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Make Your Brain Span Match Your Life Span

Make Your Brain Span Match Your Life Span

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Welcome to fading memories. A podcast with advice wisdom and hope from caregivers who have lived the experience and survived. Tell the tale. Think of us as your caregiver. Best friend as you know. My mom suffered from. Alzheimer’s and cognitive impairment affected my grandmother and great grandmother. It seems to run in my family. But i’ve learned my brain. Health doesn’t have to follow the same fate as those who came before me. I am doing what. I can to improve the health of my brain including eating a better diet and exercising. However i learned recently that when it comes to nutrition most of us are still living with undernourished brains. And i know i need something to fill those nutritional gaps this led me to neuro reserve and their product relevant relevant is a nutritional supplement that restores the vital nutrients free healthy aging brain renovate includes seventeen the most important nutrients that specifically target long-term brain health. These nutrients come from the mediterranean and mind diets which studies have discovered can reduce our risk of alzheimer’s by over fifty percent. You can use my code f. M. fifteen fifteen percent off of your order. This code is good for subscriptions which will apply to all future orders as well as individual orders go to neuro reserve dot com to purchase. The link is in the show notes and you can also find it on my website. Neuro reserves mission is to help our brains man match our lifespan. Many of you have wanted to know more about relevant by neuro reserve. And that’s what you’re going to get today. I renovate is a neuro protective nutritional supplement. It is the first and only nutritional supplement designed specifically upon brain protective dietary patterns like the mediterranean and mind diet or the dash diet originally pioneered at the rush university medical center. Now what i’ve noticed myself is my sugar craving which you guys know is totally inherited and the total sweet tooth monster. That’s very difficult control. Yeah my sweet tooth totally under control. And there’s a lot of times where i’m like i don’t really need it or want it. And that’s a freaking miracle. So we’re going to hear from dr ed park all about neuro reserve today. Is ed park. He is the founder and creator of neuro reserve. They have a product called renovate that is designed to help fill the nutritional gaps in our diets specifically designed to help our brains. I hope i said that correctly. Especially since i take It’s like they start talking. I’m like wait a minute. My safe obviously enrollments working. ’cause my brain remembered all the details with no not so. Thanks for joining us. Ed thanks thank you. You have a re-generation of women in your family that have had alzheimer’s All hundred dementia memory loss. So i’m sure in you really know about this and so that’s just great to meet you and we i in our first conversation was super great to me you now. We’re doing this podcast now but like it was really nice to meet you. Obviously the people who are listening probably really really care about you know. Obviously the pupil caring for and also their their brains as well so thanks. Thanks you’re welcome so it’s to me. It’s very important. Caregiving is so emotionally physically financially. Not that you’re helping on that work but it’s so draining and everything that goes with caregiving to me and i felt this personally. Just not great for your brain and it’s very difficult to do. All the things that are suggested the meditation the sleep right to get the exercise. Get outside eat right. It’s like that’s a whole process in itself and then you’re trying to take care somebody else even even for somebody. That’s maybe taking care of a young child. It’s a lot of steps and things to go through a lot of steps that. I’m just taking care of myself pretty much so i was really excited that you guys approached me to tell me about neuro reserve and relevant. But let’s start with your story. I know that most of the people that i talk to they don’t just wake up and say i’m gonna come up with this thing for brain health. There’s usually a backstory the backstory so learning the backstory primarily is is about my family. Though my my i have family history like you of neurodegenerative disease my case.

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It was my father who was diagnosed the age of forty nine time period with parkinson’s disease for of your listeners. Planning understand parkinson’s and alzheimer’s have a lot of crossover. Between the two and their pathology and but then laid baron what happens to many people band of with louie body dementia and so that’s also what my father uh suffer from the last movie five seven years. He had he parkinson’s and the later louis by dennis for about nineteen years and And so he knows when. I was like teen apple may was does a young teenager. And so i yeah. I didn’t really know how to process that very well. Frankly i and and then you know. High school happens call. It happens and bad was doing okay. But then after college. And that’s when the manchester earned setting and for it lewy body. Dementia is a little different from from alzheimer’s type. Dementia it bits. There are major hallucinations. Involve of it. So it’s very Psycho pathological reisig. You’re detached from reality and you start to see things that aren’t there here things that aren’t there and it’s very real. It’s it is straight up real on. My father would always be people be looking into our house from the outside the windows things like that. And maybe they’re bean. And there’d debbie people in our attic and he be trying to to get them out or trying to flush them out you know and newspapers all of the windows to make sure nobody with man or look inside. It’s it’s a it’s very detached toco situation and And so my mother really took the brunt rights when it comes to caregiving. My mother took the brand of she. She took care of him sheep and there was. You know obviously like most caregivers right. There’s a point at which she couldn’t leave the house anymore. She couldn’t even go to the grocery store because of what might happen while she gone. And obviously mobility was very difficult for my father later on also because of the movement disorder associated disease. Fry it. so there’s so. I mean she really really shoes. An amazing amazing era giver. Not time and and so But in obviously it impacted the whole family so we are back and forth things like two sisters and all three of us were all back and forth housing various times in points. You know whether or not you my father’s cute care on you know there’s an episode that so that’s a big mess that left a big mark on my psyche. Obviously going through the rest of my life completely hypersensitive about every little thing. That happens being gordon urologist. Basically saying do i have. What’s wrong with me. I had a twitch and in my finger is do or up into like ed. Just go home is over but you know but when i come back again i had another you know twitch on my late or something like that. Is you know and work me up. And but the thing is The funnily enough. I went in from cynical so i did. Fifteen sixteen years in pharmaceutical research and development and and there was a time when in. That’s my most recent time before. Nero reserve stewing nutritional therapeutics for people who are extremely malnourished. These are people who are on tube feeds things like that. So that gave me a real appreciation from attrition and how much of an impact for people and so that’s when kind of combination of personal experiences and then the professional side. I figured and i was going through my walls nine midlife crisis you can call it right so i i i had actually gone through. I’m gonna spill a little baker. I was going to a lot of other medical issues for myself. I had been taking care of myself very well and their law off with me about five years ago. A lot of things that caught up with and forced me to really think about my mortality. And my you know. A what am i doing to my body. How am i really treating. Am i treating the right way. Gene myself the right way and And that kind of brought together all of those personal vision smears. I filed said you know what nutrition can make a big difference made a big difference in my life and now what can i do. And that was the genesis of mirrors. What can i do on the nutritional side or brain health. This which is something. That really didn’t want to think about because even though i run to the neurologist like a lot i also at the same time with not wanna learn about neurology nutrition because or knowledge in general. Because i don’t wanna find on my risk right so people out there who are listening might be thinking the same thing. I don’t even want to find out. I mean wanna know. They will risk. And i was very much me until valve or five years ago and at that point i just found so kamya. See if there’s anything that can be done about prevention for mental health and if neurodegenerative diseases like alzheimer’s parkinson’s lewy body and it turns out areas was looking at the medicine and the science and where it’s at nutrition ends of being a really big laver and you’ve mentioned a lot you know we’re speaking right for you.

