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Telehealth VS In-Office Visits with Roz Jones

Telehealth VS In-Office Visits with Roz Jones

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Welcome to fading memories. A podcast with advice wisdom and hope from caregivers who have lived the experience and survived. Tell the tale. Think of us as your caregiver. Best friend when. I learned that despite eating as healthy as possible. We can still have undernourished brains. I was frustrated. I also live in a farming community. So i’m aware that our food isn’t grown as well as we need learning about neuro reserves relevant and how it’s formulated to fix this problem. Convince me to give them a try now. I know many of you are skeptical. As was i however i know it’s working because of one simple change. My sweet tooth is gone. I didn’t expect that and it’s not something other users have commented on. Here’s some truth. My brain always wanted something sweet now. Fruit usually did the trick but not always one bad night’s sleep would fire at my sugar cravings so much they were almost impossible to ignore you. Ever have your brain screaming for a donut. Well for me. Those days are gone. It’s been about six months since i started taking the supplement and i have no regrets. I believe in my results. So much that i’m passing on my fifteen percent discount to you try it for two or three months and see if you have a miraculous sweet tooth cure or maybe just better focus and clarity. It’s definitely worth a try. The discount link is in the show notes. None of us genuinely want to go to the doctor. We go when we have to hoping the medical professionals will help us feel better quickly. Some of us are good at scheduling regular wellness checkups. But even those appointments aren’t ones. We look forward to with pleasure. Doctor visits can be stressful for those of us carrying for the chronically ill especially if they are diagnosed with a degenerative cognitive disease. I could convince my mom that we were going someplace fund but it didn’t take long for her to figure out that that was a lie as kovin took over the globe in march twenty twenty in-person appointments became severely limited. The result was a rapid acceptance of telehealth appointments. Sometimes we do get a silver lining from the rain clouds. So how do we determine which type of appointment is better. That’s the conversation coming up next back with us. Today is ross jones. you may remember her from. The paperwork isn’t sexy but it’s important episode and today we’re discussing telehealth doctor appointments versus in person doctor appointment so thanks for joining us again today. Roz thank you so much for having me back i love. I love the last time we were together and every time we get together. It’s better and better. Well we’ll just have to keep doing it list of things. We could talk about it just a never any which is good for me. But i don’t know if it’s necessarily crate for the rest of the world. But i hope someday. They find a cure for alzheimer’s in put out of business wouldn’t it be nice lot. Fda just approved a new medication so yeah. There’s a lot of controversy around. It’s i’ve actually talked to episode that where i talked to two neurologists who are in favor of it. They’re ordering it for their practice. They feel like this is a step towards more and better understand. Understand the concerns they. They don’t downplay them. And then i talked to another gentleman who is the creator of neuro reserve the memory rain supplement and he feels that it’s a positive step. He thinks the pharmaceutical company that created it is he not like their pricing wins okay. And he’s former pharmaceutical. Gentlemen so that. That was kind of nice. It’s we i asked him off. We weren’t recording. I wish we’d recorded because the short answer was very long so it was a very good answer but i didn’t get it recorded. Snyder’s have to repeat it for everybody but he feels will end up with like a lifestyle and drug cocktail to deal heimer. So it’s like okay. Well i plan on being around free now. Another forty eight forty nine years be like my paternal grandmother lived to one hundred and three. So that’ll be. Ah i’ll i’ll the bill to see what happens. I hope that’s my plan right right so i wait on my doctor to call me back. They didn’t couldn’t do a telehealth appointment for me today. Apparently why don’t we talk about the difference. The pros and cons the differences. Why we might wanna do one versus the other well with one of the other during kovic it was great because it reduced the opportunity for your type of infection and reduce the opportunity of course for stress.

