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Running All Over The World

Running All Over The World

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Welcome to fading memories a podcast with advice wisdom and Hope from caregivers who have lived the experience and survived to tell the tale thinking of us as your caregiver best friend. As you know, my mom suffered from Alzheimer’s and cognitive impairment affected my grandmother and great-grandmother it seems to run in my family. But I’ve learned my brain health doesn’t have to feel the same fate. As those who came before me. I am doing what I can to improve the health of my brain including eating a better diet and exercising. However, I learned recently that when it comes to nutrition, most of us are still living with undernourished brains and I know I need something to fill those nutritional gaps. This led me to neuro reserve and their product. Relatively relevant is a nutritional supplement that restores the vital nutrients for a healthy aging. Brain relevate includes 17 of the most important nutrients, that specifically Target long-term brain health. These nutrients come from the Mediterranean and mind diets, which Studies have discovered can reduce our risk of Alzheimer’s by over 50%, you can use my code off. M15 for 15% off of your order, this code is good for subscriptions which will apply to all future orders as well as individual orders. Go to narrow Reserve, to purchase. The link is in the show notes and you can also find it on my website. Neuro reserves mission is to help our brain span match, our life span What do marathon runners do when one needs open? Heart surgery and the other is diagnosed with early-onset. Alzheimer’s, would you believe retire from their jobs sell their home and become Nomads running all over the world? That’s exactly what today’s guest Tony Copeland Parker and his partner Catherine pop did back in 2015 since then he and his partner Catherine have traveled to eighty two different countries they have run at least a half marathon in thirty-five countries and an all 7 Continents. Tony has written a book running all over the world our race against early onset Alzheimer’s became available on June 15th. This is a truly inspiring story and one life proves that Alzheimer’s disease does not necessarily mean end of life as you know, it So I’m excited today to be joined by Tony Copeland park or is it Parker Copeland? I told Alan Parker who parker. I shouldn’t worry. I’m terrible with names. He is the author of the brand new book running around the world and it’s the story of he and Katherine and their Journey with her early onset. Alzheimer’s sauce. Thank you for joining me. Tony, you’re quite welcome. It’s a pleasure. So, tell us a little bit of your story. You were a pilot for UPS, which happens to be my favorite shoe company. It’s great. You guys went through some challenges that changed the course of your life. As a true statement I was at UPS for twenty-seven years and in the prime of my career there. Unfortunately, I had a leaky aortic valve that I found out about 2012 and shortly them. After I decided to have an operation so I open heart surgery in 2014 and around about the same time with Catherine was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s so we had those two things happen simultaneously almost and we’re both endorsed athletes, we run mostly marathons and half-marathons and and done trips to other parts of the world. And we decided that we’re just going to go and continue doing our passion, which is running and travel. And so as opposed to home, when people normally do is just settle down and they leave their loved one at home, they continued their career and try to make the best of it. We decided to take a team effort and not both of us retired. I was able to get her disability. She was working for the government at the time and also through Social Security. We got her on disability and then I thought Retired for United Parcel Service where I was a manager pilot and got a, my pension. And we had a couple of races on the schedule. We decided where we were going to post put a house in the market. Our household right away and now we had some suitcases and some trips scheduled and we thought, maybe we’ll find some place to live and we set forth and that was six years ago and we’re still in our suitcases and we’re still traveling and we find it actually to be very beneficial to her home and how old was Catherine when she was diagnosed fifty-three years old likes, I’m fifty-four.