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Press the court here right. You’re speaking about all these things that should be doing right. Nutrition is one of those big ones. And i learned that just five years ago i was like wow i can actually do something to protect my brain health. I actually have control some level of control over my brain. Fate and that was huge. Add to me and the thing is what i looked. At the landscape. There is a lot of great research going on pharmaceutical side for treatment after persons diagnosed after they get to the point where they are showing symptoms of negative disorder on the nutrition side. There really wasn’t much that i saw when i was of like looking for nutritional changing like us proving my diet but at the same time wanted to find like nutritional products and supplements things like that to help by gas. I saw a lot of these light rain products that were very kind of short term or how it’s legal adderall or it’s jr is. It’s like a limitless pill. It’s gonna give you a boost. It’s like a fire energy. Drink type thing that’s going to give you that boost for the next sales call. You’re gonna do the next you know. I don’t know a code software. Coding you’re to do is of very much peak performance type stuff and i didn’t really see anything that spoke to my own family experience and actually many other people’s family experience because i know my story is not unique whatsoever right and so about long brain health lifelong brain health so that that was a genus neuro. That’s really long winded. Rigamarole right that. I’ve just gone through. But that was the genesis of near reserve. And that’s what made me realize okay. Maybe we can do something here in the nutrition space or preventive hell brand and do it in a genuine way in away. That helps people. This is where we’re at. You don’t know everything if people’s offense that is the best we can do right now to block some of those gaps like you described earlier than the i back into daily supplements literally like back into it. I live in. I live in the suburbs of san francisco. Far-flung sober key gets much further. Still be in the bay area and so it’s it’s a very much still an agricultural town. We grow corn cherries and walnuts almonds other things corn cherries and the nets are key air. The the main crop and back in the before times when i used to drive to the gym. There’s a field are one year. I think it’s even years is corn in odd years. Tomatoes doesn’t really matter if i get that right. But if they swapped back and forth the crop because that’s obviously good agricultural management. Plant courtney every year eventually are going to deplete the nutrients in the soil. I’m not super excited about when i’m out with our cycling club and i’m riding my bike in the crop duster flies by and that’s like now. Fortunately we we don’t have that terribly often experienced it twice in the last beckett poster decade. And i’m very. I went from late thirties very seriously overweight most of my listeners. Now i’ve told the story zillion times. It’s not alzheimer’s it’s just fact is now had. A photography client was doctor. She said you’re overweight. You have a family history of diabetes. You’re screwed and by saying the term or screwed fired up the competitive nature in me. And i was like i’ll show you. I mean i never even seen this lady since she fell on this podcast. She has no clue that i lost. One hundred pounds kept that off for like ninety of it off for a long time in nagging to work on some thirty come on with. Menopause caregiving pandemic. But we’re working on it. In my husband had a medical situation in them lead klotz. His lungs again is now. Espn blood thinners. The rest of his life. They don’t know what’s causing them. Which is frustrating. His both of us like to know like why why. Give me the reason why that. I can find the answers move forward. Not knowing why is very frustrating. But he knows what he needs to do in so he’s now doing it. That’s also helping my weight loss. But i went on the health. Kick journey so that i would not end up with diabetes and then learns that was for my brain health though but for the for the supplements somewhere along the line i read that our modern agricultural corporations corporations. It’s like what’s the soil isn’t as rich as it was a hundred years ago so even if they rotate the crops and well i guess the crop. Dust is probably a poisoned but you know in fertilizer. I don’t know what are these. Drive by What they do to amend the soil.

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I must do that in the winter. Is they stuff. All winter long tune. It’s like australia’s they blow dust all over the c. Wash your car. You drive past the farm and it’s like well now my cars guilty again. But that’s when. I realized because i could see modern farming and i can tell them like that. Dirt’s not black so it’s not as rich in nutrients as maybe it was a hundred years ago or one hundred fifty years ago when they started growing corn in this town. And that’s when i’m like. Maybe i should take a daily vitamin supplements to kind of enhance. What i’m not getting. Even i eat really healthy now but i am not getting the nutrients because it’s not. It’s not getting into the food a big. That’s a big problem. I think one of the poster child of that sort of like nutrient depletion from soil as magnesium. It’s it’s Is a big problem with with the how much it’s depleted so therefore lots of food. That should have magazine lots ladies greens and things like that. Don’t typically have as much anymore. So as i mean law fix it need to be made in you know Commercial agriculture. Yeah at some point where there were The red line right and there’s nothing in this food eventually. We’ll do something about it. I think right now. We’re still at that point. Where kinda can move along with it. you know. obviously there’s organic and appropriation things like that. You know at a smaller scale Now days you know and you could find that some very expensive grocery store and things like that but otherwise yeah i have nutrition’s a big issue that starting to make its way around the world so in california we produce like i don’t know sixty percent of the crops for this country against your nevada. You don’t got water to share share. Reply your your prior number one source of food race. I do know that they ship are chord across the country and across the world so i had a brief instagram back and forth commentary again hokum again but a care home care home in iowa which is where my dad is from like. Oh we love our accord. And i’m like let’s have a cornall. Use it me some years and all schiff you some of ours. We’ll do a instagram live. Where we sample. And i think that’d be fun especially because my dad was from iowa so i would i be interested to know what it like. Does it taste different. ’cause ours is a sweet white core which yes. It’s probably not the best thing to eat. ’cause it’s real sweet i. I’m sure the natural sugars in the corner. I really good and you have and we just got. We’re we’re late to the party. We got a Insta- pots of the pressure cooker. We got it for our road trip that we’re taking soon and it’s amazing how great the court is out of the institute by like. I’ve done it boiled. And i’ve done it on the grill. I’ve done it all kinds of ways in pressure cookers really really good really fuses. The flavors. i know we’re gonna make everybody hungry. Because i think we haven’t institute to and i just think of it as a way to make really really tender meat really fast. That’s my wife. Rose like again there with almost spices and stuff awesome. Boom you get this super tender juicy chicken out early forty minutes on yes. Yeah that was. The first thing we made was a like a tex-mex chicken for taco salads because the meatless so infused with flavor. And i’m just going to tell you guys. Now ed recording like about lunchtime so so i think the i think subconsciously. We must be getting hungry. ’cause we’re talking about just nursing my morning coffee. Still so yeah. We’re getting there. It’s now time for lunch because now now food is all my brain but what how was. Where do i want to go with this one. So we know we’ve discussed a little bit about why we need. The supplement our nutrition. You even if you eat organic and vegan and all that great stuff. We’re still missing out on nutrients right typically. Yes there’s when you when you look at how when we when we like. We have so our first product is it’s on the market. Now right we want. We launched earlier this year. In our first practice told relevant and it’s meant to mimic or unhelped people mimic intake of really really nice overachievers and brain health at the people who live the longest with the healthy sprains people along the mediterranean people comp luzon’s on things like that so we wanted to make a a supplement that matches those overachievers for brain health. And when you look at how they impaired you say the standard the standard. Us north american diet is another. Reagan died is profoundly efficient in a few different types of very brain healthy foods Particularly dark green leafy vegetables vegetables.