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And then what’s so good about it. Is that the doctors. Were able to come into the environment where the patient was so. That’s to bold. I know you get to see if they’re being treated correctly. If there’s any abuse englad’s because by law we have to report in the have report says a good thing and also to where you take someone to the doctor. Sometimes their blood pressure goes up so you may get a misreading on on blood pressure. I’m laughing ’cause my blood pressure went up. When i gotta deal with my mom and the doctor so i’ll you know go through your somebody bought pressure goff so those are the good things about telehealth. You know then the next thing is that okay. We don’t have to pack a lunch. We don’t have a pre plan. We gotta get the wheelchair in the car. We gotta get the person in the car. We gotta pack diapers pull. Ups whites extra pair of pants of bail a snack. It’s a whole situation. That is true. However i ever you know. That’s the you know the good side. The bad side of that is is that we don’t get of out of the house. A you know colbert was very bad is one of my classes. They don’t mind if i talk about it. All the time helen. Helen was walking very well before kobe. And then because she up acidity they locked down to rules. Couldn’t come out and e you can come out and walk the halls Her walking was restricted to her apartment. And so now we have to do. Continuous physical therapy to try to get her back to issue now. Since everything is all went since march april we have been doing weekly physical therapy so telehealth was good but is it also. It also can be bad because you know it limits. The person from going outside you know convenience. Yes good all the time and then you know they want to get out outside to been in that house all day. Long chapter fever depression anxiety. So there’s a lot of bad things about being inside all the time everybody wants to get even animal wants to get out of the cage. That’s true you know so. You know the bad thing is that they don’t get the the get out they don’t get to interact with other people you know. So there’s pros and cons to it but you know the pro is invested bad written and can’t get out. That’s where we really need a hell if someone can still get out even though it may be a minor inconvenience to pack all of this up negative field trip. Let’s break it a day trip. Let’s do something all day together so instead of it be like okay. It’s a drudgery you know. let’s make it a field trip was with my planet. Everybody knows that. Helen loves of pretty good bloody. Mary doctor’s visit turns alcohol role as miss. Helen have cognitive impairment. Or she’s just. She has a little bit copy impairment a little bit. But you know when it’s time to go to the doctor she can you know i she’s gonna stop and get my bloody mary. Cognitive is not bad. she’s remembering the important things. Apparently things you know so Yes someone that has declined. She’s not three you know and we know someone is short. Term memory is gone but the long term memory and some of the things that have gone. She is still sharp as attack. So you know there’s good and bad with the telehealth medicine versus going into office and you know going into the office it. You can time it right. You can’t get in and don’t have to sit long but it was one of those days days but we’ve gone and we’ve had to sit in sit in sit. That’s how it was with my mom’s neurologist. She was fantastic. She spent lots of time with us and other patients always tell you be fifteen minutes before your was like. Aw nope we’ll be here about five minutes before we will check in. And i will ask you how far behind the doctor is.

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And then we will go across the parking lot to starbucks or the hamburger joint next door and we will get something to drink. Maybe something to nibble on and you can text me when it’s time to start wandering back across the parking lot because my mom did not did not wait patiently in all just office because she you know had no clue how long we been sitting there and right now an hour was forever for me. I have no clue what it felt like. Her general physician was really good They cranked people a pretty quickly. Which then another thing you can do to is before you go. What paperwork us be abated. Do you need abated insurance card. Because you’ll the assurance cars come out in december january doing needs to sign any paperwork in advance. Can we do it before we get there. Because a lot of times you know. And i know things are supposed to be electronic now because they get a little kickback. You’ve everything is electric. But if there’s some things makes you do in advance to getting their cut down there waiting. Time is huge is huge. So those are some of the pros and cons of either being at them coming bear. Bursaspor them going in. But i think depending on who the person is taking care of a. The diagnosis would determine the pros and cons of telehealth medicine. I think telehealth would have been a lot better with my mom although we always seem to have to do Urinary tests right which is a little tricky to do on the computer has she would just get she. Would she would just get uncooperative. And you say we’ll make it a field trip but it was. She would get so frustrated irritate over the whole process. Even though i would try to keep it very relaxed. The by the time we got done with the doctor was all could do to get her back in the car. Get her back to the memory care residents because we were done with each other. Yeah he’s like an act god. I know the doctors were herp. General physician was not real. Good at there was one day you know my listeners. And i’m a cyclist. I went out. I go out wednesday. Fridays with a group. I came home. It was a friday morning. Decided you know what. I’ve had a busy week. Did a nice bike ride. But i kind of cut a little bit short go home shower. Dress have once and then his work and i got now shower and the doctor called will. The doctor’s office called doctor needs to see your mother today. It’s eleven forty. Are you getting me. I’m like honey for what always we think we need to do. ultrasound and you’re going to do that in your office. Well he wants to see her. I y i mean. I just went round and round and i’m like i really don’t have time for this today. You don’t like give me a break. Mike fifty two years old people of not not retired yet. Okay and even if i was very offended that they just seemed like a drop everything i said. My mom is like fifteen minutes away. I have to get in my car. I have to. I have to call them. Prep her prep them to prep her. Why go over there and drive over there. Then i gotta drive back as you. People are literally down the hill from my house. And i said you know these two hours before i get there. Well yes as well. So then. they’re like okay. Well basically they wanted me to go into the doctor so that we could make an appointment for an ultrasound. Long story short. They said well here. I literally spent six hours six hours. Yeah about six hours. Thirteen different phone calls trying to schedule the ultrasound for her. Because when they called me it was like okay blah blah blah blah. This that the other thing. Call us back. That was lunchtime. Mike and you couldn’t just call back the office you had to call a. I don’t know what it is. It was just like by the time. I finally got the office on the phone. And i’ve i have normally outgrown this. But i lost my cool. I was yelling as being completely unreasonable. And i knew is being unreasonable but i sell upset so stressed out and so angry that it was like you know we stir gonna just. We’re just going to go through the motions and we don’t care how it impacts you the caregiver or how it impacts your mother exactly awful you know. And then of course. She passed away and then like within a month. I got an email from the doctors. Do telehealth appointments like. I don’t think that will do already good at this point exactly and you know the another thing. That’s good about telehealth. Some of the geriatric services have was its wisconsin concierge so you know the hansel when they can come in and draw the blood versus them going to like a quest or whoever to get the blood drawn the have someone that can come out and do a ekg do a x ray.

