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You Are The Expert with The Dementia Nurse

The Dementia Nurse on You Are The Expert


When it comes to caring for your loved one, do you feel like you are the expert? Do you ever feel like the medical profession has no idea how to handle a person living with Alzheimer’s? Have you had to educate doctors, nurses, and every medical professional you encounter?

What’s been your experience after you’ve politely tried to help them help your loved one?  If you’re like me, it hasn’t been a great experience. Navigating our health care, caring for someone with a serious diagnosis, and then being treated at best like the patients’ personal driver is enough to make us want to quit dealing with the health care system altogether.

We know we can’t, so what alternatives can we take that won’t make the situation worse? How can we get the care for our loved one while also maintaining a professional relationship with their doctor?

My conversation with Gail Westerhill on this topic will inform and delight you. She will teach you with great wit & wisdom why You Are The Expert (on your loved one).

Health Care Advocacy for Seniors episode

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