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That’s just one of those things that really were up in some cases ninety percent. You know deficient so i mean there. There’s it’s ob meaning not ninety percent of people are deficient and the vision. C can be a severest up to seventy percent right. So it’s you know it’s that’s just one the other is. It is specific types of foods that are very healthy for brand like berries dark. Dark pigmented varies because the pigments that make them so pretty are also very protective as well. So so there’s berries are not a big thing. Actually even though lots of strawberries. I know are growing california which i love lots of other barriers. Actually i the consumption in the united states of varies actually quite low and hopefully will. We’ll get to power having more barriers. So there’s there’s elements and obviously not. I’m not sur. Are extremely important. For certain fatty acids and also for minerals metals. And we’re talking about magnesium earlier you know so many other minerals on at the bay soak and and they they become really high rich and abundant sources of so before i learned much about brain health and nutrition. I did not eat nuts. I was not guy houses so not now. I’m i’m like. I’m like eating his main messes. I can’t vaguely. Costco has a big old bags now so so eating a lot more that but still even then I did this test. And i think people should go here. It’s place called healthy brains dot org. So it’s it’s this. Cleveland clinics of brain assessment or brain health assessment websites all healthy brains dot org and there. There’s a brain health index of. Hi that they’ve developed. You can assess yourself in six different dimensions and like you said jan genuine. You mentioned a lot of them right. You know one of them’s frisian. And you can assess high while you’re doing there and even for myself. I’m gluten free now. I wash my carbon. Take an awesome up all these things. I did. My brain health index for nutrition out of still underneath fifty percents bottles for one hundred so or two points one hundred and thirty eight or so. He was really bad. So i feel like improved my diet a lot having fish like twice a week of so so i don’t know you don’t like fish right sean. We had our our get to know you chat idea. Recall saying that. If you told me that if i ain’t fish three times a week i’d never get alzheimer’s i still probably then i pause unlike no i’d probably gag it down but i wouldn’t like it fried fish in wall i mean i don’t eat anything fried because this is horrible for you but it’s still good fried like even like the most destructive way of cooking it just. I don’t know what it is. Because i live like we live right on the delta and people fish in the delta although i don’t really think that’s a great idea high-salt communis lindsey in the water of no thank you. I don’t think it’s no but one thing is as i’ve gotten older than the last two years. Maybe i have really lost my taste for beef and we’re my husband is actually getting into vegetarian meals. We won’t go full vegetarian. I know that. I just know the two of us but eating less red meat is helpful. And i was gonna ask you a quick question. Because i have a dino which is highest in leg museum so nuts that are high in magnesium a. I believe it’s almonds. Almonds are are pretty rich in magnesium We grow those here so so. Yeah so i mean. I think california’s like a huge almond state right. Yeah it is the town next door to me is like grapevines in entries and suburban housing so that you can commute somewhere else. That’s that’s where i live. It’s like we’ve got agricultural and a bedroom community that people generally until last year commuted out of. I don’t know what’s happening now. I keep track of the rest of the world. But have you ever seen how they harvest walnuts and almonds. Because i imagine it’s really intensive having to break through the shell or walnut at least or well how they get them off the tree. No it’s fascinating. And i learned this story from my dad but also living here get observant. They basically strap a big rubber belts around the trunk of the tree and they shake the crap out of the tree in all the nets fall of the free. my mind. your. My uncle used to do that. I think by hand. I have to ask the uncles. But i don’t think they had a machine back in the sixties but yeah nowadays like probably late summer early fall bill drive by the almond fields in the walnut trees.

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In there’s like i dunno. I dunno it’s like a gas powered machine. It’s basically Crack res it’s only Yeah they usually put like tarps underneath them to catch him. But then there’s people. I gotta clean them up and then i don’t know they go processor after that. I assume his we don’t we don’t process anything other than the corn because it doesn’t need much like we like if if the if the company in iowa will take me up on my corn off i can go over. Gnss farms and get stuff that was picked at like three thirty this morning in shipping to them. We actually took corn. Well i should back up most of my listeners. Know that my husband. And i are rotarians are club had. We did work with club. In india we helped fund in. It’s complicated so not going to get into how how we initiated. Basically a quarter of a million dollars to set up to their hospital surgery the operating room this mother teresa’s hospital in like sixty percent of the patients they see are like dirt horror and they have like one hospital hospital operating room Wrong word operating theater out of four was functional which obviously is great and through the magic of donations and matching funds and everything we re basically gave them a quarter of a million dollars in medical equipment. Which i’ve always said. I don’t think that would that would flesh out the entire operating room in the state so i kinda. I kinda wonder about that sometimes but in two thousand eighteen when we were in the convention this last brodry Got to go to gentlemen from that club. Were at that convention. So my husband. Literally got corn from the farm That’s not very far for me. That was picked in the middle of the night and he said. How do i get this from here to toronto safely and they said we’ll take it on board. It was literally wrapped in a wet towel in the transform. This stupid corn across the country in canada and then at the convention we gave it to the guys from india. Here is corn from brentwood. You you’re so excited. I’m like this is the most in main thing you. Yeah i’m like couldn’t we have sip the mccarter very straight but yeah so agriculture’s like kind of like in the background of my life around here so know how many people than pumpkin seeds. Sorry pumpkin seeds. I just thought pumpkin seeds are really fi magazine. Oh aids try to some some nuts. But i learned through my weight loss journey that my body is real good at hanging on the set and the only way i lost all the weight was to go super low fat and which meant white snow hole. A it was a little nuts. And we’re not going back that way. I hope i don’t have to go back that way because it. It was so low fat for two years that. I wonder if i did a disservice to my brain health because it wasn’t getting the nuts the egg yolks you. We were eating only lean meat which is good now. Yeah but now. The eggs came back. Full eggs came. I do eat some nuts. But i’m one of those news for the yolks. You know they have choline and very important for her brain and And of course there are the healthy fats. I mean paul. The long chain polyunsaturated values. It’s like dha you mega threes from fish oils. Those are very important to take those two although the krill oil now that i take relevant. I don’t have to broil really really nice substitute now. So yeah which is good. Because it’s like the little hill container that we had for all of our supplements. I don’t take any actual medications to supplements mine was kinda overflowing so i. I emailed your assistant. And i said how many of these other things can. I stop tiki. Which is kind of helpful. But i do. The other reason that i knew supplements actually were beneficial is when we talk about so years ago. We also have local health hut cells vitamin supplements all kinds of stuff and i was just by energy. Level was not great in cases. This was like four hours forty nine so we all know like time of life women at that point so i went to the health. Had said okay. So here’s what’s going on with me. I have like my energy levels not great and and the interrupted by a pop bottle on the countless. You need this was run by two ladies. And i said don’t you know what else is going on right now. This menopause complex taking it. Since june of two thousand eighteen to twenty nineteen was twenty.

