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Alzheimer's Awareness Through Writing & Sharing

Alzheimer's Awareness Through Writing & Sharing

Alzheimer's awareness through writing and sharing is crucial in fostering understanding and empathy towards those affected by the disease. Through personal narratives, educational articles, and social media campaigns, individuals can shed light on the challenges faced by Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers. By sharing experiences, knowledge, and resources, we can reduce stigma, promote early detection, and advocate for better support systems and research funding to combat this debilitating condition.

Dominick Domasky is just a guy trying to find success. That’s what it says on his website Motivation Champs. Despite successfully publishing books, giving speeches, and working with non-profit organizations to share their message, Dominick struggled to talk about Alzheimer’s. Writing allowed Dom to pour out his emotions and tell the story of his Mom. My Name is Sharon is her story, not just the telling of her disease.

This is not the first episode devoted to the topic of sharing our stories. My Name is Sharon – A Love Story is exactly that. It is a love story dedicated to sharing Sharon's wonderful life as a Mom. It’s also a story about Dominick’s life with his Mom. This heartwarming conversation shows us just how important it is to share the lives of our loved ones, not just the difficult part.

For caregivers who struggle with their past relationship with whom they are caring, maybe this conversation will give you some inspiration to look for the good times in the past. At the very least, it truly is a love story we all can enjoy.


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