they’re asking you to repeat your health history and and what just happened and you’re you could be cognitively impaired for example you could just have a really poor memory. You’re not really know much about your own health history depending on your age in your demographic etcetera so having something that’s accessible simple for you to just pull up somebody else could been inputted all the information for you That’s what makes it. Kind of modern. I guess in terms of rather than having that paper detained by cetera. I’m really organized person and keeping track of all my mom’s papers was dislike. There was something i don’t remember. There was something from one of her doctors. That i was like. I specifically need to keep this. And i put it in one of those safe places air quotes on that for people who are watching the video and like i said i’m super organized and i never did find it again and on the flip side of the coin especially in the last tennis years. I’m not really sure. When doctors started keeping digital records that they can share with each other. And i was shocked. At how much stuff that the different doctors that my mom’s general physician and her neurologist. It was like degray. Speak to each other or communicate. ’cause i had to have all of her neurological testing redone. Does they couldn’t find her. Mri is. I’m like like you expect me to have a copy of these and like i don’t remember anybody giving these to me so bad and it was just frustrating. Because it’s like it would have been nice to be able to just handle in. Like have all of her history without being in charge of it so that i knew it was there and not you know maybe take a little of that responsibility off of them somewhat. It’s just it was frustrated. I’m like how do you not have her information. And then you’d go to the doctor and they’d be like can you tell me what medicines she’s on and i’d be like oh crap. I forgot to ask the care staff. I forget because i didn’t deal with it. I didn’t you know the care residents that she was in. They order you know when she got low on a prescription and she was only on like to they would order it from the pharmacy that delivered and they just handle it all so like her medications. Were not even like a thing that i thought about until somebody asked me like oh crap. I didn’t get to the point where it asked the care. The med techs the print. Me off what she was on.

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So that i can remind the doctor of which is why like this is backwards repetition. Mike okay you’re asking me non medical person and i’m asking the med- the med- tag has been trained basically to dispense. What she’s on that. You put her on like something is missing in this system and it just makes me so frustrated and of course now the entire world knows what a stellar healthcare system. The united states. Let’s yeah definitely i. You know we face. Our own set of challenges as well in canada in terms of like health literacy is a big issue with Patients going to doctors and caregivers going to doctors like you said big at the runaround. Doctors are asking them to her announce these medications that are twenty seven letters long. And you’re like i didn’t go to medical school. How would i know that but You knowing the name of that is a make maker break for the kind of treatment that you receive part of the reason the the platform was created is because you want people to feel empowered by knowing their actual health information and When you know what’s going on you feel more in control of what year Your health journeys going to like about the journal is somebody could input. Here’s what happened today. This’ll be especially important for people who have like alzheimer’s or dementia or other cognitive impairments. Because there was days when you look back in like with dealing with my mom. I’d look back and go. Oh wait. i think x. Was actually happening. Not y you like at one point close to the end of her life. I was like. I actually think this is a hallucination. And we haven’t had any of those. Before and johnny net down like today is february tenth and i am fairly certain because of these reasons that mom had hallucination. It wasn’t like. Oh my gosh. I need to call dr alert somebody. It was just an observation. In having that information written down in an easily accessible place would be also beneficial. Because had we gone what ended up happening. She broke her leg and ended up in the hospital. Right at the start of the pandemic. So i didn’t have an opportunity where that information might have been beneficial to the doctor and fortunately for her and i heard doctor was really nice. But they’re trained to fix people. You can’t fix somebody with alzheimer’s so he just. He never really seemed to have any he was. He never seemed to be very helpful. I mean like i said. It’s very nice person. He seemed very knowledgeable and in his profession. But you know it just. It was like like the alzheimer’s just stumped him. It was very frustrating. So i’m an advocate with the alzheimer’s association here in the united states. And that’s one of my things is like we were what we’re asking for on a statewide level at this point is to require to do their. They have their continuing education. And there’s fifty hours every two years and four of those fifty hours. They’re going to re. They would like to be required that it’s on alzheimer’s and dementia just like two hours a year. We’re not adding to their Adding to their workload so it should be a pretty easy lift. And i did talk to one legislator and he’s like you should be in addition to the fifty and i’m like i agree but this is one that says so. That was kind of interesting ideas. See a lot of shifting and maybe after we get past this pandemic in the medical professions across the globe realize man. Alzheimer’s is a way worse. Pandemic than kelvin kelvin’s nothing compared to alzheimer’s and dementia which is a scary thought. We don’t have to wear masks and go into lockdown for alzheimer’s zone orange zone all that stuff. Yeah i know it’s like