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Seventy like three or four years. I don’t get all of the menopausal issues have hot. I don’t have hot flashes. Did get warm ones. But i don’t have disruptive stuff happening that most women do the mike and i’ve i’ve read like. Oh these menopause things these supplements. They don’t work. Mike yes they do. Because if i don’t take one if i miss a day day to it’s like okay. Burn burn up. Where’s my so. I know they work or at least you know psychosomatically working. I literally wake from. I didn’t think the vitamins and supplements were beneficial. I was in the camp of you. Take them in. They just get flushed eventually to yes they do work. And there’s reasons we should take them. So that’s reasons it. It’s interesting because the law medical advisers in the company when i first approached them you know they’re they’re they’re various research institutions and and and when i asked about well i feel about helping helping out with a a nutrition upland coming for for brain health. And obviously there’s there’s a healthy skepticism there right you when the obviously when they earned it out this okay. We’re gonna basis on evidence back brain protective diets. It makes sense and they said this is good because it is really hard for people to change. I mean we well first of all again. I wanna say this you know we. We don’t we don’t want to Advocate that supplements are replacement for l. Dia that they’re not going to be a replacement for what they ours as a tool there yet another nutritional pool that we can use to help protect our brand names right and when we think of it that way as part of a larger tool kit that includes exercise and obviously know training and things like that than that makes sense right and there’s it is very hard for people to change the us the thing that physicians were telling me they see patients every day. They see their family members every day. And even when they make small changes in their diet or on the error daily regimen that they do. Whether or not the as a huge deal and and But but a lot of times that either for practical reasons or for stubbornness reasons or whatever it might be That people are limited. You know and so that. That’s the reason why settlements for people like myself and others make quite a bit of sense. So yeah so. That’s that’s i totally hear you on that now and you can see them make you feel them making a difference than and as long as you understand why. They’re design the way the conference. They’re going to revive infants before this is has been an interesting journey from now taking a daily vitamin k. Basically it just goes through your system in ends up in the waste treatment plant. And to now i have a routine by as puts the supplemental bowl. That’s on the counter. I pick up my water bottle. Take the supplements. And then i go do my exercise which helps get them into my system a little faster. I bet a. It’s word for like occasionally. I’ll have a headache. I dig it a lot of headaches. So i do actually take supplements that one too but there was one time years ago i was like. Oh my head is killing me. I popped two or three tylenol gun on the car to the gym again before times and the music is usually kinda loud gyms. We all know this. I was a little hesitant. Some lying up and down on all the exercise in the loud music is not going to help my headache by the time. We’re through the warm up. A headache headaches gone and like i think the adrenaline from exercise jump started. The process of the title opposite literally was like twelve minutes from my house the gym so it didn’t have time to get all the way into my system. I i’ve experienced that several times. So i’ve learned things over the years and that’s i hope it’s beneficial. I’m not going to stop taking all his supplements to see if i feel differently on safe. That know menopause ones were is like i said if you buy mike by miss one day it doesn’t it doesn’t take very long before all those charming symptoms start start start popping up and it’s like no we’re not a net. Let’s go take this Sometimes if they’re bad i’ll take two is. It’s one to two and so it’s we’ve taken the krill oil markets that. I don’t take that one anymore. His it’s much easier to just take the relevant every day and that the gag down since so yeah okay. So if you’re an exotic fish this might be the way to go you know. Having having unison supplemental fish oil and ours is ours is from herring. Rose is from fish out yet. A hearing caviar oil. So wow wow sounds cancer nova but really it’s it’s very very it has a very high Abundance of dha in it’s it’s attached to a certain type of molecule that helps carry it into the brain more easily and more efficiently so there is a difference between the different types of mega theories out.

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There you know. Some standard fish oils are really good for the heart as we know bear types. Like the type that we’ve been our product of makes it easier for going to the brain so Something that should be attention to all my listeners. Should know we talk about this fairly regularly. What’s good for your heart is also good for your brain vice versa. I have a friend retiring soon. His sleep apnea. So he’s been using the cpap machine and his blood pressure has gone down and he was talking about the interesting correlation between better sleep in his heart. His blood pressure going down and other positive aspects of using the machine. And i said you do know that. What’s good for your heart is good for your brain. And he’s like no. I’d never heard that. I’m like you know me. I’m sure you’ve heard this. But whatever inci basically explained that you know. The lack of oxygen in his brain put stress on his heart and his brain. You’re not getting enough oxygenated blood brain which is bad for your brain. So he was. He was like even more excited to use this. So i’m always four. I like natural things. I i went from being like you. Exercise now to like literally exercise six seven days a week and walk the dogs which is not necessarily part of the exercise routine. It’s just they need so it’s all i feel like we’re learning that brain. Health is more if you wanna avoid alzheimer’s dementia or parkinson’s disease or any of those ugly things that generally hit the end of life but not always like you said. Your dad was awfully young. When he got parkinson’s that we need to winnie to learn the take better care of ourselves. And that’s not like. I said it’s not always easy. Takes time and effort and sometimes you’re just like oh forget it can be a hamburger. Yeah it wasn’t a while. That’s that’s that’s fine i do. There’s there’s There’s the mind diet in. You know you might have spoken about this before on You know that’s that’s very powerful diet. Now it’s it’s a. It’s a diet that can reduce people’s risk of alzheimer’s disease by as much as fifty three percent. So that’s not a small movement there. That’s a big big needle mover as far as risk reductions. So so they’re closer. People can stay on it even if people stay on it moderately can like kinda followed a little bit but not fully than they reduce their risk by thirty five percent so these are really carful diets and you know. That’s obviously the reason why you know design the way we desire price but the thing is is attention green leafy vegetables so everybody green leafy vegetable dark with vegetables right blanca kale and spinach an opposite broccoli. Fennel coriander whatever you can find just the screen leaving vegetables. Barry’s specifically as mentioned before focus on the berries focused on a fish. If you’re okay with fish and especially cold water fish so cold. Water fish is very important because a water fish are the ones that are really rich in these is brain healthy fats. Right baby it’s because they’re global lar- daily their the l. completely freeze unless they had a really fluid fatty acid inside of them. And that’s the dha and so all of oil tons of all oil olga grains altri y- to alternatives to in moderation. And then not sincere. We talked about earlier right particularly walnuts almonds. So i’m trying to go through a list here of lane. Give remind your audience of the checklist red beans and especially like black and kidney beans and does a really important. Because like you’re talking about diabetes earlier right there fiber level And we have beans. Lentils things like that it slows down digestion. And it doesn’t give you such as spike hybrid blazers bike. You know that happens slows things down and and why and red wine in moderation. Obviously so on a lot of wonderful fighter nutrients. I don’t drink either. Because wine gives me heartburn. I had Let’s see was nineteen ninety eight. I had bronchitis in six weeks later. Gut strep throat. Both times the doctors gave me that z pack so it’s like six antibiotics versus thirty which is very convenient but six weeks apart and we have a landlord. That was a crooked. I wanted to kill him. The only reason that i didn’t literally hope they. Fbi’s not listening. I didn’t kill him so it’s fine but the only reason i didn’t seriously figure out how to do it because i had my daughter. She was like six six seven years. Old i don’t want to tell you if i did Out of missed too much. Yeah that was. That was my my parenting from.