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So that’s a that’s a scary. That’s a scary age. Yes that’s really early age. They said well I mean I do know that there are people in their thirties and forties but right generally early-onset Alzheimer’s the people that I know late fifties early sixties so correct and then wage So you guys are bucking the trend. Normally, as we discussed people are told that it’s best to keep their routine. The same from day-to-day week-to-week with. We’ve learned how important that was last year, when everybody’s day-to-day routines, got blown to Smithereens, especially those people taking care of loved ones at home. But that’s not what you guys have been doing. So, I’m not really when I was reading the book, I was really fascinated. What like I was describing it. Like if I woke up in a different country, every few days, it would be normal to wake up and go the heck country, am I in again? And I actually did that when we went to Canada way back in 2018, I, we were so late getting into it, you know? And it’s a three-hour time difference from where we’re at and it’s just like, I woke up going, where the hell am I? Oh yeah, we’re in Toronto. What time is it? There was just, like, complete brain fog for, you know, maybe 30 seconds before birth. Fully woke up and I was describing that I’m like if that’s normal for those of us that don’t have cognitive impairment or Alzheimer’s. I’m thinking that it might not be that big a deal for people who do it. Just would be the norm instead of I’m confused even though my routine is all the same, I hope that makes sense slightly it does. And from our standpoint, the research I had done just a couple of things you need to pay attention to one is to have an experience that will go into long-term memory. So for example if you’re at home and you get up and you go to the volt refrigerator you get something and then you come back, it’s the same thing that you did yesterday. So it’s going to short-term memory and that’s where all simers first hit. So if you get up and now you’re going to tour in London and you see the London Bridge, that’s going to the long term memory. And that is something that you can hold onto for a longer period of time. So in contrast wage Now you’re waking up, you’re trying to find a bathroom counter bathrooms move because it’s not where it was yesterday. Now, you’re trying to use your brain just like you’re doing a crossword puzzle or you’re trying to learn a new language or your, you know, trying to do something. It takes a little bit more brainpower. Now you have to try to figure out, okay, it’s a walls net way and there’s a door over here is open up the door. Here’s the bathroom. Okay, now I’m going to go to the bathroom. Maybe you might get frustrated from time to time, but at the same time, you had the memory of seeing the London Bridge and I takes away from that frustration that you might have had. And so you have memories that are going to long-term something that is new that go that helps with your frustration. You know, there’s nothing worse than waking up and trying to find your keys and you walk around the house all day long and that’s what happens, you know, log. Your partner’s gone off to work, you’re trying to find a pencil or your keys and all you do all day is try to find that item. So as I put earlier, is that we’ve taken this as a team effort, me and her together, twenty four by seven, and on there, to help her got her from whatever she needs at the time. And then also, the last aspect is that running is in her Reserve. So you hear people all the time that were singers, they were able to still sing. People were writers, still able to still still write off for her it’s running and exercise swimming and biking. So we’re building upon that we go out and we do races all over the world. And right now we we finished up a race track last week and Indiana and we’re going to do another race in South Dakota here in two weeks. So we just take it one time and day at a time and place. Life to the fullest on the way we both know, I know from the book that you you’ve done the research. But exercise, definitely helps maintain neurons or build new ones, which I am. Sure. What you guys are doing is helping her brain. Build new neurons really wish it wasn’t so hard to say, is that what your recent is that? Well, is that one of the other reasons that you maintained this or? I mean, I don’t I’m okay sorry.

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Absolutely. I’ve done quite a bit of research on this and it turns out that you know young people who get their ten thousand steps and that’s good but they say that you’re really supposed to get 45 30 to 45 minutes of exercise. Four to five days a week you on a brief hard against oxygen going. A new brain, you want to sweat and get some of the toxins out and you want to get your heart rate up and also it helps with the brain in terms of reducing wage, Information. And the great part about it is it wears you out. So when it comes time for bed time, you’re ready to go to sleep and we all know the research behind getting a good night’s sleep every night. I’m convinced that we’re going to find out that Modern Life is not so great for us right screens. Like we’re doing now through Zoom, you know, cell phones, TVs, being inside all the time, commuting. I think that’s killing so really too. Yeah, so as an example, when the cold, but hit and I know from our experience with covid-19, you know, we couldn’t travel as much, we couldn’t see people as much, you know, socialization is also very important in a lot of the trips that we do. We are with that or dead. So we’re socializing with others and I’m you know, you had to have a partner just trying to make sure that you go out and socialize because a person Afflicted with Alzheimer’s wants to stay in, doesn’t want to go out. You want to be around others. And this way, we can combine all that. So, when call it hit, I saw a decline in her because of the fact that she wasn’t able to walk the socializes much and get out and do the things that we describe and and it’s, you know, it’s been quite a bit talked about four people with Alzheimer’s and how long has affected them? Yeah, one of the biggest mistakes I think we’ve made was once we realized that we weren’t going to lock down for a couple of weeks or month. You know it was like continuing today is Thursday April 23rd and we’re slowly emerging from our little covert Kunz, but I think Long-Term Care Homes even people with family members who are taking care of at home with her spouse or parent or grandparent. I think the biggest mistake we made was protecting them from covid-19. Was air quotes for the non YouTube viewers dead. And killing them with isolation, right? I I still participate in my Alzheimer’s, caregiver support group and I should back up cuz Tony probably doesn’t know this. My mom had all the pages for twenty years. I am personally convinced with my you know bubble gum machine. MD degree that my mom also had younger onset Alzheimer’s Because by the time she was officially diagnosed, she was sixty nine and half but at that point even my sixteen year old daughter was like, yeah, whatever. Tell us that we don’t know. She was definitely a man mid-stage time. She was diagnosed so you back up 3 and 1/2 years for years to 65. Yeah, I’m pretty sure she also had younger onset Alzheimers and she passed away March 31st 2020. So, I did not have to deal with all the pandemic confusion and stress and and I, I’m convinced that she had a Moment of clarity she fell off. Was getting very combative with the Care staff. She fell broke her leg that was March 8th passed away. March 31st, I did see her. That lets see the voice. She went back to the care home on the 12th or the 12th, the 14th in the 16 back at the care home and then they were like, nope, nobody was coming in Raleigh, they locked the doors to all of us. And I thought they did call me on the 29th and they said, well Mom’s not doing so great. We think she might. She might do well form a visit from you, but my great cuz you’ve regular listeners know from and it’s like a record and release weird time. So it’s probably not easy to track, but I was getting very concerned. She thought I was her best friend and thought she was very late-stage Alzheimer’s and I was afraid. She would forget that. I was the fun friend that took her out to the park and stuff and that she would not trust me and that we were just going to have gnome But problems. And so because I’ve worked from home for over sixteen years now and there was no place to go first two weeks of the pandemic. I I didn’t go anywhere. I went out and walked the dogs. That was it and I got to like a week and I’m like, okay I’ve been home for a week. Yeah I’m not getting comfortable about this whole thing.

