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Alzheimer’s Trippin’ With George


Alzheimer’s Trippin’ with George, a novel.

When your spouse is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, do you run for the hills or plan a 10,000-mile trip? Thankfully, today’s guest planned the trip, blogged about it and turned her experiences into two books!

After caregiving for her Mom, Susan was ready for freedom.  When she married George, it was with the understanding if something serious happened to either of them, she was OUT! George was diagnosed with progressive dementia, likely Alzheimer’s just before their 40th anniversary. He asked her to stay until after that date. Naturally, Susan planned a cross country trip.

Susan has always been a wanderlust personality. Even at the tender age of three, she’d take off to “parts unknown”. Understandably, she caused her family a great deal of worry.

Alzheimer’s Trippin’ with George is a brutally honest journal. In it, Susan describes the challenges they faced after his diagnosis.  Many people along their journey encouraged this openness knowing it would help others.

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