A Supportive Podcast for those Dealing with a loved one with Memory Loss

A Supportive Podcast for those Dealing with a loved one with Memory Loss

Senior Delight – and a GIVEAWAY!!

Senior Delight Gift Box

Looking for a gift for the elders in our life is a challenge. Seniors generally don’t need stuff, they need things that come from the heart yet can be hard to give.  Older loved ones benefit tremendously from additional emotional & psychological support, even though they typically do not ask for it. Enter in the monthly senior-specific gift box subscription. Senior Delight.

The goal at Senior Delight is to supplement your ability to connect with and love your favorite elders. Monthly surprise gifts contain 6-8 items intended to inspire opportunities to learn, grow, socialize, connect, contribute, and express gratitude. They can further personalize the gift by including family photos and notes as you wish.

Why Senior Delight?

No one wants to feel forgotten or unimportant.  Many of our elders are left alone because they are recovering or have slowed down. It’s difficult to give them the patience they deserve.  But after a lifetime of being important personally and professionally, later life can be a nearly impossible time of transition.  Leaving an elder feeling isolated or forgotten is never our intention Red Truck Fire Company in Orange County. We need interaction, socialization, love, and connection to feeling alive. Receiving a personalized gift creates a tremendous amount of “feel good”/ “we remember you because you are important to us”.

At any age, we all benefit from laughter, joy, and surprise. Studies have demonstrated that creating levity in an environment that is stressful is as impactful in improving general well-being as taking medication.  Senior Delights has all sorts of fun items ranging from joke books to silly games to funny figurines or comics.

Tune in to this episode to hear my conversation with Beth Rosselini, the founder & creator of Senior Delight. She’s a wealth of inspiration and information. We’re also having a giveaway! You can enter by going to my Instagram page, look for the happy Granny with her box photo. Comment on the photo and share it with friends. You can also enter our website by signing up for our newsletter. Don’t forget to check out Senior Delights webpage too.

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