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10 days, I’m like I’m giving it to the end of this week would have been fourteen days and then I’m calling the executive director with whom. I had a very good relationship and I’m going to. I’m just going to tell coming in. You want me to climb through the window? You want me? Come in, like garbage bags, how do you want me to do it? Cuz it’s going to happen, right? Well, it didn’t have to happen in that manner. They did let us in before she died. They let us in the day she died. So we were blessed and that way. Yeah, cause her Clarity came from the fact that my breaking her leg and being wheelchair-bound. Her care home price went up like 25%, we wouldn’t have been able to go out Park and watch children. I mean, that’s what she, and I did, we’d go to the park, watch kids with the pool, the library, wherever kids were we’d go watch, right? I always tell people were like the creepy old ladies talking on the little kids wage and then the whole thing with the vaccine because I had always said, I’m not going to do anything to prolong this part of her life, right? Cuz she would have murdered me wage but so I would have been know to the vaccine for Mom except that it would be yes for the vaccine for her to protect others. So that I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with that decision. You know, my house home fully vaccinated. My we got one more. It’s got one shot to go. So we’re we’re closed, right? It’s my knees almost son-in-law they live down the street. So, with all that said, I really think the care home should have, they should have like, by July last year. They should have been figuring out something other than the window visits in the little TV or plastic Hub. Oh gosh. Oh, every job. Saw those, I just was like one of the scream and I was so thankful. I didn’t have to deal with those. But you said you did notice a decline. Do you was it just subtle. Does it work? Yeah, cuz that was just fascinating thing. I’m like, here they started this journey, that goes against the grain and then covid-19 sickly forced you guys to almost stop what you were doing. So I think you’re, you’re you to or mostly herbivores, your own little research project, right? Yeah, that’s the truth. We actually were in. We came up for cruise in the Caribbean February and the plan was, we were going to spend two weeks and say kicks. So we Flew Over the sink kids and then covered it, and they close the borders and say kids, they weren’t letting any airplanes in or out so she could not even leave and that’s when I first started noticing to decline because, you know, the restaurants were all closed and we couldn’t go, you know, the grocery stores and wage. So on certain days and they were closed down and entire Island for two or three days at a time. So we were able to get out of there and I thought, okay, well head back to the Louisville Kentucky where her family is and we’ll be able to see family. Everything would be fine except they said, don’t you need a quarantine and you can’t see us for 14 days. So we’re at in isolation in a hotel, waiting for the 14 days and then it was, you can see us but from afar with masks on and all that and we that went on to about June and we just said, forget this, we’re going back on the road. So we started traveling again and we’ve been traveling ever since from June of last year. Pretty much, we would find places that would would let us in with the test or let us say, you know, without a test we’ve been to Aruba, we’ve been to Mexico of certain states with lettuce in if we tested on a way in bath, So we just did that and we continue to race. We’d find small racism, little arrow, eight towns and fifty of us would get together and run around the lake for for half a day off. And that’s what we would we do and he gave her, you know, the satisfaction of being able to do what she loves to do, which is her run and to compete against others. Now, here’s a big curve ball question and I did read how you guys got off the Saint Kitts. That wasn’t necessarily cheaper Easy. Yeah. Being a former pilot probably helped you a little bit in that endeavor as I recall from the book. Yes. So in the you said, she’s you guys said, forget it. We’re going back on the road and you think that it’s doing what she loves the socialization or the what’s, let’s see. How am I going to word this? We’ve got the exercise doing what you love and the socialization is your entire life, 24/7 dead. Despite covid-19, I think is really super fascinating. Is it the combination of those three things or is it too much? She loves. What do you think is the like most important thing for her brain? Most important thing I would say is exercise from, from what I’ve read is that, that’s the thing, they will keep you going and they recommend it but the life-sized bills upon the other things that we do.

