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Storing & Sharing Memories with EchoBox

Storing & Sharing Memories with EchoBox

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Welcome to fading memories. A podcast with advice wisdom and hope from caregivers who have lived the experience and survived. Tell the tale. Think of us as your caregiver. Best friend when. I learned that despite eating healthy as possible we can still have undernourished brains. I was frustrated. I also live in a farming community. So i’m aware that our food isn’t grown as well as we need learning about neuro reserves relevant and how it’s formulated to fix this problem. Convince me to give them a try now. I know many of you are skeptical. As was i however i know it’s working because of one simple change. My sweet tooth is gone. I didn’t expect that and it’s not something other users have commented on. Here’s some truth. My brain always wanted something sweet now. Fruit usually did the trick but not always one bad night’s sleep would fire at my sugar cravings so much they were almost impossible to ignore you. Ever have your brain screaming for a donut. Well for me. Those days are gone. It’s been about six months since i started taking the supplement and i have no regrets. I believe in my results. So much that i’m passing on my fifteen percent discount to you try it for two or three months and see if you have a miraculous sweet tooth cure or maybe just better focus and clarity. It’s definitely worth a try. The discount link is in the shouts. I started this podcast. Because i was searching for better ways to connect with my mom. All the advice i had read wasn’t working having all the tools i needed but not easily accessed is the problem that today’s guests are trying to solve echo. Box reconnects us with ourselves and our loved ones by sparking memories kindling stimulating conversations and boosting cognitive function. It helps us cope with depression. Boredom anxiety and grief by providing a simple fun and positive activity adding color and laughter to an afternoon or family event. This rich detailed reflection will one day serve as an irreplaceable tribute to our memory and treasured gift. For those we leave behind friends and family will always have this round visit reminisce and rediscover what we loved. Most about life with me today is tim and tana’s robert’s day actually are not caregivers turned creators. They are creators that recognized in need in our world and filled it. They have a app called echo box. What we’re going to chat about afternoon. So thank you guys for joining me there. All the way in calgary. I’m in northern california for having us. There would welcome so you. You didn’t find a personal need to create does apso. Why why did you start the app. Most of us kind of do it as a self care. this is a tool. I need kind of caregiving process. But you came about it from a different angle. So why don’t we start there right. i’m will. I guess gone to about twenty fifteen. Just was simple was watching a youtube video. An older gentleman had the recording of his wife’s voice on answering machine. And when his service provider had to reboot their system or upgraded lost all of them recordings on everyone so they had to make another recording so not a big deal for most people but for him he lost the sound of his wife’s voice in so the video we saw Showed him Getting it back. The tech team dug it out of all these deleted files and founded forum and seeing him. Get it back with. Just you know it’s just a it was him It was great to see but it also kind of it brought into focus. This idea that You know seniors have so many stories to tell and You know facebook isn’t really going to provide that for them that there isn’t you know technology in n. Seniors don’t necessarily go hand in hand all the time it’s it’s You know it’s actually most of the you know the powerhouses in social media there are trying to focus on the younger generations. Listen so we just thought you know how many stories are being austin memories. And how valuables is that and so originally we figured while we could try to make some sort of grief support App so that when someone passes away if they put in all these things. I love about lifelike. Their favorite songs recipes and In a realm where. You’re not going to be advertised to or third parties. Gonna take all of your stuff away from Been hey can maybe make a comfort around death a little easier and the have a you know a tool here for people that have lost someone special.