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You so a lot of this stuff now is portable which is wonderful because to take input a ninety three year old woman up on a table to get x ray over awed. Yeah that was my mom. Oh boy his. My mom had fallen and like she fell december thirtieth twenty nineteen and she had a normal scheduled neurology appointment on january six so weak and i thank god showed up early. You know like basically my time management was so good that i ended up extra early to pick her up and it was great because it took forever for her to walk out of the memory residents because she would take two steps of winston payne. And i’m like this is not normal. I told the the way ended up going to the urgent care because we were so early. And the urgent care was downstairs from the rollins which thankfully that medical office complex was literally like five minutes from where my mom lived so that it wasn’t too bad but they don’t have any parking spaces for people who walk really slow which my mom did now. She wouldn’t walk. You know even walking in pain. I couldn’t get her to go in a wheelchair. And i. I tried to say oh. Just sit we’ll make it fun. Nope not having it like that. Offended her dignity or something and it was so frustrating. ’cause it was like step step wins. All our really hurts and so she refused to do x ray the first time. We finally basically forced it on her. The second time as we got into the x. Ray room and she was all in agreement. I kept telling her ho. You know we’re going to figure out why it’s hurting so bad. It wasn’t hurting bad before. Now it’s just you know that whole repetition. Why why we. She kinda slept a couple of minutes. While we were waiting fell asleep in the chair. Probably cashews pain and not sleeping well. And when she woke up and we went in and she’s like no. We don’t need to do this. And like i did not rearrange my chiropractor appointment and rearrange my freaking day for you to tell me no again so i got her to stand up and put my foot next to her foot and i literally pivoted her and just plonker on the table. Which of course did not make her happy. She was so angry at me. She talked me. And i’m like that’s fine. We’re getting this x ray done and it was funny because the x ray technician either has experienced people like my mom or has cared for somebody with alzheimers. Because that will as soon as i got my mom like on the table she kinda like reposition. My mom real quickly and literally hit the button to push the on. You know i mean like no x ray. No lead vest for me. It’s like well next. Yeah and i appreciated that. Because i’m like you know i appreciate that. They wanna make sure that i am protected. I’m not having you know excessive radiation. But i was so thrilled that she she was she knew was like mom versus me. A mom went out on that one. And that was okay. The only problem was the traitor hips. They told me i was normal. Arthritis is it no. That’s not the that’s not what’s going on here. Normal oxford is does not flare up overnight after a fall will when she fell the second time in march last year they had to do a cat scan the find the broken bones in her leg. And that’s when they found the healing fracture on her pelvis. The same thing that happened with her. She had a friendship but we couldn’t. She had fallen. The reason why she got a fracture was because she was sick in a the in her recliner because it was so low she locked in insistent lopping hall the shirt and the hill so bad yes so they had to puts see mix in her. Yes yes i have a. I haven’t implant metal plate on my collarbone from the Launching myself off my bicycle which probably wasn’t a big deal but the slammed into the pavement was a problem and sometimes it’s annoying. The muscle gets tired of the size or sleep on it weird. I can only imagine cement. No thank you sister but so that was the only way they can stop the pain at once. They put it in within seventy two hours. We got her a gift. You know the lift chair. We got rid of the other chair.

