A Supportive Podcast for those Dealing with a loved one with Memory Loss

A Supportive Podcast for those Dealing with a loved one with Memory Loss

Tech Options for Seniors!

Tech for those living with Alzheimer's.

Seniors and technology may be something you’re unaware of but no longer!  Options for preserving your legacy and maintaining communication are discussed in this episode.

Passing down material items with a Will and taking care of our loved ones’ finances with Life Insurance are normal practices.  NOW you can take care of the whole person. Using Legacysphere you have the ability, while still alive, to compose personal messages for your survivors.

This seemed a little bit morbid at first but our conversation turned my thinking around. Now I’m a fan. Hearing our conversation you’ll understand why I wish my Dad had known about and taken advantage of Legacysphere .  Leaving me with lots of unanswered questions and confusion might have been avoided.

To compose a message your loved ones will appreciate considering the following idea may help. To provide a unique and personal history, detail some of your normal days. You may think that your day-to-day life isn’t interesting, but it may be in the future.

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Timeless App

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Timeless is an app specifically created for those in the early stages of Alzheimer’s.

Creating an app for people with early to mid-stage Alzheimer’s or dementia has been Emma’s focus for 2+ years. Emma Yang is a very young tech entrepreneur. She created Timeless, a first-of-its-kind, simple, easy-to-use app for people living with Alzheimer’s. Helping them to remember events, stay connected, and engaged with friends and family is its goal.  People are also aided in recognizing family and friends through facial recognition technology. Emma’s got more ideas once the app has launched which is scheduled for early 2019.

Making the most of every resource will help our loved ones live better longer. Using her personal experience with her Grandmother, Emma created something that will help thousands of people living with Alzheimer’s.  Using this app as a person living with Alzheimer’s may help through the stimulation it gives their brain.


Timeless 2.0 is now available worldwide. Timeless is a first-of-its-kind, simple, easy to use app for Alzheimer’s patients to remember events, stay connected and engaged with friends and family, and to recognize people through artificial intelligence-based facial recognition technology.


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