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At in the process of building this platform we realized it means so much more to other people That were just kind of like hanging onto the coattails in you know seeing where it takes a and so yeah. It’s introduced us to many wonderful hard working people such as yourself so we are. Just you know we’re trying not to be like. Hey look at our flashy little gizmo to all these people that are doing. Such incredible work not celebrated not glorious like a likely mentioned earlier so It’s been a huge eye opener for us and most recently a we’ve been hearing back from people like dementia care specialists and alzheimer’s care. Groups are just. This is more than a agree support a platform. It has so many other qualities for people that are alive entering these memories. Colette making this collection in this realm. it has a lot more to do with cognitive function in waking up like fresh a conversations in so this was a bit of news to us like so we keep on finding out what we’ve what we’re creating as it goes awesome. My attorney grandmother was always big on wanting to record stories of course closer to the end of her life. I was trying to do just that. I have a a lapel mic that plugs into my phone and i would use it on her because she spoke really softly and i had to yell his shoes half deaf and she passed away in april at one hundred three so we don’t go out people go. I’m so sorry. I’m like us one hundred three. I think that’s a pretty good good run and one of the. I did manage to get a few recordings but my favorite is when. She’s talking about my dad her oldest son who passed away before she did. He went on a Missionary trip kind of like a missionary trip through the rotary club are rotary organization to do. Well he was doing. Pr for the eye. Doctors who are doing cataract surgeries in africa near that two years in a row the second year old between the first the second year they decided they have to ship this. You know medical chairs and cops and all those big bulky equipment and so they had to fill a Shipping container so. They got this wild idea that wants the should be container was there. They would turn it into a library now. My paternal grandmother was headline burien at one of our local schools. And i did not know the amount of input that woman i think if you were a sitting on the park bench and you finish the book and set it down. She snatched a take us for the library and she claimed that they named it. After my dad and i thought okay yeah. That’s nice. i’m not gonna argue with her. You know not worth it. And i wasn’t sure and turns out. After she passed away i found out they. Did they library after my dad. So i have this story from two people. Now that are gone and it. It was very nice to hear again after she passed away. ’cause right at the end that got a little bit frustrating so you guys are not wrong about the stories and then with my mom. I’m i’m wondering. I think it would have helped if i could have said things like. Oh you’re you know. Remember we used to make this favorite dish. Whenever i mean i kind of what they were but my dad was a terrible eater so i’m wondering if that would have helped connect better. That’s how the podcast started. I was doing deep internet research trying to find ways to connect with her. When i visited her in the memory community. I didn’t have to listen to. What have you up to lately. What did you up to would say that. Literally every two minutes. And i would say i would tell her. I used to go on mondays until i went to. The gym was forty two did x. And she asked me again. Oh well you know mondays. So i went to the rotary meeting and nice though should ask for the third time well i to the rotary needed. So so talk about okay. Then it’d be jim rotary now. I mean i had about five answers. And then i ran out of cereal in this. Found that all of the suggestions in the music and look at it. So i was steph. Worked with her was awful steiner podcast. I could talk to people and find another options that were easier. The hottest you guys said. This was two thousand fifteen. The app came out july of twenty twenty so that it take five years to create now is more just five years for the idea to percolate because even initially we thought we may maybe go into nursing homes ourselves record stories and then just provide that for people and it just took a long time to evolve figure out what platform we were actually going to use them.

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We are not techie people at all have any apps on my phone so is a whole new world you know. Sometimes we get asked questions that quickly reveal how little we know about technology in which we have to just fess up and say look. This is the idea that brought us here. We’re learning as much as we. Can you know marketing building. An advisory board to getting out there having a business plan all sorts of things because we were busy. We had our own jobs. We’ve got two young girls so it wasn’t like something. We attacked with vigor off the bat it just slowly gained momentum and then your parents my mother and father in law just were crazy and kind enough to see in promise in this to kind of help us financially to get the ball rolling and it’s rolled to the point where it’s just it’s evolving on a week to week. Basis pleasure talking to gerontologist or death dulas or a psych psych psychologists or professors. Everyone has a different sort of angle. And we keep relearning what we’ve built in. So it’s it’s on one hand it’s it’s greats On the other hand it’s keeping so busy it’s kind of like i don’t know f a year has gone by any faster than this last year and of course with the pandemic i. It was difficult because everyone’s trying to roll with the punches and especially the healthcare sector. I mean there is just. They were swamped with so much to do. And it was probably the worst year possible to try to like. Get everyone’s attention and be like look at this colorful cool thing that can help you have a good time and navy’s like are you serious right now like you know. We have other things to do right now. So it’s been a learning process but some but yeah our calendar as the weeks go by getting messier and messier just like know. Zoom meetings in in calls in conferences Being able to speak to groups and it’s been awesome in so Yet we’re just willing to to roll with it and the more people that it can help the better and We’re just thrilled with how many kinds of spokesman branches is seems to be doing. Well why don’t you tell us exactly what the app does. Because we haven’t. I know because i’ve looked at it. Most people who are like the. What you sir. Well it’s without seeing it. It’s a little hard but we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible as basically made an app that there’s no advertising and there’s no way to communicate with each other besides saying Do