A Supportive Podcast for those Dealing with a loved one with Memory Loss

A Supportive Podcast for those Dealing with a loved one with Memory Loss

Dear Clueless – Two Caregivers Sharing Knowledge

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Author Sandy Seville and I talk about being clueless in our caregiving roles & how to get a clue. Sandys’ family has seen a lot of Alzheimer’s so it wasn’t a surprise to her when it also afflicted her Mom.  Her Mom was a bartender and had worked in the same bar forever. Sandy begged her not to retire because she knew retirement was the beginning of the end for her aunt.  Being social is important for good brain health and for many people retirement shrinks their life.

Loners are losers is a phrase that Sandy uses to describe what generally happens to older people who don’t remain social. If you’re a loner it’s likely you’ll also lose cognitive health. Having a purpose in life is something we all need to keep our minds healthy.

This episode is mostly two caregivers sharing their journeys and struggles. However, in this conversation, there are a lot of gems of information to be had. Sandy shared her wisdom just as she shared it in her book, with humor and acceptance.

The primary caregiver receives the least amount of cooperation from the person with dementia. The caregiving journey can be short or long.  Even a quick decline with Alzheimer’s can feel like a long journey. Being clueless about how to provide the kind of care you’d want is a big reason why.

Why This Book & Podcast?

Dear Clueless is a book for Alzheimer’s caregivers. You’ll need it (according to Sandy). Becoming a good caregiver requires us to read everything we can get our hands-on. Talking to other caregivers, both those on the journey and those whose journey has ended. The only way to avoid being a clueless caregiver is to become an informed caregiver.

Listening to this conversation is highly recommended for all caregivers. There’s a lot of laughs, inspiration and most of all, hope. I hope that you will survive and some caregivers can even thrive.

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