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Money & Financial Home Care Strategies.

Money & Financial Home Care Strategies.

Money & Financial Home Care Strategies. Planning for long term home care is a critical aspect of financial preparedness as individuals approach old age and retirement. The costs associated with long term care, including assisted living facilities, home care, and medical expenses, can have a significant impact on one's finances. As the aging population grows, understanding and addressing long-term care needs become imperative for a secure retirement. Navigating the complexities of long-term care financing requires careful consideration and strategic planning to ensure that individuals can age with dignity while safeguarding their financial well-being. By proactively managing long-term care costs, individuals can make informed decisions to protect their assets and maintain financial stability throughout their retirement years.

65+ Years of Experience & Research

Join us for a crucial discussion with Peter Keers as we unravel the complex topic of navigating the cost of long-term care. Having researched the options available at age 65, Peter shares insights from his e-book, which aims to assist you in planning your later years in the best way possible. We look into various care levels, the associated costs, and how family members can act as caregivers. Listen in as we delve into the importance of long-term care insurance, particularly for working adults in their 30s. 

We explore how to cover long-term care costs with Peter Kears, discussing personal resources, government payments, and long-term care insurance. We examine the potential risks of paying for these costs, the nuances of government programs like Medicaid, and the impact of retirement savings and pensions. Additionally, we touch on the significance of researching and planning ahead and the potential role of selling a home in covering long-term care costs. 

Resources, Government Payments & Insurance

In the last part of our chat with Peter, we study how personal resources, government payments, and long-term care insurance can be utilized to cover long-term care costs. Listen as we analyze the details of Medicare and Medicaid, how selling a home may impact Medicaid eligibility and the potential benefits of renting out a loved one's home to finance long-term care. We also discuss the exceptions of long-term care insurance and contemplate the potential of technology to change how care is provided in the future. So, join us and make sure your resources are correctly allocated to ensure a secure future.




(0:00:02) - Exploring the Cost of Long-Term Care

Peter Kears shares his experience researching long-term care options, outlining levels of care and costs, emphasizing 70% of us will need care, and exploring family as caregivers and long-term care insurance.

(0:15:17) - Paying for Long-Term Care Options

Peter Kears shares his experience researching long-term care options, risks of paying for costs, government programs, retirement savings, pensions, and selling a home.

(0:21:33) - Financing Long-Term Care Options and Challenges

53% of long-term care expenses are paid by personal resources, such as life insurance and home equity, impacted by Covid-19 staffing shortages.

(0:25:58) - Financing Long-Term Care and Home Equity

Personal resources, government payments, long-term care insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, selling a home, renting out a home, life insurance, term insurance, household items, and jewelry are discussed for financing long-term care.

(0:39:34) - Exploring Long-Term Care Insurance Options

Peter Kears explores how to cover long-term care costs, exceptions to long-term care insurance, and the potential of technology.

(0:47:47) - Online Presence and Call to Action

Peter Kears researches options for covering long-term care costs, including personal resources, government payments, and insurance.


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