you want to see my echo box or i like sierra box and what an echo box is is basically just life of cut up into a whole bunch of different sections so let you wanna talk about animals or outdoors or songs or recipes or movies or pets that you’ve had or work projects that you’ve done anything that we we could think of. We made a subject for that so that users could go in. And whether it’s like your favorite song or your fourth favorite recipe or your mom’s you know family recipe that at that you didn’t wanna forget You could reach in there and put a a title and a description if there was a link to something on the web. You can add that to your little description if you wished you could make recordings about it. So there’s you’ve got that aspect of if you’re on a hike that you really love you can take a little video of of you know from the hilltop and then wanna record a little bit about how year you know every monday morning. I like to my little walk Going here there the whole idea. Is you make this huge collection of certain things. So that your contacts or family members or close friends can really dive into your world Without any static without any interference from the outside world opinions knowledge stuff in canada. Celebrate who you are or who you were if you’ve already passed away and you know. Listen to some favorite songs and cook up something from a recipe book and sit down and watch one of your favorite movies. Have this sort of experience through someone else’s favorite things that kinda puts you in a a newer sort of place to appreciate them. Whether that’s you know a friend who’s alive or somebody who’s passed on or for ourselves. We wanna just know that after we go. We’ve left you know all these little things that might seem like a little flippant during the day. Or what have you but you know after gone. I mean it’s too late to ask them what their fourth favorite song is or something like that. Everything carries so much meaning so yet. We’re just trying to basically make a safe little double for people to put all the stuff that’s wrote a smile to their face so that people can visit it. That’s about it that’s really cool. I had a little project last year. That i decided to start somewhere in december of twenty nineteen. I’m a photographer as to do scrapbooking. And that’s all it i.

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I kinda stopped because we have one daughter. It was like. Oh you know. Here’s the beginning of the year. And here’s the spring thing and here’s a summer thing here’s back to school and here’s birthdays. Here’s christmas and then repeat and it was like he’s getting really boring and when you go back through family photos and an even like if you go to a museum or something people really like to see like what was day to day life like in twenty twenty and i then heard a podcast. They were they talked about. How postcards used to be a little slice of our daily life whereas now we have social media. And i thought oh your social media sort of like our our data day movies but we don’t really have a way of archiving those easily for somebody else to to look at you know twenty twenty or so years from now which obviously you guys have created so i decided to do a little tiny scrapbook of twenty twenty daily life before i knew that twenty twenty was going to be strangest year ever and i’ve continued into this year but it’s like pam life is very quiet. Now what’s going on and it’s a totally different day to day kind of i don’t do every single day because my life not that you know it was really you know it started off with. We decided to downsize and move and we move sold. Our house moved into a rental temporarily. And then my mom was having issues and then she fell and broke her leg on march eighth last year to pass march thirty first right at the beginning of the pandemic. So you know we started off twenty twenty with a bang how it ended. So thank you alicea. Twenty seventeen started out like that too. So i’m a little bit nervous. Twitch three but what you guys have created as sort of a a digital version of what i did and i’m thinking i should ’cause i i actually glued photos into a book and the book is like a closing. Its stands way open. So i’m gonna actually converted to an actual printed digital books that it’s a little more manageable but nonfiction. I should somehow and i have the have the technology but to record different little stories that go with like the pictures. Some recent vacation i need more projects will in. It’s it’s funny you say that too because You know a lot of people do use it as a scrapbook or especially whether it’s for them For someone that they love it serves more purposes than we thought it would infer for caregivers Especially we hear them say whether the connection that they have with their patients or whether it’s on them seeing like just the difference in attitude or when they’re when they’re certain to sift through these memories the conversations that kind of pop up in so. Yeah it’s it’s i don’t know is far as scrapbooking goes we never really saw it as the scrapbooking idea but as soon as people started mentioning that we were like yeah it is kind of. It’s right between the old fashioned treasure chest that you might have your heirlooms in and what’s available today like instagram and social media facebook and everything what we’re trying to provide something where we can honor these bits and pieces and have them safely stored so that You know especially with yourself in california and us up in where we are in canada lotta wildfires going on and a lot of things that you know we didn’t realize again we recreating safe place to store like if somebody’s treasured. Treasure chest goes up in flames or something Didn’t have time to grab it or a flood or all these sort of theft and loss. It least substitute for the physical item in your hand. But if you had Special thing that was handed down. That’s in that chest. At least you can take a picture of it. Take a little recording of You know put a title in description of what it means fewer where it came from at least that you would have those elements at play if you were to lose all of these things physically so yeah it is kind of like it’s a digital scrapbook it’s like a digital you can leave your legacy digitizing legacy if you wanna tell meaningful things that happened in your life or if you wanna keep it nice and fluffy. Hey i like this. I like this. And that’s that it’s it’s really up to the to the individual. Yeah and we should mention that We made it so that if you are a caregiver you can host multiple echo boxes so you can have one for all of your patients and then we have the ability to gifted so. Let’s say they pass away and their family members want to ownership of the echo box. You can gift it to another device sta was gonna be my next question. Is you know. Obviously the for those of us who are still cognitively.