i don’t even know who named it but my my areas finally out of purple which i would think it would be good because i like purple. Were in red so now we can actually go inside a restaurant a few of us money and have a and i’m like yeah. No i’ll just way it’s supposed to be beautiful this week. I’ll just keep eating outside. Until i don’t know when i don’t know if the person coming up with this color scheme is colorblind. Because in canada the colors make no sense either goes from like grey to red to orange. And you’re like well. What is what is the severe. Like what is the end of the spectrum. No one’s using the actual rainbow or colors that are recognizable. People have just selected. Random colors definitely not artists. Yeah i would think red would be like the worst. But i guess darker i dunno. It’s like yeah it makes no sense. It’s insane so what else do we need to know about. Well you guys let me back up. You guys had an announcement today that i saw an instagram a new addition to the tam booze platform. So you can tell us about that. Yeah absolutely so i today. We just launched our new community health log. It’s called talkative. So talkative is a safe space for patients advocates people who are just passionate about advocacy and Health to share their stories their experiences.

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And we’re hoping to build a health community where people can look to us for support and guidance Just by hearing the experiences of their peers and people in similar situations. So we’re really excited. It’s gotten such good traction. So far we’ve gotten a lot of people reach out tests excited to share their own stories and experiences and Y’all we love to hear from you. You can nam On our instagram. There’s a forum so can submit to us. You can also send us a message. Were tam deuce on instagram. It a. n. e. s. and send us a damn and we’ll be happy to kind of walk you through how to submit your your health story. The link to their instagram account is in the show notes. You guys can just click on that. One of these days might have to video show people how to find all those hot links at the bottom of the show notes. So i’d those the top one of these. He got some other other things in the works right now. Today is march twenty third. Twenty twenty one. I think this is coming out in a month like i. I can’t remember it’s three weeks or four but it’s coming out next month april of twenty twenty one so some of this stuff will not be quite as brand new. But you’re working on something. That probably won’t be ready for prime time when this comes out you wanna talk about that at all. Yeah we’re really excited to. I was looking at video. I don’t should. I start talking. I’m young. We have a mobile app in the works right now. We’re just is in the process of designing it and A month from now we will be further along. We’re hoping in the next few months. We’re going to launch a mobile app. So cameras really can be in your pocket all of your health records all of your health history You know we have chat function. That’s coming out and all of that will be on your phone so now you don’t need to go to the doctor’s office with any paper just your phone and you have it anyways. It sounds like right up my alley. Wanna be able to stick it in my purse or like my daughter should him carry a purse better. Better fit in her phone in her pocket. Or it’s not coming with their. That’s the way to tell me about the chat function that you’re planning on that peaked. My interest when you mentioned that yes. Oh the chat is. It’s sort of a dual function so we have the chat and we also have video calling in. This one was something that we worked on directly with blackberry. And the main reason why we did that non-oil near the fantastic company but top of mind has always been security With personal health information. So they’ve proven to be experts in this field They actually worked quite closely with a lot of governments in terms of their communications internally as well kind of from one government to another government so we were very very assured that that type of security would be implemented in our platform in our in our feature and so the chat and the video call will enable individuals on the client side to connect chat call people as well in the client side so that might be your family members or close friends and then as well you can connect with your professionals who are on the professional side so different clinics might be your advocates. Might be your doctor. Whoever you might be connecting with on our platform And is obviously with cova in everything. That’s going on right now. I the virtual world is. That’s kinda wear where everything’s headed or where everything has been at least for the last year crazy to think that it’s been So we wanna make sure that we can provide that sort of access and connection for using our platform. I think video doctor appointments or really beneficial for people like my mom is getting her in the car to the doctor out of the car in the doctor’s office deal with all the nonsense that i always always had to remind them that she had advanced alzheimers. And please don’t ask her three questions in one breath. Because i barely understood you in my brain is fine. It just was so frustrated. And i think i would get tense. His anu possibility for. Don’t wanna say a negative situation. But just show i would go out to the park and watch kids and so obviously going to the doctor’s offices not anything similar to that so it was. There’s always this heightened level of tension that she picked up on so then she was tense and it just magnified knows terrible. And i just had my well my own first and only so far video doctor appointment it was the day of our advocacy where we normally go to the state capitol and we have appointments with the legislators aids generally in and we tell them we would like you to like support this bill about talking doctors having to actually have extended training about alzheimer’s and i woke up but i’m like my ears have been itchy seen for like a week.