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So, for example, if we get out here and we were running around the same block every day that we get the exercise off by going to a different city. And going to the Botanical Garden there, or going to see some other folks that are like-minded and bought a note exercise with them. They travel, that’s involved, and then the exercise, also wears out individuals so that they’re more prone to sleep a good job. Sleep. And that’s one of the things I’ve heard and read so much about is trying to get your loved one to go to bed and to sleep, you know, eight or nine hours, and I never had a problem with Catherine. Am I getting a good night’s sleep? Because we know we’re, we’re going to go and do an hour hour-and-a-half of exercise, and we’re going to, you know, find some place to eat. We, we normally walk around and bring it back to the hotel and we have our dinner and then we, you know, go to bed, 8 or 9:00. And she gets served seven, eight hours of sleep and wakes up refreshed and ready to go for the next day and that’s our plan. You know, we we would plan out their days, okay. We’re going to run a day and we’re going to do today then having something that she can look forward to. And then you have the satisfaction of being able to achieve your goals and that’s also very important for individual that’s you know always trying to find something you know to doubt. Helped her mind back to moving around and in what you were referring to. I I say that what we’re doing is counterintuitive but the job I tell hers that I’m always moving her cheese, maybe her read that book she’s and she’s like, okay, where’s the Bass from the day and where are we today? And then Thursday through about three or four days, we, you know, we’ve seen the town, we’ve seen the gardens, we’ve seen what there is and she’s ready to go. Okay, we’re we’re going next now, the advantages that she took over others, instead she grew up traveling traveling was not something out of the ordinary to her and also we started a very early on. So it became a part of her routine. Is that okay? We’re picking up the bag. She sees me, start packing my bags and she knows that we’re getting ready to go somewhere somewhere, different. And do you have like a clue what stage? Then I would assume she’s still kind of early early days even after six years she’s probably as more moderate moderate. Yeah, I refer to her as a sign off when Decline and you know some days she’s better than other days and some days she’s worse than other days. It’s never a straight line decline. You know, right now today and she’s doing really well, you know, we’re going to meet up with some of her family members after this call and she’s really looking forward to that. And then on Sunday we leave for a black in Indiana where her daughter lives and grandkids are so we’ll have a couple of visits there and on the schedule after that we come back to this area in Louisville and on Thursday May 1st which happens to be the Kentucky Derby falls on that day. Something we planned out eleven years ago. We were going to be going to the Kentucky Derby on her birthday. So yep. Really really looking forward to that May 1st was my maternal grandfather’s birthday. That’s a good day. Yes, it is. So the listeners who have yet to experience this book and it said I had to read it as a PDF people so pick it up and definitely read it cuz it’s really interesting and we’ll give you some good insights. Especially for those of us that were caregivers wage. Might have a family risk of of Dementia or Alzheimer’s. You know, I started exercising, let’s see like, eleven years ago. I, I was, I needed to lose a tremendous amount of weight because of the diabetes on my dad’s side of the family and I basically took care of that cleaned up the way eat and started doing more than just every other day. Or so, walking, the dogs have crappy knees. So sometimes walking being overweight and walking, the dogs across the pavement and these would hurt. So, I would skip a day and this was all bad. So now I’m a cyclist dead. I have a Peloton which is kept me from going nuts cuz I’m not going back to the gym and our weather is getting to the point where I can get back out with the Cycling group. So, but we did that throughout the week and Emma Caswell, and I totally lost my train of thought, which I hated when I go on a tangent. Well, I’ll help you here for a sec.