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Fine at least. I think i am. You know this is a cool way like start my own echo box to do some of the stuff we’ve just talked about especially with you know like in our old house. It was easy. I knew exactly what to grab was my husband’s grandmothers. hope chest. Which happens to be right there and that doesn’t have all photo albums anymore because it got too much stuff but We talked a little bit. About how i could have. Maybe used some of the information. My mom would’ve entered as a way of helping connect as she got further along into her alzheimer’s so how how can caregivers either family caregivers or professional caregivers. How can they utilize echo box to do just that to kinda help. Bring people out of the fog of alzheimer’s and dementia a little when when we can’t do that one hundred percent but there was occasionally my mom would come up with a conversation and be like we’re that come from and in those would have been have been better prepared. I would have been able to enjoy the more lives. Came so far out of the blue like i. My shock overtook my ability to think fast enough to respond and bringing those out as much as possible right. Well i think probably to adjust the question. I think the best way i mean. Everyone’s gonna use it a little bit differently. And i think the longer that we’re out there the more that we’ll see the results from people who have gone through the different stages of their life because we can’t fast forward ten years but it would be interesting to see somebody who immediate right at the beginning of the dementia experience just a while. They’re still able to put in lots of details. Where later might be a struggle. We love to see what that kind of produces or how much that helps people But for now. We’re so new that with the best way to connect whether it’s with your with your life or with your parents if you’re building echo box with for your parents or for a patient is Yet basically just to. Whether it’s you know five minutes a day or whether you’re doing it with them or if they’re capable enough to to sit down with a tablet and start feeling like filling out their own stuff than that’s great We found out that it’s just it’s improving things like a family visits in. Its approving the the caregiver patient relationships that just connection that they have in. It’s If it’s a new caregiver in a new situation they can take a look at a couple of echo boxes in and really get a feel for somebody end. Nowhere safe places artists to strike up a conversation. That’s gonna really can be a productive lunch and so i guess in a long winded way. I’m trying to saying we don’t know really yet as in the long term. How how it’s gonna look good in the short term people are using it. all in different ways some of them retrospectively. Somebody might have already passed away but the family gets and creates an echo box and they all contribute their ideas memories so that You know they’re still. It’s under mentally the same idea. It’s just it wasn’t created by that individual but it’s it’s really changed the it can. It can work in a lot of different ways. I could say that. I’ve just like very excited to like start by now. It’s just i guess. I need more projects to the but now a good time because like i said we’ve just returned from three weeks on the road. Thank you by the way canada. We were gonna go into british columbia but as we were planning in the late spring late winter early spring. I said you know the border is still closed. We don’t know what it’s going to be opened. Maybe we should just turn around. You know olympic national park and come back home. That’s far enough right. So they opened the border of the day. We came home consumable. Yeah that’s came with. This was our first husband’s first time towing twenty eight while any kind of trailer other than the police radar. Trailer was a bone here for a police department. The radar trailer is tiny and light a twenty. Eight foot traveled. He’s not tiny or why any comparison as the on me but those are the memories. We should like you know. Keep track of because they’re not the ones you think about when you’re looking back through the photos and all that good stuff and those are the little the jams the little the flavor that you know. I think our daughter would appreciate down the road. I’m sure she doesn’t even know that story. I mean she knows about employing. The radar trailer. If she does the fact that. I didn’t think we were going to town and one piece because he slammed on the breaks before we even got out of our city is like the estate. Planning look is here named the lookers. Like i don’t know. Why are you telling me dad’s gonna kill. We made it back at three weeks so we didn’t kill each other. Dogs are good so those are all the little funny stories that you don’t generally put down in the scrapbook his not everybody’s weird like i am so i think i’m gonna.

