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Caregiver Support: Personalized Text Message Connections

Caregiver Support: Personalized Text Message Connections

Caregiver Support: Personalized Text Message Connections. For caregivers navigating the complexities of Alzheimer's, dementia, and anticipatory grief, a text messaging service can be a lifeline. Whether you're grappling with the emotional complexities of Alzheimer's, dementia, or anticipatory grief, personalized messages can serve as a comforting companion on your journey. Imagine receiving heartfelt messages designed to provide support to caregivers navigating challenging circumstances. Receive a steady stream of encouragement, reminders that you're not alone, and valuable insights to ease the burdens of caregiving.

About Our Guests

Every caregiver has a story, and on this episode, we're bringing you the inspiring tale of Wanda Medina, a resilient woman who has dedicated her life to caring for her husband, Hector, with early onset Alzheimer's. Help Text, an innovative service providing emotional support for caregivers has played an essential role in her journey, offering solace during the loss of her father and navigating her grief. Melissa Lunardini, the Head of Clinical at Help Text, joins us to shed light on this unique support system and how it's transforming the lives of caregivers through personalized text messages. 

You wouldn't want to miss Wanda’s touching account of how Help Text's personalized messages helped her care for Hector. She shares how the service assisted her in focusing on Hector's present self instead of mourning the man he used to be. We also delve into the simplicity of using Help Text, from a minimal sign-up process to the ease of adding supporters to a list. As we wrap up the episode, Wanda shares her experience with Help Text's grief support texts after Hector's passing, revealing how they provided immense comfort during an indescribably difficult time. So whether you're a caregiver, a griever, or someone who aspires to support a loved one better, this episode offers invaluable insights and inspiration.

(0:00:01) - Supporting Caregivers

(0:16:11) - Caregiver Support Through Text Messages

(0:21:21) - Personalized Text Messages for Dementia Caregivers

(0:33:23) - Supporting Caregivers With Help Texts

(0:42:04) - Loss, Appreciation, and Reflection on Information


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