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I appreciate it. Part of my problem is, I’ve also got a fact that it’s so, in the book, you know, I talked about us running marathons and half-marathons and we set goals for ourselves. As a matter of fact, Catherine was able to finish up October of last year. Getting a marathon in all 50 states, which is quite an achievement for anyone, but especially for someone in her condition and we should be able to do that in Rhode Island and I cuz I people do. Did you go around the state in Rhode Island for that matter? Yeah, pretty much. That is that is dead? Favorite, we went up the coast and down through, you know, the major super major streets. That’s why I tell people all the time. You don’t have to go and run a marathon or half-marathon. May, I suggest that you go out here and find the start off. Glad here and find a charity run to say it’s for leukemia and you go out here and you sign up and you do you say you’re going to walk it okay? Sign up in market and you’re going to walk, you know, 5K is 3.1 miles and you walk three point, one miles and win a lady pole in her wagon with a black tank in the back goes by, you know, say wait a second, I can do that. And we have seen people out here with in wheelchairs, we have seen people out here with one leg. Yes, we have seen people out here with no legs, you know, with, you know, with the Prosthetics on running races and you just build upon it, you say, okay next time Want to run half the 5K and the next time you say, I’m going to run the whole thing and once you get going you will be surprised now that. Yeah. If you have, you know, knee and joint pain know, maybe you need to take it a little bit easy but at the same time I remember one marathon where we were in New Orleans and I was running and doing the best I can and I saw this guy in a race walking went right by me, you know, but he was doing what he could do and I was trying to do what I could do. So just, you know, do what you can do, but I would definitely the fresh near the scenery. Meaning, the people there are out there just trying to do the best they can. You’ll be amazed of what it does for you. Well, I’ve experienced it because like I said, I’m a cyclist choice and, and I’m kind of laughing internally because obviously all of our cycling events got cancelled last year, there is one that we like to do. It’s in the end of the first week of September, which wage Supposed to be around our anniversary and you’ll probably appreciate this cuz you will probably understand the slang. It is a bite, a charity bike. Ride for the Sonoma County Police chaplains. It’s called the Tour de fuzz and they Rose whole pigs. Oh my goodness. That’s a little little bit of ironic cups laying them, but it is fantastic ride. We actually did it one year. After a big fire went through there, I’m in California. So like I was telling you about a year after the fire. Okay. Well, there’s we seem to have them every year. This was I think we’ve done it. We didn’t do it 2019. It might have been Seventeen or eighteen. Yes, that’s right. Now, the school that we the event starts and stops at had lost buildings. And it was really interesting. There was an actually have in my stool. To hear one of my audio box is my sound, my soundproofing boxes is a picture of the hundred-year-old Round Barn. That unfortunately, got lost in the last fires, Thursday. But today we get the notice, you know, that we’re on the preferred advance notice list for the Tour de fuzz, my husband came in the bathroom and he says, are we doing that this year? They normally, it’s totally booked by the end of March, or middle of March. So, we’re quite a ways late for normal, but we’re still not in normal times. And I said, I don’t know. Are we offer this? Kind of like, it’s very hard to plan ahead and he says, well, I’ll just make sure we’re still on the list and we can decide when they release the ticket. So, I’m really thinking we should do it because we haven’t done one of those bike rides. In fact, our, our Rotary Club participates in one that helps support veterans. And that hasn’t happened for the last this year or last year. So, yeah, we need to get back into those charity bike, ride home. Yeah. How many miles is that the Tour de fuzz? You can do a hundred miles? You can do 65 miles or 25 miles. Well, we’ve done the 25 M65. Yeah, we did sixty five, two years in a row when we shaved off like over an hour from the first first confided.

