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Caregiver Founders: Building Resources for Support

Caregiver Founders: Building Resources for Support
Bianca Padilla, founder of Carewell
Bianca Padilla saw a need & found a solution.

Resources are lacking, caregivers are changing that. Caregiver Founders: Building Resources for Support. Caregivers often create resources out of necessity to address the unique challenges they face. The lack of readily available support and information prompts caregivers to develop tools, guides, and communities tailored to their specific needs. These resources serve as a lifeline, providing practical advice, emotional support, and a sense of community. By sharing their experiences and solutions, caregivers contribute to a collective pool of knowledge that can empower others navigating similar caregiving journeys. Fueled by personal experiences, these pioneers develop practical tools, digital platforms, and support networks, filling critical gaps in available resources.

Bianca Padilla is joining me today; she is a caregiver and one of the company's founders, Carewell. When Bianca Padilla began helping care for her grandmother after hip surgery, she realized she had no idea what to do. She wasn't alone: There are 53 million inexperienced family caregivers in the U.S. In 2017, she and her husband started Carewell, selling walkers, adult diapers, grab bars, and other items to caregivers.

However, Carewell is more than a place to buy supplies. Bianca aims to make the site a community where caregivers can learn and get personalized service and expert-vetted home care products. Understanding what caregivers need is the guiding force behind what Bianca and her husband are growing. There is a lot of work to be done, support to give, and technological innovations needed, and she's here to help get us to where we need to be as a society.

Visit Carewell's website.


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