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Parent the Aging Generation: Exercise in Balance

Parent the Aging Generation: Exercise in Balance

Parent the Aging Generation: Exercise in Balance. Being able to balance career, child-rearing, and caregiving for aging parents poses a formidable challenge. Juggling work deadlines, school activities, and healthcare responsibilities demands strategic time management and a robust support network. The delicate balance requires flexibility, patience, and the ability to prioritize tasks. Successfully navigating this complex role involves setting boundaries, seeking external assistance, and acknowledging personal well-being. Despite the hurdles, the experience can foster resilience, compassion, and a deeper understanding of the interconnected roles within the family dynamic.

Over the past five years, Mike and Kim Barnes found themselves navigating problems they never saw coming from their parents: Alzheimer's, pacemakers, COVID pneumonia, and the tough decision to move parents into retirement communities.

They've learned to balance the many facets of parenting aging parents, including medical, financial, and everyday-life decisions, emotional rollercoasters, protecting their parents from scams, and more, all while parenting their college-age kids and building their careers.

When you're helping your aging parents, there can be so much confusion, so many unknowns, so much jargon – it's hard even to know what to "google" for answers!

They get it! Mike's mom has Alzheimer's, his dad is in his 80s, and Kim's mom is also in her 80s. It's a journey we know others are going through, too. That's why we want to provide access to experts, share resources, and build a community so that we know the right questions to ask, what services and assistance are available and how to find them.


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