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Caregiver Grief – A Practical Discussion


The loved one you’re caring for is still around yet you feel their loss. Some think this is depression but it’s actually a form of caregiver grief. It’s commonly referred to as anticipatory grief and it’s very common when caring for someone with an incurable disease.

This kind of grief can hurt as much as what you feel when your loved one dies. Sometimes, it’s more. You can’t ignore what you’re feeling and hope it goes away. Allow yourself the time to process what you’re feeling and appreciate the time you have left.

In this episode, two caregivers talk to a grief counselor about their unique struggles and feelings. It’s a discussion about those feelings and how to move forward with them.  Each caregiver’s situation is different and so too are their emotions. It’s useful to bring in someone with training and experience to help us navigate our emotions.

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