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Life Lessons from the Sandwich Generation: Breeda Miller's Story

Life Lessons from the Sandwich Generation: Breeda Miller's Story
Breeda Miller was an accidental sandwich caregiver.
Breeda Miller, caregiver, author & playwright.

Life Lessons from the Sandwich Generation. Sandwich generation caregivers face the distinct challenge of simultaneously caring for aging parents and raising their own children. Balancing the demands of two generations can lead to emotional, financial, and time constraints. Juggling work, parenting, and eldercare responsibilities can create stress and exhaustion. Decision-making becomes complex when navigating both child-rearing and the evolving needs of elderly parents. The unique role of sandwich generation caregivers highlights the importance of self-care, support networks, and effective time management to navigate these intricate caregiving responsibilities.

Breeda Miller was an accidental caregiver. Like most of us, she had no training or medical background. She didn't know what she didn't know. She knew she loved her mom, who could no longer live alone. So she moved Mom in with her entire family. For nearly eight years, they cared for her. It was good until it wasn't.

Breeda learned much during those years, including hospice care in her home. Living in the Sandwich Generation taught her more about life than she could ever have imagined. Now Breeda shares those life lessons with others who need help navigating this challenging time.



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