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How To Age Well – Creating a Plan

How To Age Well – Creating a Plan

We're doing aging wrong. Our healthcare system delivers quick interventions that act as band-aids but fail to include the entire family. Our medical model focuses on the body yet neglects the mind and soul; both are essential to our healing and comfort. Older adults are often scared and alone when they need more attention, support, and love.


If you Google “How To Age Well,” there is a lot of advice about diet, exercise, wearing sunscreen, but very little advice that focuses on our entire well-being. Aging well should also focus on our mind and soul. There is minimal discussion about how to stay mentally healthy, engaged in society, and continue to have a purpose that fulfills us.


These are the thoughts of today's guest, Stephanie Erickson.


Stephanie founded Erickson Resource Group and provides online consulting services for caregivers throughout North America. As a Family Caregiving Expert, she regularly discusses caregiving with a focus on seniors' health and well-being.

Stephanie is passionate about sharing her experience and knowledge and encouraging others to control their health and advocate on behalf of vulnerable populations. As a mom and entrepreneur, free time is hard to find. Yet, Stephanie always carves out time to train on the flying trapeze. She lives in Montreal with her husband, two children, and her energetic golden retriever.


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