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And that’s another thing we have to remember. Is that you know those chairs. They sit at all. They need to be a recliner lift. Recliner lays up and also helps them stand up because the constant pounding can also call fracture. And i never even thought about that. I’m like woman has evolved in my chair. I don’t know what’s going on and with the nurse came out and looked at to see what was going on. She said it’s from her plopping in this chair. I mean immediately should figured it out as funny as a best another thing about telehealth because say she has a ball but if they don’t come out at actually look as see what her daily activities were we would have never figured out that was the cause and we needed to get her to the chair or we would have been in the same problem as before because now we got the you know. It’s fixed but she’s still popping the chair. The chip was just entirely too low. I believe that so when you say they came out so they actually physically came to her house. The doctor came to her house. And you just want to do this. We’re going to start telehealth when it come on visit Also to we want to see you know what’s going on the reason why we have no problem with With the hill as she said this is it right here. She said you get in and out of this chair. it’s just a. How long have you had chip. She said oh about fifty sixty years so she had been plopping in his chair. Probably for that long. That’s his those giving me pain. So you know you know in you know. Other than heart’s saying it hurts would tylenol. You know we have even gone to you know trauma doll. That wasn’t helping. And so desperately. Doctors allama come out and examined her myself as he was going on and for bayer. That’s how we figured out everything was going on. But that’s why. I said in a lot of cases. All lot cases telehealth chant. Be good to catch those today. That we as a favorite or even as caregivers would not even got. Sometimes you need an outside neutral. I to see what’s going on because we are so close to the situation and particularly when you know that this client hasn’t bolland. Why is she so much pain. We can’t authorize give you notice reporting being gay. I’ll freeze is he. I mean we are doing the gamut. She’s still in pain. Yes pain because she got a fracture. That’s crazy so how do we find one of these telehealth versus it will not versus. But the way you’re talking about like a combination of telehealth concierge because after all of this incident with my mom falling and they took her to the er and dedi she ended up at the er before they could contact me somehow. They had an old phone number which was a little frustrating. But stuff happens. And i have no idea like there was nobody there to advocate for. My mom and i found that really frustrating and then she ended up with this. What looked like a one inch in circumference it looked like a giant pimple. Right under her night touching like the bottom eyelashes and of course you know that happens on christmas right. Never never happens when it’s convenient. So i take her to. We took her to eat not. We took her to urgent care. Say said they needed to drain it an ice. They couldn’t do it there. They tried to find an ophthalmologist. Of course you know the day after christmas. Nobody’s working so we end up at the er and when i checked her in i said look. We’ve already been at the urgent care. She has advanced alzheimers. Her tolerance for waiting is zilch. I said the longer we sit here the less cooperative she’s gonna be. she’s already not being very cooperative. The gal literally looked at me and then looked back at the computer enroll rise and i’m like this is not going to go well so you know and it’s like i get it. You know she was an some sort of crisis. They wanted me to hold her down while they drained her. I’m like ope not happening. Is my mom was. She was a scratcher and i’m like i’m not doing that to her. Just i’m not going to be the person to do that. Because she knows me is be the person that generally takes refund places and in last week that week i had been taking her to all unfunny places. I’m again. I’m leaving so we left. It did finally burst. We got cream so that was early. January late december early january last year.

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And i went to the state advocacy day with alzheimer’s association. In early february. The only thing. I did out of town last year and our team leader advocacy team leader. Said you need to contact concierge doctor. I’m like a tv. Show royal pains. Or i think the fool cone and i said i said i didn’t really had such a thing and she goes. Yeah we had it for my mother-in-law who lived in southern california and she says it was a little expensive. I think it was like at the time. Six thousand dollars a year on mike. My mom can well know my team leader. Said your mom can afford that mike. Okay pleasure up. My mom’s finance and it was true. My mom could have it would have been an expensive. It would have been worth it. So i called around and called around and the only there’s a place called heels h. e. a. Ls but they don’t service like the suburbs. I’m like forty. Five miles northeast san francisco. But they don’t come out this far and then there was one other place is fifteen hundred dollars a visit. My mom’s got but there are some better pricey. The first ones that i came in contact with was called visiting physicians. Oh my god babb you list fabulous fabulous fabulous fat. That sounds like a plus stars. There that came in contact with gordon. Six or seven years ago. And when that’s yeah you that they will. All over northeast. florida northeast florida’s considered like four five counties and they had enough people to go into all of these counties and that was my first contact with the now United health and other Insurance depending on what state you live in now have a concierge service after last year. Yup more because the last year but they will already starting even prior to colgate. Because ms helen is always talk about the challenge. Ms helen had fired to hold it. But then it became the more important win. Cova and i’m she had it because we would have been in pictoral particularly because of the medication. She’s all because some of the occasion requires a doctor visit. Read ninety days. So i was having choisir. Pull the car up to the front leave. The car. there didn’t go back in. And you know the the doctor had to come in versus us. Having to go to her so it was a good thing you know during before the even during that because medication. Getting that medication renewed with such It had to be continued as keep them on a routine. You know if you miss medicine. Sometimes with a person of age it impacts the care. It’s it’s it’s it’s hard on us because you know some of it tastes care of their behavioral issues. Some of the takes care of their incontinent issues. Sunday taste of their appetite issue so so bears a lot of things that are really good. That have come out of the cashier. You you know an particularly those people who have caregiver staying with their loved ones so you know it like i said it reduces the opportunity or falls in safety and stress being overwhelmed all of that but then on the other side too you know. We have to look to make sure that we don’t Become so attached to this that we isolate. I love one going outside definitely. Yeah now i can see. I have a geriatrician. That speaks on the podcast. Almost monthly and she makes house calls. I don’t think that it’s like for everybody. But she has a similar case to what. You’re talking about with ms helen. Gentlemen that was in. Her care was having a lot of falls and she went through all of her testing and checking the medications and all of the stuff that she’s talked to my audience about and that wasn’t solving the problem says she went to his house now. This gentleman was a retired antiques dealer so he had area rugs layered over other area. Rugs known. I’m telling you my balance is very good. That would be a tripping hazard for me my biggest concern of my house a trip over dog toys.

