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Gardening in Your Senior Years Is Easier Than You Think

article courtesy of Claire Wentz   Senior gardening? As we get older, our health and mobility may change our activity level. We may no
Posted on January 7, 2022

What Are the Living Options for Adults With Dementia?

How to care for a parent with Alzheimer’s or dementia is a daunting decision. Every answer has its own benefits and challenges and there’s
Posted on November 8, 2021

 Integrating Cognitive Stimulation Through Play According to the Different Phases of Alzheimer’s Disease

 Integrating Cognitive Stimulation Through Play According to the Different Phases of Alzheimer’s Disease. By Marie Vaudry   The article is on how Marie Vaudry
Posted on October 11, 2021

My Caregiving Journey

Regular listeners know a lot about my caregiving journey, but maybe you’re new here. Even if you’re not new, there are stories I probably
Posted on November 3, 2020

Why I Chose Memory Care

No one wants to put a loved one in memory care. However, deciding on how to care for your parents is a daunting decision.
Posted on October 10, 2020

Creating A Personalized Playlist for Someone Living With Alzheimer’s

Memories are profoundly linked to music. We know this because we remember what was going on when a particular song was popular. We associate
Posted on October 6, 2020

356 Caregiving Tips

Not all tips will fit every caregiver, but every caregiver will find tips that fit. Those are the wise words you find when visiting
Posted on September 29, 2020

Helping Your Loved One With Eating

  It’s normal to have trouble eating in the later stages of Alzheimer’s. Also, it’s not unusual for people living with the disease to
Posted on September 22, 2020

Caregivers & Employment – A Look at the Challenges

Caregivers & employment challenges were a big problem before Covid-19 made them worse. This is a companion article to the podcast episode Caregiving & Employment
Posted on August 11, 2020

Assemble A Care Team (Shopping & Meal Prep)

This Care Team article is on shopping and meal prep. If you haven’t read Assemble a Care Team (General)) start there first. As I’ve
Posted on August 6, 2020