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I’m just going to add one more thing to do. So what is the masumi. You guys have your own echo box. Do you want to share a little tidbits about what you’ve put in absolutely sure you wanna go always talk so much on takeovers that will. There’s you know there’s a lot of different category. So i guess for me. I really like books. So that’s the one that i tackled right away. So entering some of my favorite books from the stories about take a little picture of of the Everything like nuts so and just slowly you know. I’ve been slowly working away at it because it is you know in the end. There’s something like forty thousand four thousand four thousand. That’s eight four thousand different categories that you can actually fill out so you’re just taking my time enjoying it right going over my own memories of when i was younger and stuff Yeah for me. I mean i i love music and i love sports so i found that i spend a lot of time when i am entering stuff in those sections whether it’s You know memories of i of a race or whether it’s a football match that i remember watching with my dad when i was a kid or a you know going to the music and i just talk about the albums that i have liked what years that they kind of had you know an act on the or what have you The fun part for us is to kind of see the different bits and topics that other people are interested in. Because i mean we’re gonna have to evolve in take our feedback in at other topics because things are important to people. We don’t know what exactly like if we have to make a paper mash as section in because we keep hearing from people that than you know so he comes But yeah i. It’s just amazing. It crosses like you’re talking about not quite getting into canada crossing that border We’re trying to go down to the states to try to see what we can because there’s all sorts of different logistics ago with it but coming up with this idea we realized that it transcends all sorts of different things like location We can be echo bucks context no matter where we are in the world. Or there’s no real age groups that is going to not have an effect on whether it’s kids or middle aged or and sexy transcends like location time because once we’re gone still there of religion. I mean all of us. All of us have memories in people that we want to be remembered or remember them. And so i just think that it’s multipurpose tool and it may be a little time. We’ll have a better definition of like the things that can do right now. Is just like this. Kaleidoscopic illusionary thing Which was really bright and colorful and fun. But it’s exhausting and we’re just trying to do all the right things at the right time because ten said not. We’re not business. People are or techie people. So it’s just trying to swim. Only we had an idea your gold for it. All you know the dynamic learning is really good for your braids that helps prevent loss of neurons as we age. So you know just not only a good thing for the world. You’re doing a good thing for your mental health. So health mental. Thank you yes. You haven’t heard that yet so you know it’s just great hearing hearing everyone’s opinions and and yeah it’s it’s it’s been a blast awesome. How old are your daughters whether nine and twelve going on thirteen so yeah right in the swing things. We’re in that sweet spot where it won’t be too long until you know whatever dad whatever mom and the doors limit our oldest is already usually behind her clothes. That’s where she is right. Now closed door making art in her room and listening to music. Which you know is cool on. It’s great but you know they’re on their way in so we’re just trying to capture everything that we can. I guess we’re the kind of people that were not the biggest scrap bookers but we do have a huge pile of our family photos. Try to keep him. Organized gets away from us. Because he’s taking on. Nowadays you take a million photos and they all go sideways and you can’t find that when you know he wanted to put into a special spot and so i think what we kinda ended up making this just kind of like the highlight reel of your life called echo box. Put all those things in there. For for safe-keeping. Well i had a client hundred years ago. Huge scrap booker. And i ended up going to her house. And i thought. I don’t know how many kids she had more than i do. I only have one. But i’m like this is an insane amount of scrapbooks We’re really talking close to a hundred and they’re all you know you know how we put them together. I i like. I used to scrap booking like that i make carts then you get rid of them and you have no clutter in your house and like what is somebody gonna do with all of these. They’re works of art there your history but holy. That’s a lot of the entire wall in her living room.