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Jail is not my idea of good time. So we’ll skip that and then it’s my mom needed care is probably a good thing that i opted not to run him over with my car. That was kind of my plan. This already thinks. I have this nice podcast host. Now there are just let out the evil part but just had a realization. Because i’ve been taking relevant for like six weeks and in the past so my husband had his pulmonary issue over memorial day weekend and so he is cleaned up how he eats which obviously has benefited might might as well not working and lately. I have noticed that i have had less sugar cravings and i’m like seriously like the cookie monster when it comes to sugar so i go to say it’s because elevate church. I’m not going to stop. I made cookies the other day. I learn how you can take out half of the butter in replace it with silken tofu. It does not change the taste. It changes the texture little bit but then if you air fry them i have like a toaster-oven that has air fry setting but you can put it in an amazing cookies. You would. I mean. I have people that are like oh my gosh. She’s the best cookies ever. And then i tell my took off half the butter and put in tofu in there like what. They’re still good that keep them. I literally made cookies. When i do. Is i freeze them. And then cook about four or five for a day or two. An afro has done bacon on like i just don’t have the like eating actually baked cookie after licking spoons fingers and all that stuff. I just didn’t do it. I’m like this is very strange. Something’s wrong with me mike. Why am i. Not i all of his effort and i’m going to have cookies. What tomorrow so that is. The only thing that’s changed in my life prior to my battling the sugar tooth fiend. Who lives in me. That’s interesting there. There are people that you know we you know. There’s lots of people now to giving us feedback on how it feel really great because we tried to speak with as many customers and people who started using it as we can. I’d say about half the people you know. On back and say there are effects that they feel quite quickly now and it could be very almost unrelated to the brain specific lot more energy or could be very specific with respect to less mental zieger ability to for greater attention and alertness for sustaining time. So forth and other people has some varied actually clinically. Almost interesting and research re very interesting from a research perspective responses based upon their backgrounds. Because some people who’ve had cancer and chemotherapy human therapy actually. It’s it’s now that actually affects your cognition. Because it’s obviously huma. Emma therapies is toxic to some degree right so it has effects the brands know. Start eating getting back to us. On that based upon their experience with with relevant and there’s a whole nother event and to me when i think about the immediate effects i think maybe one out of the seventeen or a few or maybe all. I dunno may their profoundly deficient in in one two three or many of those in all sudden they’re being repeated and so they’re feeling the effects almost immediately right and there are people the other day. I don’t feel anything immediately. But it’s on in for long-haul so that they understand. Brain health and preventive health and diet and nutrition in general is a long term effort and they go into average back and say okay. Maybe just do that and you know. I’m kind of like one of those people right now. I’m just you know. I just know that this makes sense. You know so so. There’s a lot of different experiences out there. I think yours is actually. We’re gonna have to catalog reduced sugar cravings. That’ll be wondering well yeah. I haven’t mentioned this a long time but my maternal grandfather. So when i tell people that my sugar taste is hereditary. This this is proof right here. My maternal grandfather did not feel that a meal was finished until they had dessert in so they would have definitely horrible. They will help. Go little packaged processed. Sweet snacks after lunch and after dinner every day now. I don’t know that he had dessert after breakfast. That would be my idea heaven but that’s okay. I have berries almost every day. So those are nice and sweet and that helps a lot too but you know my my mom eight. She had terrible should like really soft teeth as would eat bas the sticky candy and break teeth all the time and and she could literally eat hard candies or taffy as or sugar daddies or whatever all those crazy sticky things and still maintain like a a healthy body weight.

