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102 - Caregiver Stress Reduction Techniques

102 - Caregiver Stress Reduction Techniques
A caregiver's journey is not an easy one. There's stress, frustration, sadness, and even anger. There are many ways to cope with these feelings, some good, some not so good. Learning mindfulness from my guest helped me tremendously. Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. Tune in to learn how mindfulness can help reduce your caregiver stress. I learned Scotts' technique at the time my Mom had fallen and broken her leg. It was also the start of the Covid pandemic. Everyone was experiencing new types of stress. I was trying to decide whether we did the surgery to repair her leg. I was walking through the house, feeling an explosion coming on. I knew that an explosion wouldn't help anything, so I immediately stopped and implemented what I learned and changed my emotions. I went from looking for a fight to feeling good about myself. Having never been a mindfulness-practicing person, this changed how I felt about his methods. I know you'll gain as much benefit as much as I did. There are three things necessary for a podcast to be successful. One, great listeners like yourself. Two are sponsors who help cover the expenses of producing the podcast. Three great listeners who help support the podcast by taking advantage of the sponsors' special offers. With that said, here are our sponsors; Pharma-C Company (previously Pharma-C Wipes)
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Fading Memories was created to support family caregivers in a simple, on-demand form. When I was looking for advice on caring for my Mom, I needed this podcast. Since it didn’t exist, I created what I needed!
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