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Yeah, we were, we were very happy with ourselves fueling up properly home. Yes. And then the rotary ride for veterans is 5025 and 15 is it’s more geared for families and we have yet to do the 50, but part of it is up a very steep hill and going down. The road is not, it’s very potholed and oh yeah, it’s a, it’s a fall Hazard. So we’ve I I crashed my bike five years ago. I’m not interested in putting myself in a position of doing that P S. I had one of those also in my career. Yeah I broke my collarbone and I cracked my helmet law. All the way through. Yeah, those people who think bike helmets are ugly. Want you to think about, I had not had my helmet on this podcast would not be happening. Well, there’s a story in the Book of Life by correct. So you have to read it. Well, I’m going to have to get the book when it comes out not on PDF. Although to tell me about a cool app. So tell us a couple of stories about the traveling and the racing thoughts did pre covid when you got to go fun places like Europe. And I know there was one race that she out. Did you even though she was wearing a boot on her foot from a broken home? Yeah. Broken ankle. We were on a cruise and Tahiti and we were scheduled to do the Australian Outback off a month later. So luckily for us I picked for us to be prepared to pay for a month while she recuperated and pushed around in a wheelchair and she pushed me around and we log How to get her walking again? And I said, well, she’s I did the marathon and she was going to do the marathon also, but that was out of the question. So she says, well, I got a boot on, I’ll go to have signed her up for a half, she gets out there and it’s it’s in the outback. It’s in the desert, it’s, you know, sand hard, packed sand, and she had a cane and she went out and I figured that, you know, I would get finished and we would have to go back out and find or somewhere, you know, falling over trying to get back up in The King and I got to finish near. She was, you know, she was all done, you know. Like how did you do that? Since I just kept going, get her, she most of the time. She was by herself. But, you know, she just got to a point where it was returned and took the people pointed in the right direction and she just kept going. So, yeah, that was a fun time. And within three weeks after that she was back to running again. So a total of about eight weeks off, Every corporation and choose background of Chris for her. It’s compact know, you’re not going to do it without me. That’s no, Jesus, no, that’s not going to happen. And another, another store that has to do with my fear of wild animals and her fear of being on boats in the water for long periods of time. So the plan was that we were go to Africa and I would get over my fear of of wild animals and we did a tour with a a real good running tour company that amount on Tours and Travel there in the Massachusetts area and we’ve done a number of trips with them. What they do is they take you into a race and then also you do a tour with Jamal so they’ll give you a tour of the area. So we’re and my area we’re watching the migration of the wildebeest they come in from Tanzania to to the page. Area and I’m out there watching wild animals and someone whispered in my ear so totally don’t worry. They don’t eat, Jeeps you stay in a jeep. Look up, they’ll say I don’t eat jeeps and you’ll be fine but if you get out of a Jeep then you go. That’s a meal. So luckily we didn’t have that problem. So I got over my fear of wild animals wage and then inter we went down and we had to take a four-day Excursion from OSHA down to Antarctica, and it was four days off in the ship up and down up and down up and down. And then we ran a half-marathon on the continent of Antarctica. And so I got over my fear and she got over her fear of being out over the water for, for that length of time. And we finished up getting a at least a half marathon in all on, all seven, That’s amazing. Yep, we did a bike ride in 2016. It was called the Jamaican reggae ride, we did it for my 50th birthday and we basically wrote the tour group across the island of Jamaica. Oh my well I did my husband didn’t quite make it but he enjoyed, he enjoyed being sag on the bus.

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Okay. Support group. Yep. Yep. Yep support. And he had a blast but he keeps threatening to go back. But he ordered her bike in June July of last year of 2020 and we’re still waiting for it to go off of my teachers supposed to come in December which was like, six and half months and then they were supposed to be March and now it’s supposed to be July. It’s like okay, fine a year, whoopee I know he’s a tall guy so it’s not like you can just find that stream. Yeah, easily. But you know, he is a hybrid bike, he’ll be fine. You know, like fun. So is there anything else, ma’am? Question that popped into my mind. We know that eating properly is also important to the exercise and the sleeping and the socializing and doing what you love. How do you guys manage that eating out? I find that to be just a giant Challenge and we’re going on a three-week road trip up the West Coast in this summer. So I could use some tips. So so could the listeners, I’m sure. Yeah. We actually started off, we found a book, a brain game, Brain grain, that’s what it was free. Yeah. And it was talking about the fact that you needed to be ninety degree range and too, there’s a correlation between the gut and the brain and to to try to do that. We started that for about a year and we gave up on that idea. It was just very, very difficult to stay away from from grains when you’re out there on the road and we didn’t see any improvements. So we figured, you know, why bother home But for her, if I can find salmon and sweet potato fries, she is very happy. So that’s what we try to do. But yes, it is a little bit difficult. We try to remember, we were on a trip to Madagascar and it was tricky for everybody to to eat and she bought a white rice. She just had a salad and white rice and salad, and white rice and others on the trip. Got sick. And she was perfectly fine. So we just try to stay Bland when we would get the place sister, you know, the food might be a bit exotic. My biggest challenge personally, is, I don’t like any kind of fish and we were supposed to go, my husband, and I both rotarians. Hence, the red for ventral. The last year. Twenty-twenty, the international convention was supposed to be in Hawaii, that didn’t happen. This year was supposed to be in Taipei and we were going to spend like a week and half two weeks in Japan. And and my husband was in Japan when he was seven. So, you know, just a few years ago and he’s like, you know, there’s a lot of fish in Japan. I’m like, yes, I’m aware of it but they also have Colby if so, maybe or wagon relief. And I’m like, so I’m like, well, we’ll figure it out but I might, I might be the white rice salad chick at the buffet because there’s there’s been place that we’ve talked about going and that’s always kind of the gag as well. What are you going to eat morning? I don’t know. I’ll figure it out when I get there, right? You know, so some of my home. So, my upcoming travels should be interesting based on food, but you were talking about. You didn’t find improvement with omitting grains. Yes. Going gluten-free, baked guy wants to change a lot of literature on that we just didn’t see. It’s kind of hard to you’re trying different things and you think this is work. Does that work is the purses on, you know, declining anyhow so but yep. Things that we’ve found to work really well for us is, you know, make sure you get plenty of sleep exercise. Make sure that you do he’d eat healthy. You know, make sure you have salvaged what you like, make sure that you need. Because, as the other thing is, you’ll find it. Folks will start losing a lot of weight and, and you have to be real careful of that. That’s one of the things you have to get really close attention to stay away. Make sure they maintain their a good healthy weight. And then, you know, seeing new things and socializing, those are the pillars that we that we built upon and have been very beneficial for us as we move forward, sounds fantastic. And, like I said, at the beginning, that’s why I wanted to talk to you guys back to you, because you’ve gone Against the Grain literally. And I find with Endurance Sports, like marathons or bike races, there’s no, A way you can stay away from complex carbs for. You know, you don’t want the white starchy ones if you can avoid it. I think the bite the pro rice Racers, do eat white rice but they burn off calories. That’s not a comparison, right? I find I have to eat lean to keep my weight in a reasonable reasonable.