00:45:12 – 00:50:01

She didn’t have probably physically. Inside was not as healthy but she looked notion never had to lose one hundred pounds. Like i did. That came from my dad’s side of the family. So i’m hoping i got my the sugar teats for my mom’s side of the family and the bat gene for my dad’s family hope i got the longevity from both sides and the non alzheimer’s from debts like when you talk about genetics. It’s really fascinating. But i mean it’s taken years to learn to like tame the sweet tooth i have to actively until recently which is and i’ve noticed this because dislike dark hershey’s kisses and i’m fine huck and just for reference seven. Hershey kisses is a serving. So i’m not even getting episode. Mike two is enough which has never been the case. I’ve just have made it be enough. Because i know inside of sugar a lot of fat and i don’t need that snuff except that i do because i get nasty if i don’t have chocolate again. That’s so important though. Yeah i it’s really great that you’re you have under control. Because metabolic and then prediabetes or diabetes is just such a huge risk factor or for dementia a near genita- disease. It is enid. Once you start louisville start losing or creating insulin resistance on in our bodies it’s a it creates a lot of problems in the brain and so insulin resistance isn’t just like a weight thing. Riots is definitely rain heavily because the brain is so energy intensive. I mean just sitting. Still here it’s gonna. It’s two or three percent of our weight but it’s gonna burn twenty five percent of the energy that we spend each day so it’s punching way higher than its weight. I guess you can stay. From an energy usage prospectus. Brains loves glucose right. The rian loves other energy sources When we start to mess with that and start to interfere with that through insulin resistance or other types of metabolic. Even it’s for sure gonna affect the brain so and i got to watch it too. ’cause i got a guy like you. I’ve been trying. I tried on a better job. I i’m trying to ratchet back Like i always have chocolate chips laying around things like that. You know my coffee want stuff like that and then my my wife comes from a family were dessert was very common. Also so he’s palm desert was like news is like the thing you know after dinner and i never really had my family. I got married nelson desserts becoming thing rice over trying to ratchet up back now down to sons to things like the darker she kisses. If you you eat one and like actually pay attention to eating it like let it melt in your mouth. You got the dark chocolate which is a little bit of benefits so have two of those and then drink some water. Usually you can like then do something get busy doing something else so that your brain is not focused on. Let’s have more that you can generally take about third of the sugar out of baked goods before you mess up the chemistry of the recipe. So those are a couple of things. I don’t generally take up that much sugar but if it says like a cup i will do like us camped cup so i’ve taken out maybe ten percent Silken tofu takes out a lot of the butter or the you know the garbage fat. We don’t need and it adds in protein so you have a couple of these cookies that are warm from the air fryer which gives it the that like that. It wasn’t a restaurant but like cookies. Shop baked that place called bakery style. Feel the cookie and literally. Because i think because they Use whole wheat flour white whole wheat flour. They’re feeling if you have a third one. You almost feel a little like oh that was just one too many cookies so too is generally plenty away. I cook them trick. My kids are able to eat so you know when they get their hands on sweets they could just gobble down and look at them on allegra cages. You’re going to throw up just watching you. Just we our bodies can put up with a lot of crap when we’re younger. I’ve never been a drinker. I am solar-powered sunup. Sundown i’m asleep of never pulled an all nighter because that just doesn’t work for my brain and it’s just i don’t i don’t drink. Don’t need that stuff. But i’ve read. Where like our bodies can in our twenties all night drinking. Go to work on monday and be reasonably fine by one week. But that’s me and but as in your thirties now not so easy as we get later in life. It’s just like our body just can’t can’t get rid of that crap. It can’t cannot recuperate as fast as those. What were ten or twenty or whatever. But what.

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I did lose all way into retrain. My brain was to start taking out the fats sugars and replacing. The we didn’t eat a lot of white starchy carbs but replacing those with better starchy carbs. Slowly my personal trainer. Don’t make all these changes at once because your body will just. It will revolt which i totally agree with. And that’s that’s the smartest think make changes slowly so that they just become a habit restrict naveh said the other thing that we have. You said to us a lot of olive oil. We also grow that here. So i get organic fresh from local locally sourced olive oil. We do rate that’s using it as your primary oil for culinary purposes is like the way to go on. That’s just a wonderful oil like avocado as well. And it’s one of those things. Where’d you can have a lot of it. it’s not gonna it’s not the same as bader. it’s not the same as any saturated fats. paulie unser mono unsaturated fatty acids which are very healthy brain So and also help absorb ring food and bring in some new other new. Translate the vitamese lucia examined. Whatever might be that are very helpful for the browns lost. The helped us award food as well so the having that is really healthy and just just want to make sure people really understand bar reminded of all these things that we should be doing to protect our brain health. And and so just about. But i just wanna make sure that you. I know i was listening. Actually one of your other podcast. Earlier you go away deeper. It’s like there was t- episode. you’re talking about. You’re talking about emotional emotional freedom techniques rat tat myself in meridian somewhere in my body trying to relax myself before this this podcast. So i wouldn’t you know do you nervous renting. But there’s exercise there’s nutrition of course which was spoken about a lot. There’s exercise which is extremely important. Could be just as important as nutrition right and the reason why we talk about nutrition exercise when it comes to brain. Health is because they actually easy to studies. let’s say scientists and you know it’s easy to measure them. It’s easy to see you know it’s kind of hard to measure sometimes but a lot easier to measure than how will have you cognitively trained yourself today lot easier to measure than how many social connections did you make state which are other things as well staying socially connected in cognitive training steeping this co morbidity these in check lake cardiovascular metabolic health and finally sleep like you mentioned that’s something we can measure tunes longer stays go on to rise sleep because obviously during sleeping. I during the sleeping hours that that’s when a person’s brain is basically all the waste taken out and if you don’t do that in the waste builds up so shorter and shorter didn’t msa sleep. We get the the less and less more more the waste and debris ills up our brains. It doesn’t file the memories very well. That’s right there’s also memory formation long term memory formation happening during sleep as well so there’s so many things that happen. I used to always just think sleep as arrests so i can function as the best like sony. Deeper things going on during sleep so his sleep is interesting. A really crappy night’s sleep you were talking about how the brain busily punches above its weight class in energy usage if i get really short just interrupted gore night of sleep. One doesn’t even have to be more than one. God forbid it’s too. I will wake up and my brain will be like yo. Let’s have some pastries for breakfast like lead have on a donut. Donut sounds like literally the sugar. Fiend goes berserk in. I know it’s because my brain thinks if i get some pastries and some tea with the caffeine then be all like all sealed up. Yeah and then you’re going to crash and burn in an hour but for little just one more. I just find it really interesting You wake up and you’re like dang you know whatever the like this past weekend. The neighbors had a birthday party for his wife. And they warned us in advance that there was gonna be a dj and thank goodness. He was he was playing some really good tunes because they went past. Eleven o’clock and i could hear them and it was like a cat. I was really a joint your music. But now i really liked to have some sleep. I’ve just fascinated with the brain immediately. Goes to sugar. it’s like not not. Let’s have a nice hard-boiled egg in some berries to to supplement. This crappy night’s sleep. No it just wants a pastry donut. And it’s like it’s almost like my brain screaming at me just like poor in garbage sugar white flour sats all the garbage. It’s like a survival mode. Basically right it’s like just give me what i can to to keep going. And and so it’s like the brain is made for two things right. It’s survival and Arriving right now for a person that survival was kicking married after bad night. Sleep next when we first moved into this house.

