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How Food Affects Our Brain Health

How Food Affects Our Brain Health

Does food affect our brain health?

Our brains are always working, always turned on. It manages everything that happens in our lives; our thoughts, movements, reactions, emotions, and the mechanics of staying alive. It's working hard even while we're sleeping. Understandably, because of all this activity, our brains require a constant source of fuel. This fuel comes from the food we drink, and like grades of gasoline, higher quality can make a big difference.

High-quality brain fuel comes from foods high in vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. We may not notice the effects of poor eating until it's too late. We may like our comfort foods, but does our brain?

Have you ever had an instance where you can't stop eating potato chips or pizza? There's a simple reason. The simple carb combined with a high-fat content fires up the brain's signals to continue consuming. While we may laugh at this phenomenon, it's our brain telling us it needs better fuel. We don't get the right message.

This is a first in our monthly series on brain health with Dr. Howard.  Brain health is an important topic to me because it's our best defense against disease.


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