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You know some of them are very hard plastic. Because i got golden retrievers so we got the super chewers soy. I generally try to look for the dog toys and move them out of the path. Swyto kick them with my porto’s those says those things are hard and heavy. Don’t break any toes. So the other issue with this gentleman taus besides six area rugs was he had like beautifully curated things in corners or on the edges of like the couch. Sorry that you might be able to catch yourself on. If you’re falling. This would be like books in you know. Silver tea sets and other beautiful antiques. But they’re certainly not catch. Your folly might’ve actually make it. Worse can only imagine landing on teapot or coffee pot now and she. That’s how she fixed his situation so definitely think as we age we need to kind of inspect people’s environments because our vision out doesn’t usually get better with age and we get into maybe we get into a rut and we don’t change things we don’t none of us wants to admit that we need to like move dog toys before you turn the lights off at night. Walk across the room to go to bed. Because you know you step on that bone in its poof. Not fun you know. But it’s you know i always make sure the stairs are clear toys to. They’re pretty good about keeping they don’t play on the stairway but you know the things we have to always consider and if somebody’s memory is not as good then they might not. They might not see it. They might not like you said you had no clue. That chair was the problem that just blows my mind. When you think of a fracture you normally think of a slip or fall. You never think of sitting in a chair. That’s too low because you don’t sit properly after so much Flopping you know because we don’t see grace for we don’t flop especially for tired flopper. I’m truly a flopper. And so you know what that know. You know what that consistent pounding pounding. That’s what happened in the little things that we don’t think of like. I said earlier that you know. Sometimes we need an additional i The coach share services. You know look at them. Not not as the primary way of taking care of your mother but if it’s a secondary where like it’s if she’s really wheat or she can’t walk. These may be attorney. Who need to coach share services. You know If it’s getting difficult to get her in and out of the car you know different things like that now. There may be a time when you know when you do have to take the hospital. You know we don’t have a choice but if we can make it as hopeful as possible you know things like blood work coach community do that now about my mom at in the later stages when we had a lot more doctor visits. I think she would have been a lot more cooperative. Had they come to her. You know it could have been like. Yeah ’cause i know. We had to have to scrape the rust off this brain cell nurse. I guess it was through her healthcare. Ooh they kept bugging me about like a a nurse. That would go. I think twice a year wasn’t it wasn’t more than four times. I think it was twice a year and basically a check blood pressure do all the basics and they always. They always like called and left a message. Sent me a letter like right after we were at the doctor for whatever reason so i avoided it until mid twenty nineteen and we. It had been enough time that i thought. Let’s just give this a try and you know. It wasn’t a real comprehensive visit but at least the gal was she came into the the residents she saw my mom and my mom was really cool with it. Yeah it was. It was kind of like another person She didn’t object to the blood pressure. Which at the doctor’s office she always did she talked to me. it was. It was really good. So now i’m going to have to check. I wasn’t really fond of her healthcare system and of the three we have in our area. It’s definitely third. And then the other two kind of battle each other for first and second. And now i’m going to have to check and see what what kind of options those three systems have because it would have been really nice.