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It was insane double deck. You know holly ten or twelve foot wide two and a half feet tall. Maybe taller than they are told by twelve albums. Oh my gosh it was just. I was shocked. Just totally shocked. Because i was like. Maybe i’m to practical sometimes but only one kid. It’s like i went through. This is in twenty fifteen when you guys are having your idea. I had photos everywhere. And like i said i’m retired or photographer. So we’re gonna delve into that for just half a second here so bear with guys. I have thousands of family photos my own stuff that i got from my parents when my dad died stuff i well. My dad got all of the stuff because mom went into memory. Care that i’ve got more stuff After my grandmother died. Like oh my god. And ninety percent of it is not marked. It’s not marked with who what where when. Why drives me bananas. And so anything that i couldn’t identify went into one box. I’ve got two different uncles. I’m hoping can identify some of this stuff. And otherwise if there was a stack of pictures dot of my daughter. Her dad couldn’t remember. What do how could. He didn’t remember details. She didn’t remember details like to trash like never him remember. Remember remember nine. Remember twenty years from now out. You got a label. Your photos print them out. Cut your favorite minimize little box. And i’m trying to talk about not clutter but you know. We don’t know what digital technology will will evolve. I mean i was around when it was film. My dad was around when it was slides yell eventually. We’re going to have something different that we have. And you don’t wanna lose all those memories because nobody can tell what they are trust me. I’ve looked at negatives nothing it’s like a terrible difficult but as one question. But you’re gonna say something. Then i’ll ask it’s going to say yeah we don’t know it’s evolving so fast and who knows what the future holds we thought that With virtual reality being such a big thing. We thought well. Where would that go with echo. Box would be able to have one of those fancy cameras that has twenty four lenses. So let’s say if i wanted to Let’s say my fortieth birthday. I wanted to set up a camera. Have all my friends over and you know. Have that sort of like camera sitting in the corner so recording everything and then you know in the future you could go back in and watch that video interactivity and look around the room and revisit that entire night and see people that aren’t around anymore and hear what people are talking laughing about That’s down the road but a means delay. It’s going we. It’s smarter to say we don’t know Pretend that we know where it’s going so we’re just trying to ride that wave and yet not repeat ourselves too much man. I’ve known all that good at talking. You know i’ve never been to sales person or whatever and so have that little light in the back of my brain listening to my you know. I listened to myself talk in like hurry up. Wrap it up. Samo professional be articulate. And now we’re getting their time so there’s been this thing. Recently i saw a line. Were there like what would i if i had dementia. So i’m gonna throw that question on you guys if you were diagnosed with alzheimer’s or dementia. What would you how would you. How would you want the rest of your life to be what would be important. What is important to you for other people to know help that makes sense grammatically could no. That’s amazing question of Never even ask that. I guess in conformist comfort. You know. I guess i’m putting my trample myself in my future shoes. I comfort meaning a A entertainment and i don’t mean flashy bright. Let’s go bright lights big city. I mean maybe might brings been locked into echo box for too long. But it’s like i kinda disassociate all of this stuff. That would be my echo box. That’s kind of where. I think a big comfort zone would be for me down the line if i could no lot like it. There was a point where i struggled to remember my top ten songs or talk eighty songs. At least i’d have those now. Go back and have i mean. Eighty sons worth music has got to be almost half as worth or whatever however long eighty songs would take to play. You know that that’s a lotta time to kind of re. Remember what you loved and stuff so for me. Anyways i think trimulya already comfort. I imagine that would be the talk wireless yet. No i agree. I would want to try to capture those memories that i have and the stories that maybe i haven’t told yet in and get them all down and obvious in brooklyn walks. Yeah and time time to fill all that out you know.

