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Using Mindfulness to Reduce Caregiving Frustrations & Stress

Using Mindfulness to Reduce Caregiving Frustrations & Stress
Finding ways to reduce caregivers’ frustrations is a worthy goal that may be helped by mindfulness.

Regular listeners likely know that I discovered the benefit very late in my caregiving journey. Thankfully, it still helps me today which is why we’re revisiting the topic. Being frustrated happens for many reasons. Understanding the reasons and how we can reduce them can serve us well in our daily lives.

But, caregivers are faced with a very high level of frustration triggers. How can we use mindfulness practices to reduce these frustrations is the topic of today’s conversation. I talk to Sel Gaston of the Find Your Daily Calm podcast. His family is also caring for a loved one with dementia. You’ll find it interesting how both hosts learn from each other in this conversation.

I’m confident you’ll take away a couple of tips that will help you avoid some of the bigger frustrations that caregivers face daily.

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