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There were no blinds with blinds on the windows in all the light. Pollution was filtering in in the old house. The bedroom faced open space so there was phenomenally light pollution and after like. I don’t know who three weeks recently threatened murder. My husband if you didn’t get blinds on like dude. I’m asleep waking up every day and my brain is screaming donut. Like we gotta stop this so we fixed that problem which is good because not feeding my brain a donut for breakfast. His aren’t even tried to get through my workout. If i ate like that would not be. My mouth is the Must be hungry but my mouth like a dot sounds good like no. You’re going to get lunch. It’s going to be when i was in high school. I used to swim. You know to get doughnuts right after the morning workouts. And i just make myself while we still wins. Donuts cannot windchills. he’s around. Still you know. But like a twelve pack of winstons. Donuts right after swimming. I mean that’s probably not the best way to recover know like you said we were young. We could recover easily so your body got what it needed out of that. Not everything you know. and so. that’s i think that’s what happens. It’s like as we’re young. We can eat garbage and run around. And i was on swim team to. I made the mistake of giving that up for band wrong choice. But that’s okay. That was forty years ago Actually they might have been forty one years ago. But it’s a guy I used to eat breakfast. Ride my bike to the pool which was probably between a mile and a half and swim or at least in our camera practices. Were an hour hour and a half and have second breakfast. So i trained myself to like basically have the equivalent of four meals so i gave up swimming. My body didn’t particularly want to give up for meals day. Oops burn off nearly as many calories marching band as we didn’t swim team so much martin quick and say now that would have to be like sprinting band. Which really has to play now like. I said it was the wrong wrong choice. It the band in the swim practice van practice practice competed and the coach on soon team violated his own rules in. It made me angry. And i was just stupid teenager so i’m like whatever i’m just going do martine van and like i said wrong choice but now walk dogs. I do all kinds of physical exercise. Let’s see. I eat everything on the mind diet except for the fish as a red wines. Nothing i’m doing okay. But i’m gonna do i’m gonna go to the healthy brains dot org and see where i wear lamb d- maybe i’ll do the healthy brains dot org. It’s a good websites with the cleveland clinic. We have a couple of medical advisers from there. So you know gosh but but they It’s a it’s a great resource for people to just get a feel or where they’re at with a number score if you will offer their for their brain however other maintaining kind of protecting their brains over longer. Because i i think the big thing that people need to understand there are things that they can do. Even if you are genetically disposition to perhaps you know develop a neurodegenerative disease in the future that like for instance the most common and risk factor genetically for alzheimer’s is the apo four gene. Right in if you have one it or if you carry two wheels that increases your risk by quite a bit of carry one wheel of it. Then it’s like three x. Increase in in rescue carry to his twelve x increase in risk by gene is malleable. It’s pliable you can bend it you. Can you can affect its long term. you know. They just long-term effects by adopting a lot of these different strategies that we talked about. So don’t don’t don’t just give up. If you know for some reason you gotta test maybe even twenty Watch new found out you have the apo e four gene. It’s it’s okay. it’s it means sure you have to work harder. You need maybe more of these healthy fats. Especially if you have. Api because it’s a fat transport effect say defect has transfer variation because. This is not a factor. This is common in about twenty twenty five percent of people out there right so it’s not like this weird netted mutation or anything. It’s just the way we are people. Just wanted to the ways we we’ve been we are now so So you can do things about. That’s really important now so anyway. That’s i wanted him to genetics part. Because you know don’t wanna find out right. That’s fine because if you’re going to do everything anyway objector brain health and y you know you’re going to cover all the bases anyway when people do want to find out if they do they shouldn’t completely become a you know.

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Just how a despair you knowing if they do find out that they have that sort of gene some or all of this stuff we’ve disgusting taking product you know supplements like elevate if you have both genes which like you said as tough time. Twelve x risk factor which is like roof gives me the treaty saying that’s not relate very comforting numbert if you even delay one year of symptoms. You may outlive your life expectancy. You might died before you get to the really ugly symptoms the later stages of alzheimer’s that are really really not fun to live through or anybody. So that’s that’s kind of michael. Once i realized i did all of this healthy stuff to avoid becoming diabetic. My dad was. He’d been on dialysis the kidney transplant. Instill didn’t take care of kidneys. A basically died from kidney failure. Didn’t want to go back on dialysis. Anybody that’s never experienced. That dialysis is not a way to live. It’s just a way to stay alive. So yeah let’s let’s take care of that problem before it happens because again like sugar. And i didn’t want to do dialysis so that i went through all that to avoid that. And then i learned how much it benefited my brain and then our very first rotary convention. There was a it. Was one of those breakout sessions for people who haven’t gone to conventions answer the little side meetings and it was piece of brain health and i thought what the heck kind of topic is that but it’s brain health so i’ll go listen to it. And essentially they were talking about the su- nami of neuro cognitive diseases and the impact it will have on the glow which is definitely a we kind of went through that last year so we kinda got a precursor of what it could be and they talked about you know if we can delay the onto the symptoms for one year it saves this many trillions of dollars. If we can put it off five years it seems like i don’t know numbers of dollars. I can’t even fathom. And you know if i go backwards in time with my mom. Five years. Five years prior to her gas she was okay. She wasn’t super easy to deal with but she wasn’t like she was the last couple of years. So it’s like you know if we could have pushed how she was at seventy two in the later seventies before she died it. Just what a benefit of everybody. That’s my that’s my goal is to your everything i can to stay healthy in once you get into an exercise routine. It’s really hard. Your body doesn’t like it when you stops. It’s it’s the other addiction right. All those like organs and stuff. I get released like i want more. Yeah i was having kind of a. That’s hot mood this morning. And then i did a great peleton class in. I knew i was going to have like nice conversation with units. Like look my mood is one hundred percent better. That’s the power of exercise that i really love in i do. I’m gonna throw out what. My trainer taught me a long time. Ago cannot exercise off bad eating. She’s right sucks like e too much pizza. Hamburger french fries and beer. I don’t drink beer either but my husband did you can actually all day not get rid of that that garbage diets. I’m oh your bodies the needs to move in sync in fed properly and it’s a lot to maintain but it’s worth it. Yeah that’s that’s a. Yeah so that’s another thing added things to avoid. No so i bought the process meets red meat. Sugars suites in any of that. That’s just that’s really low in new transom vary high and some very bad things i could send you now the diabetic path or something along those lines and i want that want alzheimer’s so keep exercising. Keep eating right and keep taking my relegate keep challenging brain lergy things they miss sleep good is. I know a lot of people listening to this day. They know very well what’s happened. What the stakes are so So there’s a lot of the people that don’t think about brain health as much and we don’t realize how much it really are all of our lawn. All armenian life really comes from relations we have people just interacting with people human talking right now exchanging ideas or talking about our stories to each other. You know and everybody. It’s all about relationships in our brain stores and enabled us to engage in that now so once we start to lose that and that’s that’s that’s huge when it comes to our in the purpose for our lives and being yielded chief the purposes for our lives and so being able to think and learn and remember and create and especially to love right to people. That’s just as bad as what our brain is is right in the middle of so.