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It’s friday and i’ve got like the zoom calls because we can’t go to the state capital because covid and i’m like i do not want to go to the urgent care friday afternoon. And they know what will happen if i don’t. I’m gonna end up like waking up saturday or sunday morning and it’s gonna be a problem that forces me to go to urgent care over the weekend so i’m like well let me see what my options are. Of course you know the advocacy’s zoom calls were more important than figuring out why my ears were bugging me so priorities and psychic true advocate. Yes on it was it. They weren’t painful but it was so if they’d hurt that i might have been a little bit more. It was like the weirdest thing. I’ve never never experienced them like inside itching. And i’m like this is very strange but it wasn’t a like i’m in pain any to deal with this quickly so i looked at the options for the app with my health care provider. And i’m like well let me let me do a video call. And i’m like i could just see how this video things are gonna go because they they’re going to need the look at my ear right and that’s going to be a little challenging on the computer at. Fortunately i’ve been around the block. A few times. And i was able to explain to her all of the things that were different. And she gave me some airdrops. That were like an antibiotic drop. That also had an analgesic in it. That’s what works. i’m like okay. That actually worked and i was skeptical. Because you know it’s kinda like she had me touching like the us station tubes in the sinus eight and asking questions and be dealing with my mom and me being a mom and having my head my own ear infections over my lifetime. It’s like i kind of knew what to expect. So i felt like i was a pretty good Purveyor of my own information. And i was kinda surprised that she was able to diagnose it accurately considering she’d never got to look in my own ear. Absolutely you know so and it’s just for whatever reason i don’t understand why care homes at least in my area. I know some states have doctors attached to their memory care. Residences makes much more sense than getting them in the car and driving them to the doctor’s office and all that trauma is that’s what it felt like. But we don’t have that option and i don’t know why so prior to my mom passed away Very end of twenty nineteen the beating twenty twenty. I was searching for a concierge doctor service because my mom is state had plenty of money to take care of this kind of thing and other than her alzheimer’s her health was pretty good. So i’m like. I feel like we can have a doctor. Come in and check on her and do a few things and there’s one called he’ll h. e. a. l. Of course they don’t service the suburbs like this roll. The old people are like. Why are you only in the big cities. That’s not helpful at all. I’m wondering if that’s changed in the past year. Because i just to me that made perfectly good sense and actually i didn’t even know there was actually a concierge doctor services but the team leader for our advocacy team we were in sacramento for advocacy day. Last year the only thing. I got to do outside of my own city last year and she we were driving home. And she’s like you need to do this. And i said concierge doctors are a thing. She’s like yes. We had those for my mother-in-law in southern california and she said it was like six thousand dollars a year and they went to her and it was just lovely. I’m like we can do that. My sister probably throw fit. But that’s okay. We’re going to do it. Like i said there was no options for that kind of service at any price except for i think like fifteen hundred dollars of visitor some sam again pan hot. You know. i’ll pay six grand a year especially because she would have been like a moneymaker for them. ’cause she didn’t eat a lot of medical services and then she broke her leg and passed away and then was about a month after she passed away. I got a message from her doctor going. Oh we’re doing tele television. it’s now and i’m like little late for that buddy. Few nail the couple things on the had in terms of struggles that people face in terms of not being able to do virtual appointments concierge services is fantastic but You know with especially with kobe and we can only assume cove it will stick around for a few more years. I think of us as your virtual concierge service where we can video chat. We can connect you with your providers via video chat on actual chats and We also have a lot of features like including predictive analytics. I know you talked about your Your experience with not knowing your symptoms with your with your ears and we also have a medical search function bets. A lot more accurate than googling your your actual symptoms on google.