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Hopefully it would be a slow progression and he’d be able to to get all of all of that stuff that you wanna pass onto your kids and always great memories. And tim saying you know later on you can use those in your own therapy in and try to remember what you were like you reminisce about what what it was that really made you tick. And we’re we’re gonna enjoy seeing what it means to other people i think. That’s where like the proof is in the pudding in so we can kind of talk about what we think it has. A you know all day long but it’s just the the the greatest part is just hearing what it means to people Being thanked we started to be thanked So long to development to put the right pieces in the right places in the code to think of all the different angles of it So when it was finally other people had it in their hands. And we’re thanking us. It was just like such a breath of fresh air that we were like. Hey we through part of the Through a big stage of it. Now we can actually listen to you. Know some feedback. So yeah. I don’t know. I get long winded my answers. That’s okay i do too. What what What kind of feedback. What are people telling you that they really like. I’m just well. I think it’s meant the most to the people who are immediately using it for a you know something that has just happened in their life while we were developing We had some friends that lost some parents and so it didn’t quite get out in time for for them but they were the first ones to use it. In retrospect as a as a group sort of let’s get together as a family whether it was over the phone or by zoom meetings because a difficult year. But it’s possible that they can they can put it all together in have that sort realm and so. I think it’s been. We don’t have that long of a track record yet but it seems to us that Means to someone immediately seems to be like instant gratification. But it’s just like there seems to be more to they see faster they can see the value of it and identify with it much faster than your average person who listens to my. You know five minute long winded spiel and can kind of picturing but you know so. Yeah i think you know. Necessity is the mother of invention or whatever they say. So i think people that need it find more use out of it but our whole idea is it’s not it’s not an app about death or caregiving or you know it’s it’s it’s a celebrate life at the longer it’s around the more people can use it as they go through life than that’s when we’re really going gonna see what what we intended With keeping in mind that we don’t know where it’s gonna go You know we. We did have an idea in mind. So we’re going to try all technology evolves so quickly. I it’ll be it’ll be a fun ride you’re gonna be there’s gonna be a lot of dynamic learning a lot of neurons growth for you guys really good. So we’re embarking on. I don’t know what phase of life we’re at this point. I give up. But like i mentioned early on we employees twenty. We sold our home. We’ve been partier rental a year and a half over that. So is there a house huntin. Homestead real estate section. Because we’re going out tomorrow and start looking should start with that and put it in my echo box as a way of keeping track of what we’re looking at is we’re might be moving to the different county which is really freaky his. I’m a really strange person. I’ve lived in the same county my whole life right right will. Then you’ve got that sense of place then right new and best of luck finding a spot tomorrow if you look out the matt but mets great does one thing that i feel like we should mention only because we got earned a little bit before on on chest when we mentioned we were talking about the ideas and then we started to get some users that were like but there’s an app purchases. He’s assistant totally free. This you know so we have to. We have to make that our listeners that it is free to download there is a free section in it you can. Add know descriptions entitles links. But when you get to the point where you kinda think. Hey this is a good idea. maybe i wanna enter in some recordings and expand on what is in there. That’s when the in-app purchases kick in And they’re very cheap. The the most expensive thing that we have is a one year subscription. It costs about six ninety nine a us. And that’s what gives you the all the different topics the ability to make recordings of. It’s about four. I think it was four thousand eighty stories if you add all the little areas so that’s four thousand eighty opportunities to put a title the description link a our audio recording in a video recording. So this too much. I don’t even know if someone in a lifetime could fill out. But it’s there for whatever they’re interested in they can dive into it so for your listeners.

00:40:05 – 00:45:04

Yes there are in-app purchases and at the end of the way that structure works is at the end of that year. That subscription If you like what you put in there then great it. Just kinda goes behind glass and people can still see it if you wanna continue contributing to it and changing shuffling things around than it’ll be another six ninety nine in twenty twenty three or twenty four whatever year. We’re talking about so we kind of got burnt there because we get excited about the idea and we don’t wanna con anyone Had anyone thinks that we’re trying to do the old bait and switch or whatever It just it did cost a lot to develop in so there had to be some sort of like way to try to patch that back together so so yes listeners. Fleas understand use it for free. And if you like it that’s great but if you if you dive into it more it won’t cost you that much We’re trying to be as as you know as reasonable and accessible as possible to everybody so that sounds awesome. Well i’m excited to check it out. And i think i’m gonna make sure it’s downloaded. I know how to use it before we go. Let tomorrow is the. It’s like the scanning. Our best friends are most likely moving to this particular area. And he’s done a lot of the legwork so he’s going to we’re going up there together and he’s going to give us. He’s going to debrief somewhat. He’s lurked. so we know where to start. Because it’s about two hours from here so still in california. Can i multi generational californian. We cannot Change that raise the