01:05:04 – 01:10:12

I know a lot of caregivers. I saw with my mom. Especially i mean. There’s just so little time at a era of themselves and areas are at such high risk for were quite at risk at of cognitive decline. You know because lack asleep exhaustion. Obviously depression that comes along with the you know those are all factors right the eat in and so just the little things that could be done to help them move a little bit closer to to a brain godiva or brain louis last august little things. That’s free wish. Been pooh-poohed that big monumental shift people think make the little things like like you said like ten minutes peleton. Committed peleton mega hyphen translator. Defensive chain so probably some person screaming at you through my avoid that guy but hit classes are a lot of jumping and i got crappy knees from being overweight for years and i fell twice once on each knee so unfortunately right now living two story house with the like my knees complain all the way up the stairs and they have twenty years. It’s been they’ve been grumpy for twenty years so again. That’s another reason to worry about. He taken off the extra weight. That’s correct last four years but is is amazing. You know in ten minutes you think. I’m like a bird very many. what can i do. ten minutes. Must mean these ten minute hint classes. They like different the face. Yeah ther- there was one morning. I was running behind and i had a recording. Like we’re doing now. And i’m like i know i’m gonna regret it if i don’t do something on. Let me just go see what the options are. There’s like i dunno thousands of options and it was like. Oh ten minute hit class. I have times that trust me. I was really glad. I didn’t pick the twenty minute one which remain the same intensity just doubling time and our pella. Todd is upstairs. So if i’m jumping up and down it’s kind of like it’s a little much you know. There are options in once. You learn what some of the options are. You’re like okay. Like i have a past guest. Used to walk with his wife and then he used to walk when caregivers were at their house and it in. It’s good and bad thing but it got to the point where he couldn’t really leave her so he would just walk around house House walking which okay. It’s definitely better than not. I would’ve liked to have seen him get outside because the sunshine is good for as long as we don’t get birds. Mike bands now. That i am like super pale. And we’ve Trying to think we talked about vitamin d with dr elena recently. Not that’s this week’s episode. We’re not as a matter. You’ll guys all here. Yeah and i actually before. I go on a bike. Ride will look at the uv index. Where it’s at right now. I have sunscreen in my bike bag. And i will go out of the house. Ron pale chick and ride between thirty and sixty minutes depends on the uv index. And then i will. We’ll take a water stop. And i will apply sunscreen. And as long as i time it right. I get lineage. Vitamin d no somber. So it’s just a lot of things we can do that. Don’t take a lot of time once we’re aware of them. And that’s why i liked to have conversations like this because know like i told you before. I had to gag downstairs to avoid. Alzheimer’s i would probably try. It would not be happy about. And i don’t drink wine ebola. Everything else is good. So mike about eighty percent so if relevant can salinas twenty percent. That’s huge you know. Even if it’s only doing ten or overestimating my eighty percent. Like i’m not great at math so you know but take it for what it’s worth i do that. I exercise is sleep right. And i’m reminding myself that i need to wear my apple. Watch bed in measure sleep again like trying to do that like once a month. All of these little things will add up. I know they will dockers. Might disagree or there might be other evidence and says oh yeah. They may or they may not. I know they’ll add up. And so i’m just going to keep doing it and i think my husband on relevant now because having the relevant Realization there go the my sugar cravings went down once it started taking relegate. Let me know if you need me to put that someplace in writing. ’cause i just exchanged the only things is one of those things just never now. But that’s a good thing. That’s a good thing and i’m not. I’m not sorry that the sugar monster is been burnoff mostly Thanks for thanks for having me on no appreciate it and what you’re doing for the community because there are so many People who just wanna hear practical things about caregiving and you know about brain health things like that so.

01:10:13 – 01:14:50

I’m glad you let you quit photography and so why did both for a while with the pandemic it just you know and moving and it was like. There’s this lot of reasons. I’m like you know what i’m just going to focus on the podcast. And i enjoy it. I really easy to well. You’re using zooms. September of two thousand eighteen so once we had the pandemic all of my older guests that are in their seventies eighties. That are tech. Classes is a term one of them us when we’re having an issue with urge zoom. I don’t have those problems anymore. So that’s a plus from the pandemic. And i like i like podcast where it’s just conversational. I don’t like want the ones where i have a list of questions i want to fire at you. I find those are more. They’re easier to listen to. So i just made a podcast. I would wanna listen to in warren. More people are finding me in agreed so that makes me feel good. That’s great that’s great. Yeah i’ll rows of kinda get ready for this like the questions. Boom boom boom boom. Isaac smells. I probably should do a little bit more of that. Sometimes but i feel like we covered all the reasons why you create all why we should take it now. Why we need to be concerned with you. Know properly fueling our brains you know until somebody explains it. We might say yeah. I know i should eat better but but once you know what the but what comes after but yeah i should eat better but it’s a pain in the you know it’s hard a lot of time. I don’t have time. But if i felt i’m putting myself at risk having the same disease that i’m taking care of right now with my mom. My grandmother my spouse so i. That’s just how i this is how i roll trying to keep it real easy been great and i know anti probably lunch now circling back around again right now. We’ll try and control ourselves and we get out. Don’t control myself. that’s yes please. Do you have your all your proper foods. And making you can take your elevates the cravings go down absolutely all righty. Thanks so much. I hope you found this conversation. Informative i hope it answered all of your questions. You can definitely check out their website which is linked in the show notes. You can also ask me on social media. And i will tell you what i know. I do feel that it is working. And it’s important. Because i would like my brain health to match my life span. Which as you know hundred and three year old grandmother. So i got a few years left to go so in those years. I would really love to hear from you guys. Podcasting can be a little bit isolating. And we know that isolation’s not great for your brain. And i have to rebuild a social life after this crazy pandemic so reach out to me on social media all of my council linked in the show notes. If you’ve got a question and you just want to say hi just let me know. I’d love to hear from you coming up next week. I have an extended conversation with a millennial caregiver and she is going to fill everyone. In her generation in on the knowledge of what you guys need to know before and right at the beginning of your caregiving journey now. If you’re not a millennial like me you still need to know this information. So even though it says it’s from a it’s for all of us his if we haven’t figured it out. This is a perfect episode. And you’re gonna love her story. It’s inspiring and informative. Which is exactly what i try to bring you guys every single week so i hope you enjoy it. You know what. Also i haven’t had a nice review lately or any reviews. So if you got an extra pop on over to apple podcasts or spotify and leave me a review. I would love it. That is how new people also find the show so it is kind of important to give the show a thumbs up and a follow or subscribe depending on your podcast app and as always i will be in your ears again. Next tuesday