00:40:00 – 00:45:05

Is what level? It’s gotta be at a really, really watched the fat. And I thought the fat might be part of the inflammation problem that, right? A lot of us have, that’s correct, you know, just the the approach that you’ve taken with her health and just going against the, the norm, which I just, I love cuz I’m not. I’m not a, I’m a rebel. Yes, I am too. Yes, I understand that it’ll be interesting to see how, well, how long she lives and how, well, based on what you guys have been doing. Hopefully, it’s a long time. Well, that’s the point. There is two how well, as quality of life, you know, we don’t know how long, Nobody knows how long. You know, they, they say they might find a cure. Some point. I would like her to be around when the Cure is found. And I would like her to be able to enjoy life between now and then, or until the end. So that’s what we’re doing. We we love to travel, we love to socialise, we love to to run and we’ll just continue doing it right now. Since she’s finished up, fifty states is a marathon, our goal now is to go back around and do all. Fifty states is half marathons and we just did state number. 36, last week’s. Wow, so we’re working at it going back around. So you got to California one plan soon. We’ve already done a half and down California. Matter of fact we did the Napa to Sonoma. We did that twice. This were affected loved it. Yeah, I’m sure plenty of options. Oh yes, there’s always New Jersey. The braces are coming back. You know, they, they took a little bit of a pause there. During we were in Carmel, Indiana. And there was three thousand of us that we were socially distraught with her mask on, you know, for the starter race. But it’s more people get vaccinated and, and things start to settle down. I think it’ll get better and better and for me, you know, talking about being a pilot and knowing how to filtration systems work on airplanes. I feel very comfortable flying and I’ve always felt comfortable flying the way the the systems work and home, wearing a mask and everybody seems to comply and we, you know, knock on wood. We haven’t had any problems. We’ve both been vaccinated since the first of February. So we’re we’re good to go home as the, the ventilation, the circuit air circulation on airplanes, always good. Yeah, it has been and what they did with mostly fly on Delta and what Delta wage. In a very beginning as they cut down the number of passengers, it took out the middle seats, you couldn’t, you know, have somebody sitting right next to you. And then also they, they reduced it to 70% off and 50% in the front can open up their plane here in may they first so in the beginning and then also, the weight of the air filtration comes in. It comes in full through HEPA, filters through the top and then sucked out through the floorboards. And as you know, you might not know this that there’s never really been and a problem with all types of diseases being contributed to air travel because of the filtration systems saying, what Delta did was. I went ahead and they increased the amount of time that decreased amount of time, they actually change two filters. They have two filters and they do some testing and they say it’s dead. That is clean areas. You will have in a covert Ward. So hopefully know. Yep. One of the reasons we opted for a road trip partly. Cuz you know I’ve been least having it just one particular room for so long and we lost. We lost my mom. We lost my favorite dog. Sorry. And and then my one hundred and three year old grandmother died. So in fifty, almost fifty four weeks. Wow. Three. Two humans and very special dog. And I just have this very strange. Like, I don’t want to leave the dogs, which is not normally very attached to the dogs, but not quite that much. My husband, I think he suggested a road trip so that he could buy a bigger vehicle, which not really phone, not super keen on. I drive a hybrid, we’re talking about getting me an electric car so I guess he thought it was okay. If he just bought a bigger vehicle for himself and I’m excited about that cuz you know there’s so much. On the west coast that I seen so long, but so the people who fly a lot that get colds, is that just because they’re touching grimy stuff, or is it they think it’s from the plane, but it’s something else cuz you always hear about. That sounds very good, it is very interesting. So when we first started travelling, we were getting colds all the time.

