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A Journey of Perfect Imperfectness

A Journey of Perfect Imperfectness
Author, Sue Ryan

A Journey of Perfect Imperfectness. Are you caregiving and feeling exhausted mentally, physically, or emotionally? How about “all of the above?” Do you feel you should be doing more and aren't sure what “more” looks like? Are you overwhelmed and not sure what to expect next?

Embarking on the perfectly imperfect journey of caregiving involves navigating through challenges with resilience and compassion. Caregivers encounter a diverse range of experiences, from moments of triumph to instances of difficulty. Embracing this journey means accepting both the highs and lows, understanding that imperfections are natural and part of the caregiving process. It's about finding strength in vulnerability, seeking support when needed, and continuously learning and growing along the way.

About Our Guest

Congratulations! You're on a perfectly imperfect journey. In this episode, I chat with best-selling author Sue Ryan, who cares for her husband. Like most of us, she knew nothing about Alzheimer's or how to be a caregiver. Sue constantly felt overwhelmed and as if she were missing something. She was exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally, she was only surviving. She didn't like this disease and its effect on her husband and those around them.

Sue didn't like how she felt, so she began to learn. That lead her to write Our Journey of Love – 5 Steps to Navigate Your Caregiving Journey. For more than 30 years, Sue has been in various caregiving roles. Still in the role of primary caregiver, instead of feeling helpless and overwhelmed, Sue feels balanced and filled with hope and love.


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