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Because every time you do that. I don’t know you get ear cancer and you know every time i have a swollen or arash. It’s just i’m gonna die in twenty four hours and that’s what google will do to you. That’s not good. That’s not a reassuring Way to find out what could be wrong. Exactly exactly matty if you want to. I’m going to the the medical feature. It’s it’s actually really fascinating how we are. You can use it. So sort of as you’re saying just like going to google finding this unreliable information being having this sort of anxiety in unsurety with that in what you’re supposed to do with alec. What’s next after. I’ve just been don’t get a dime for hours for big lake at it again. A doctor’s appointment in twenty four and then if that is the case that we’re wasting time at the doctor’s etcetera etcetera. So this is something we we’re providing both on the client side and on the professional side to have this reliable information for individuals who you know they may not want to have to call their doctor and say i have My toy stub my toe. And i think like of tokens irs. All like it is ten steps forward. Like why don’t you just result is something that’s giving you information from reliable sources where it’s creating from is journal articles that have been a really taken from only the top databases of information and we’re bringing this to your fingertips through what’s called the medical search and we really just want enable people again. I think rookie has talked about this. But empowering people with their information really focusing on knowledge and and health literacy aspect of things were. it will really don’t have much of an idea of what they’ve been diagnosed with what the doctors trying to communicate to them about a diagnosis and so again. Just this information being accessible being readable and understandable and then one of our other features sort of along those same lines of of empowerment is with predictive analytics Eventually we’re going to be able to actually take data points on your vitals. Sustain something like your health Shorter your heart rate. I everybody has certainly a resting heart rate. It doesn’t really change. So let’s say it’s like sixty five sixty eight resting heart rate all the sudden for like three days straight. Your heart rate is up to eighty so the system actually is going to pull out that data point in use. What’s called predictive analytics. And it’s going to inform you. Just give me a little nudge to take a second look at what’s going on a first of all you might not have even noticed that your samples and second of all you have no idea with Gosh i’m so worried all system is going to do is say. Hey you should check your temperature. Maybe you should check with your doctor. Maybe you need to get your blood work done. It’s just that that step before things could get worse There’s so many different like ongoing signs data. That can actually lead us to an early diagnosis. And a predictive. sorry. Preventative sorta standpoint. Whereas i feel like in today’s society or our healthcare system is so reactive like something happens now what whereas can very much take advantage of knowing how things progress in where we can really just find information before happens on in take advantage of that naveh perfect story that goes along with thought. My husband’s had an apple. Watch for a long time I got one for christmas this past year. And what was it. Twenty nineteen yes. We’d go walk. The dogs and our previous home was up in the hills so there wasn’t too many feet to walk before you go go uphill and he literally could barely go half mile before he was really really of breath and we’d walk with our friends and we had the old guy so he walked really slowly and our neighbors one of which walked normal pace. The other one walk really fast he would hang back with. Our neighbor would ended up happening. The ended up with blood clots in his lungs. And you know like everybody for the most part you know you. You don’t can’t want to assume the worst. And not sure if he googled it or not but he got very close to. By the time we went to the hospital. It was like a usually come in sooner so he went back after being diagnosed with the blood clots and everything getting that all taking care of. He went back to the information in his apple. Watch in the health app and saw exactly what you’re talking about. Like his resting heart rate went up. There was there was definite signs that something was going on but he just didn’t you know like if it had pinged them and said you dude. Something’s up here like This is a warning like you push notification warning. Your health system is Or your health.