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’cause i asked the doctor like the third time we needed to do a urine test because they the care staff kept saying well. We think your mom’s got a urinary tract infection. They’d call me up kind of like in a panic. And i’d be like was just there like twelve hours ago or twenty four hours ago. She was fine. I think we’re okay. But i got to the point where i knew it was like. I’m just going to wait a day or two and if it gets worse i know we need to do something but if it doesn’t get worse that’s not the problem because we have you know dash off to the doctor’s office and you know you can’t just hand my mom specimen come say okay now little let a little out then p. Then i have trouble doing that once. It’s going it’s. I don’t have any cognitive problems and i have a problem with. I mean i can do it. But it’s not easy and so we always had to put the hat in the bowl which she objects to. There’s always a thing and the staff was like every time they’d be they’d like oh well here we’ll give you the specimen coming on honey. We once again. My mom is a scratcher and a smacker. You piss her office she she pool no. I’m not. I’m not getting down. The floor in front of her is that could be seriously ugly. And i asked them once and like can you just give me the stuff i will go to where she’s at in collect the aaron or i’ll have the care staff collect the erin. I block excuses excuses. And i’m thinking to know what they’ll be those collected. That’s we have. We have abaga cups for bank. We have a bad cubs. We have the left. We have a little thing that you mark the little paper. You know what you see you put it in another bag and the you know. We have to sit in a refrigerator. You know we have a special place. Where devoted the will we put the urine. Okay ’cause we don’t wanna get mixed up with apple juice thank you. Nobody listening to this while they’re eating you know that’s you know they you know now. They’re more flexible allowing the care staff. You know with us. But i wanna talk about one. More one more con- the pro for telehealth medicine particularly people who live in rural areas trying to pack up and drive all the way into the doctor’s office because sometimes in rural areas transportation don’t have gubert. It’ll have buses on. They may not have cars at all or no one who can come out. Come and get them so or rural areas. This is great. That’s the that’s the pro. Now that another con is that a lot of the elderly. don’t have internet. We need to fix that. I’m you know. I’m i’m saying this because we’re looking at one side but also to let’s look at the other side. You know a lot of excuse. Me barely have cell phones. Do they have cell phones. I didn’t even know what is still look bowls until i saw someone would have flipped. Boater the gas this below in the smithsonian if you or works because you you mentioned that i like i said forty five minutes northeast san francisco forty five minutes. Well it’s about forty five minutes forty miles about sixty miles north ish. I guess is mostly straight north. I’m not directionally challenged right. Silicon valley techs tech world. I live in a town that has fifteen square miles. I have super high speed internet. Right here. I go two miles that way south south east. We have satellite internet which is one step above dial now. I don’t even remember the last time i had dial up. And i’m not doing dial i couldn’t do what we’re doing now with dial up i can’t do it with satellite and the reason i know this because i was shocked when i learned it. We’re trying to. We would like to buy an acre of property and put two houses on it and most of those lots are over in the town where the agriculte this was is still is but it was all agricultural and in the late eighties on through today. It’s now a giant not giant. But it’s a town of sixty seven thousand people. That’s basically a suburb of oakland berkeley. It’s cisco but we have satellite internet. I didn’t even know that was the thing. So all the places that we like that we can put two houses on our in what i refer to as the crappy internet zone. That’s a no go because the two houses one would be for us. One would be for my daughter and son-in-law and they’re thirty and thirty five there’s l.

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Those to millennials are living without good quality internet. And i think part of the reason. We don’t have broadband out. There is because the farmers didn’t want it they want to contribute to putting it in didn’t need it blah blah blah. I don’t know we doing it like this since eighteen fifty. Guess what it’s twenty twenty one. You know there’s a lot of migrant farmers children and the the latin families that i don’t know how the hell they did school during covert because one you have four kids. Most of us don’t have four computers and they had crappy internet so a lot of them. I don’t know what they were doing. I just know it was a nightmare. So i’m hoping we know the county supervisor. She lives out here or county a sort of separated my big mountain. So it’s like let’s push for. Everybody needs broadband. I don’t care what these farmers think they need or want it just. It’s time so like you said that goes back to in the rural areas. People don’t have internet and even in the city. We still have a lot of seniors. That don’t have the internet. That barely have cable. Just keep them occupied. Mostly innocent is not a priority. You know after you get a certain age. That internet should be free. This is this is just me talking with that. You know particularly for the telehealth because at some point in time you know we’re hitting ten thousand baby boomers are hitting retirement social security. We’re going to need to put an infrastructure in to handle that we don’t have it we don’t have it in your very behind on that we’re behind and there’s still a lot of people that live in rural areas there. You know everybody did moved to the everybody did moved to the city. I’m just i’m just saying is a lot of people who lived in the city that are moving to rural areas of moving to the mountains. We’ve got to have something to keep them safe. Safar the medical part. You know so you know again. We’ve talked about a lot of pros and cons. But i know you know you don’t think about the rural area. I think the internet teas but at the end of the day. We have options nasa good. We will forward options but we have. We don’t have the infrastructure for the options so we need to fight for that. That’s kind of one of my pet projects. Is i tweet at some of the legislators. That don’t seem to understand that our economy needs to help support caregivers. Childcare workers elder care workers family caregivers. We wanna fully robust economy. We need help those people. We can’t just say infrastructure is only bridges britches roads. You know internet. Whatever right it’s important to. However i got to be doing a lot of infrastructure like roads melton upper northwest here it’s hysterical seattle’s like one hundred and fifteen degrees is supposed to be like eight here today which is while you know. It’s on the cooler side of our typical hot summer. Which i hope that makes sense. Usually upper eighties into the upper nineties is normal. So eight on the low end of normal. So i love eighty eight. I’m all good for that. I feel sorry for the people in seattle. And i’m hoping it cools down because we’re going on a road trip up the coast into oregon and washington and we were thinking we’re gonna have to pack two seasons closed. But i’m not sure working out to do that so it’ll be interesting but yeah it’s like you know i don’t understand how anybody can say. You know we want these. These women to go back to work. Is we our economy. Needs it however they justify that not too certain how that works but whatever so we need childcare. And i’ve talked to companies that are seriously starting to consider a combination child and elder care. Which would be fantastic because you got older people dealing with the little kids and the little kids entertained and the older people. I mean. it’s all good. You know you might have a program here where the elderly people are in a daycare with. Children help it to take you know. So it’s kind of two fold But again as we talk about infrastructure we have seventy percent of the united states. That doesn’t have a dumps. Cna’s officials seventy is is a shortage of cna nurses.