fact that what we’re looking for is about fifty to sixty percent cheaper if i went to oregon rates i we’re we’re sticking with a lot of their family has moved up there. So it’s it’s kind of like we’re all just sort of moving that way so should be interesting but that’ll make away. Keep track of like that idea. The blast Any bit maybe last bit of information before we get off the rest of our day. I guess we are only available on ios. The moment we are busy developing the android in. That should be out late. Twenty twenty one. That’s right and yeah Just thank you all heard working in caregivers for what you’re doing. It is appreciated You don’t get a pat on the back every day so yet i’m pleased. Use box you. Want to give us all the feedback. You can even the bad stuff. If you don’t like it. We have to have that. Steffi beck is just as valuable to so So yeah any any and every person that wants to check it out so much appreciated Great awesome and i like you said you know you’ve you’ve entered like your top eighty songs music really polls people in pulls him into memories and kind of brings them back to reality which is not really the right word but for lack of a better word at the moment. So if in some unfortunate scenario you ended up with a neuro degenerative brain issue. That is something that somebody could use to kinda help for you back. A you know it brings back a step or two. It never great with my mom because she likes to listen to talk radio. Shoot a love podcasts. But you know it’s it’s fun you know your daughter’s can look at it and laugh at your choices of songs. Because we know that’s going to happen you know if you had a stroke or traumatic brain injury or some something that affected you. That’s a really great way to to help. Facilitate some good caregiving moment. So he got up. I don’t have favorite musics. ’cause i’m with the tide. I like sheila stuff from when i was a kid which was in the eighties and the likeness of the new stuff. So i don’t know how. I’d keep track of alexa changes. You know. that’ll be interesting for books. I’d have to screen stock. Because i read all my books on my phone. That’s go ahead if anyone wants to hear like the garlic look at the coles notes or the cheat sheet of what. The app is all about. Our website is echo box dot ca and then it will do a much better job than me trying to like. I’m just not so I’m not so focused. Or i think i can go off in tangents so anyone wants to learn about it. Echo box dossier that’s linked in the show notes. You guys can just scroll go right to their website will be great and you can watch the video of the guy that sort of inspired you on. It lost a short time anyway. Lost the the the answering machine Recordings of his wife is that’s really sweet. Don’t don’t watch the three practices sweet way throughout my day.

00:45:04 – 00:49:14

Anyway i appreciate it because so many caregivers also write books. Create apps start podcasts. Other things that my brain is only forgetting today. But you know it’s kind of fun to talk to people that have created something because they kind of saw a need and it’s not just for people that are dealing with dementia alzheimer’s which makes it better for you and more appealing. I think to people like myself who’ve been in both shoes so i’m really excited to start my own echo box. Help other people are also after this rafter. They hear this and yeah thanks so much. David bugging me on instagram for a little while. Assume ranch It’s been a glass to be on here to me me. Thank you and when you get to come down to the states currently at least for the next till july of next year for sure. ’cause that’s when our lease is here up have a very nice yesterday. Gone completely unused. Because that’s very kind of eli. We might take you on. Su great am forty. Five miles northeast of san francisco. Were not too far from the train. That takes you into to oakland. Berkeley oakland san francisco san jose. Because i’m out here. We we way out here in the suburbs. So if you ever have any San francisco meetings that you don’t do via zoom no. We’ll be a little bit longer. movie idea. Girls a bit of the world and california. It’s been too long since we’ve been a love it yeah. I haven’t been to canada since fall. Twenty eighteen we were in toronto. And that was it. That was our last vacation until road trip. So we were well overdue on. Yeah well we’ll come down and see you come see us and the great. We’ll all in boxes any fun. Asta echo box reunion. I love it. Thank you so much. We all have photos and videos in our phones. It’s just a simple steps to start building your memory vault in echo box. It’s easy it’s fun. It’s a new hobby you can do while you’re streaming whatever you’re watching or while you’re listening to a podcast. I hope someday my daughter appreciates my putting together as many memories in one place as physically can do coming up next week. Is the story of another caregiver. Who created exactly the items that her family needed she formed the business called our little piece of mind. And i know you’re going to get some great information and tips and tricks to take away from our conversation so make sure that you are subscribed following on whichever podcast platform. You’re listening to now. Be sure to share and as always. I will be back again next tuesday. We’re still waiting on the launch of retreat. But if you haven’t been listening all the way to the end. Here’s a little blurb about them. Are you looking for relevant trustworthy health wellness and lifestyle information. I’m joining the launch of retreat. Retreat is a first of its kind free social media app that focuses solely on health wellness and lifestyle content. The platform host live interactive audio chats led only by vetted health experts while allowing experts and users to post and share videos pictures and thought pieces users can also meet others that share similar health and lifestyle challenges informing communities of like minded individuals. Retreat wants to empower people to share their experiences with others to guide them on a journey to better health and living. I’m joining. Because i wanna less crowded space to build a community of listeners. Caregivers and other experts watch my current social media feeds for more information about their official launch. Date think we’re all gonna love this new platform.