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App is giving me a warning sign would have been really beneficial because you know. We like to just be and he was overweight. So it’s like you know it’s easy to kind of wanna go to the doctor. And he’s like an at murder him that night. Because i’d been. I’d spent the entire afternoon with my mom and we went out to the park to the watch. The kids we ended up waiting in the pool and at the time was giving the caregiver real fit about showering. So i’m like i conned into the shower under the pretense of washing off the chlorine even though basically only got around her ankles. So i’m like okay. I never really wanted to do this. But okay we’re gonna. We’re gonna do this and by the time i got home. I was exhausted. And he’s like. I think i need to the hospital mike. Here’s your keys cured so tired and they kept him for three days and now he’s really he looks at he does not have the most current version of the apple. Watch mine has the the pulse ox. So that’s kind of interesting to poke and look at him like okay. My blood oxygen is ninety. Nine percent i guess okay and some of the stuff that it tells me is is really interesting. I think that’s a really good tool. Because had he had literally just push notification. That said whoa sums up. You might want to call the doctor. I think he might have paid attention to it sooner. Rather than later and later and it would have probably been not a good outcome absolutely and it’s that sooner piece that we’re really old onto. Its that’s the preventative feasts it’s It’s it’s so much better to go to the doctor and the doctor say oats nothing post to going to the doctor and now your your leg is being amputated. You know So that’s definitely the worst case scenario. But that’s at preventative piece where we definitely want people to feel empowered enough to also know that. There’s no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to your health. It’s a priority so making that call on early when before something happens absolutely assume the worst case scenario is the doctor asking. If you have all your fares and order that would be the worst. And that’s that’s that’s a little bit worse than the leg amputation. Although i wouldn’t want that one either so is there anything else we need to tell people about so that they’re jumping on tambo’s and checking it out after they’ve done listening to this. Yeah absolutely It’s free you can literally sign up for a free account for free for free. We mentioned it was free definitely free and it’s because we really we really care about people that advocacy piece. We want people to feel empowered by their own health information. We want people to even just be curious about what’s going on in their lives and in their health so you have nothing to lose signing up for free and Just scope it out. Check it out. See how it would work for your lifestyle your family your dependence and We can guarantee that it’s going to be a valuable resource in your life. And that’s just the free version so free sign out for free or to add to that just that we’ve talked to so many different individuals that have used our platform and one of the things that we really prioritizes. The people are using it. And so if you do jump on and you have feed-back always definitely feel free to reach out. we’ve sort of built this with seniors in mind so it’s very easy to use And we’ve we’ve actually went through had focus groups with these seniors up to ninety years old Have them sort of look around the site. Where’s this button supposed to be. What does this make sense being here so we always want to interact with our customers and make sure that everybody’s kind of getting what they need from our platform so we appreciate any feedback. Yeah and if you’re having an if you need an extra hand to learn about the site how to sign up for a free account Just if you need some assistance with navigating we’re really happy to jump on a call with you and help you set up a free account so You have our contact details in the summary Reach out to us. We’ll set up a one on one with you and we’ll help you and your family get set up champions account. That sounds terrific. And i think being knowledgeable about what’s going on with yourself makes it easier to advocate for yourself or your loved one like my mom at the doctor’s office because some of it is so it’s complicated and confusing if you’re not trained in medical speak which most of us aren’t and it just. I think it’s a tool that it helps you. That allows the doctor to be more effective for you or your loved one so i think this is fantastic. Absolutely thanks so much. You’re welcome as a caregiver. Having access to mom’s health records would have been a blessing having my own and other family members.

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Medical records and communications easily accessible via my phone is also a blessing. So i hope you take advantage of tam booze free account and definitely give them feedback because the more were able to manage their own healthcare information. The better off. We’ll all be in the long run. There will be more episodes on health literacy coming from different angles. Because it’s an important topic. And i think the more we discuss it. Hopefully the more will all learn to be better advocates for our own healthcare. In fact in the week that i recorded this episode with taboos i also recorded an episode about health literacy with my brand new seconds guest host dr howard who will be speaking with us on all things brain health. It’s another important topic that i definitely diving into a lot more when season four starts next month. If you’ve struggled trying to find a way to pay for long term care definitely tune in next week when we’re talking all things medicaid. I learned a lot of things that i know. You guys will totally benefit from and if you ever have any questions for me feel free to pop on to my facebook page and post a question to show suggestion. I would love to hear from you and as always i’ll be in your ears again next tuesday.