00:45:05 – 00:50:04

That have been working for thirty thirty. Five years are retiring by droves and that infrastructures week. Because now once you’ve done a lot of saying okay i don’t even want to teach i just. I just want to bathe into the into the sunset. I wanna take a nap especially ovid. Is i take a nap everyday for two hours. I did implemented that but at the end of the day we have infrastructure. Problem is a good thing. Telehealth talk about the pros and cons but at the end of the day we have to have some type of legislation that will help us at least tackle this or reduce problems that we have or don’t get worse because of all the baby boomers that are hitting the social security roles ten thousand a day and that’s scary. I’m gen-x gen-x. Yeah i have to think about it. Because i get confused. Sometimes refer to myself as gen y. Like no no no not that. I’m not that young. i’m on the old old end of jenex right. So i’ll be fifty five this year the end of this year. I do not get social security. Until i’m sixty seven and a half they would get medicare at sixty five so i got a little bit over ten years and it’s scary. It’s like I really hope a lot of these problems get solved before. I need all of this extra help because it was bad with my mom. I don’t really want to deal with it with me. And now my husband’s on blood thinners to the rest of his life because of his his lungs know. Just it’s like you know. Thankfully we have technology. I was harassing him. Mercilessly because ordered a blood pressure machine. I’m like hello. We are not old people. I am not old people and now he’s taking my blood pressure twice since we’ve gotten it thankfully it’s all good you know i was checking my heart rate on my apple watch today because like i said. I’m waiting for the doctor to call me. I think we made it through this recording. The no interruption. You know so. ’cause when he had his his issue before memorial day his watch was going dude. Some was wrong. This is weird. Yeah his watch actually went off and Yeah snake it’s a good thing it went off but it’s also he’s like what the heck no idea about this so we have technology that kind of you know i could. When i talked to the advice nurse. I said you know my heart rate is higher but then it comes down but then it goes up and i’m just sitting still. It’s like something. Funky a feeling a little weird. That’s i think my husband gave me his his blood. Clots another not contagious. But something is going on you know and it’s fa- they asked me if i was okay with the telehealth appointment. I said yeah. I did one of those. She did a good job on diagnosing. What was going on with my ears. Which i thought was amazing because you know i did not press my ear up to the camera on my computer and you know it’s just. There’s a lot of things that are you know beneficial. It was really nice to be able to talk to the advice nurse from home to the doctor from my computer between advocacy calls back when we were doing those in may march. May i forgot now. Then we talked about keeping keeping up with your your blood pressure heart rate and your paul’s going back to his college Pulse was just all over the place and so we have been monitoring it for you know since we be became our caregiver but but we noticed in the last month or two it really was like a yo-yo and so the the nurse came in and she said okay. We’re gonna monitor on another four week and call me back. Well i call them with the numbers. But time i had caught her with the numbers within our she called and said we got to change venison because minnesota was too strong and that was what was causing the the up and down up and down now as soon as we change the madison within seventy two hours at pulse. Rate normal normal normal so telehealth. There’s no because what if we had to. Okay take those sheets in. Let her look at him. You know all of this. You’ll always to do was calling in to the nurse you know she looked at. It gave it to the doctor. The doctor said this yes less less lowered this medicine so it saved us on attorney a lot. What we couldn’t have got informed of the month two and she was still take medicine. What additional damage tablets could have caused We had to wait thirty days.