00:45:05 – 00:50:06

Read into a buddy of mine. It says hey you know you’re you know, take those wipes of Clorox, wipes those units, just wipe down everything so we still do, and after about the first year, we get on the airplane, we wipe down everything on the airplane, we get into the hotel, she wipes down the bathroom by do everything else and we’ve been doing it ever since and we have not had any problems. So often we see, you know, people now wiping down everything which is kind of chuckled to herself and that’s what we had been doing for years without having any problems. But yes, you know, write down everything you want to touch dead. What makes sense? That’s good to know. Cuz I’m getting a little closer to being ready to fly again. Although it’s been since September of 2019. It’s been a while now. They bring they brought a cruise line between flights and they sanitize their craft. They they wipe them down and you’ll get a message for Delta saying your airplanes been clean and sanitize and ready to go. We stay motion Marriott and they come in and they make sure rooms clean. As a matter of fact, they’ll stagger the room. So person doesn’t check out and somebody check right back again. They sometimes even a stagger floors, they’ll have one one day. So have, you know, check it out. Third floor, another day. So I have the first and fourth floor. So they’ve been doing a really good job. Haven’t had any problems at all, then traveling, I find it. Well, that’s fascinating in itself. We could probably go on for a whole other, our about that. I find it very interesting that it’s like our best job. Friends, their daughter-in-law, ten month, old granddaughter at the time, got sick from the daycare that the mom and the daughter were at gave up to their son. His, so, our best friend’s father died from Companies need our business and they do not need anybody to be able to point back to them and say, this is where we got sick. So they’re going to make sure that they do what they need to do to make sure that they’re, they’re a customer stay healthy. We’ve pretty much have tried different three, different brands we use Hertz. Concourse, we stay in Marriott and we were flying on the old Delta and we’ve been, you know, very satisfied with what they’ve done so far in terms of keeping us healthy. So awesome. Well, see, that we’ve done a PSA for yes, traveling during covid-19 Beyond and, and how to keep your brain healthy with younger onset. Alzheimers off, know, everybody should definitely grab Tony’s book. It is hot Linked In the show notes that you can just click it and order it. I’m sure he would appreciate that. You can help flaps his name. World worldwide. Domination of the marathon seen there. Anything else you’d like to tell us before? I let you guys go. You said you’re going to go visit some family so don’t want to hold it up any longer? No, no. The only thing that I would like to add instead, I’m not able to promote the fact that I would be giving any funds to a any major corporations Thursday. It is we are planning on donating a portion of the proceeds of the books to organizations that support Alzheimer’s and their caregivers so much traffic. Not only will you be you know helping us but you also be helping those that helped folks with Alzheimer’s by purchasing the book. Awesome. That sounds terrific and I appreciate you spending an afternoon with me. Absolutely. I loved it was a lot of fun. Thanks a lot. I hope Tony and cats story inspired you and is encouraged you to move more for your own personal brain health. Funny side note, this episode is coming out on the day that my husband, and I are finally getting to take a vacation in almost two whole years. So you enjoy this episode while we travel up the west coast and escape the heat of Northern California.

00:50:06 – 00:52:12

We’re going to be doing our own hiking biking swimming and hopefully getting in fact to a yoga and stretching routine as many of, you know, my husband had a recent medical scare and we are hoping that this jump-starts his new focus on health coming up. Next week is an interesting topic. What the heck is death positivity? It may sound like an episode. Do you would want. Yep. But trust me, you’ll find this absolutely fascinating humorous and beneficial when it comes to end-of-life planning conversations. Remember, I am conducting an audience survey cuz I would really like to know what you guys like what you don’t like and what you might want to see that. I haven’t thought of yet and I know you got a lot of things to do. So to sweeten the pot, I have a fantastic gift basket that I will be giving away to one. Lucky recipient who fills our survey. Some of the items included are two bottles of neuro Reserve, which is over $100 in value a fidget blankets or cube hasn’t come yet. So I can’t tell you which one it is a beautiful brand, new children’s books. Some of the handmade greeting cards that I make and a little something off. Just from my home town, I’m still looking for more items to add to the basket. I’m asking past guests and future guests if they have an item would like to donate, so stay tuned. Watch the social media. Make sure you’re signed up for the newsletter cuz it’s definitely going to be talked about there. And when the survey comes out, you can find out of the show notes or in your email, I want to thank you for being loyal listeners and despite my vacation, I will be in your ears again next Tuesday.