00:50:04 – 00:55:02

Get in you know. I’m just talking about another pro to it. You know and then. I also want to make sure that people he really good journal information about you know when they take the insulin. What is on what the blood pressure. All this is important. This is so important when it comes not only to maintain your health making sure you’re healthy but also to tilla hills. I believe it. Yeah there’s technology and stuff not not a bad thing you know people say like i can’t believe like you’re you’re paying attention to your watched. I’m like well. My heart rate is higher than it should be right now and you know we were out on a bike ride this morning. I’m like my heart. Rate is one hundred twenty three. Beats per minute just high considering. We’re riding about ten miles an hour on a flat road like my heart is not pounding. But i’m looking at my watch you know and i know myself. I’m old enough to know that. Yes i feel funky and not ignoring it. ’cause ryan old enough to know that body is trying to tell me something. I just haven’t figured out. What was the technology that we used to ignore those things about my own. It’s just hot outside all. I’m just getting old but it’s boarded as hot outside and it’s more than just getting old. This technology helps us detect early a problem my husband. If he had a words my husband had not gone to the doctor. The thursday before memorial day probably would be dead because he went out for a walk with the dogs. His exercise routine was to take the two golden retrievers walk about two and a quarter miles very quickly like six two. So i don’t walk with them because i would have to run and i don’t run of just not happening like the bear can eat me but i’m not. I’m not running away from the barrel. Just be lunch. That’s what i always tell people. Because i’m not running. It’s not going to be any good. And he came home so obviously his heart rate was elevated. He came home within thirty forty five seconds at dropped significantly and after a minute or two. It was normal. Everything was fine. He was at my grandmother’s house cleaning up stuff to get ready to put on the market and he bent over to wrap the cord around the shop. Vac got very dizzy. Mets when his watch started saying who pay attention. Something’s going on here. He sat down. He said he couldn’t catch his breath and he’s like crap of been through this before. I know what this means. He came home. He told me he wasn’t feeling great. He says i’m my heart rates. Really high it’s chill on the couch. And i’m like you probably need to go to the doctor using analytic about which we all say okay and i did a recording. Like we’ve been doing went downstairs. He said my heart rate is not changed. It said dude. It’s the thursday. It’s thursday evening before you know holiday weekend waiting to go. ’cause there’s going to be ugly in the er if we don’t go and because he could tell them you know this is the information that’s on my watch you know it. It was more believable. You know utilizing technology telehealth doll good thing. The more we know the more we can advocate for ourselves and our loved ones. Yeah yes ma’am well. This has been great. I’m sure i’ll do something again soon. Ch of course we will. Don’t blow away in any hurricanes or anything over there. We’ll try not to melt there. Burn up over here on the west l. Saqlain creek no green some information out now for seniors for hurricane. But i’m putting out some more things about you know the little meals you can make in case of power goes out. Know those type of things i’m working on. Yeah good and send me that information you get it and i’ll share it on my website too because that’s certainly helpful for people who don’t want to cook everything on the barbecue. Yeah yeah well. This has been fantastic. I appreciate it. And i’m sure we’ll be talking again soon. Ross is so much fun to talk to. I am sure. I will be doing it again. Soon she is full of wisdom and advice and shares it very well through her website and her blog speaking of which both of those are linked in the show notes so that you can access the information. She mentioned as we were closing up on the safety measures food that you can make without power which i hope we don’t have to deal with coming up next week is another repeat guest. Our favourite geriatrician. Dr elena mucci. She will be here discussing.

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Believe how to prevent dementia. Sometimes she changes up the topic right as we start recording so. Forgive me if it’s a different topic. But she is coming up next week also coming up later this month and into november. I talked to the creator of echo. Box it’s an app for storing and sharing memories gonna love this story. I’ve got a guest. That’s talking on actual tips and suggestions on being a better healthcare advocates and then from our little piece of mind another way to help ourselves help doctors with our medical information. I hope you join me. Every tuesday for all of these wonderful stories and information coming up. Next is a little blurb from me about a new social media app. That i think we’re all going to be interested in checking out next month. Are you looking for relevant trustworthy. Health wellness and lifestyle information. I’m joining the launch of retreat. Retreat is a first of its kind free social media app that focuses solely on health wellness and lifestyle content. The platform hosts live interactive audio chats led only by vetted health experts while allowing experts and users to post and share pictures and thought pieces users can also meet others that share similar health and or lifestyle challenges informing communities of like minded individuals. Retreat wants to empower people to share their experiences with others to guide them on a journey better health and living. I’m joining. Because i wanna less crowded space to build a community of listeners. Caregivers and other experts watch my current social media feeds for more information about their official launch. Date think we’re all gonna love this new platform.