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Caregiving Tips for Each Day of The Year.

Caregiving Tips for Each Day of The Year.

Caregiving Tips for Each Day of The Year. Not all tips will fit every caregiver, but every caregiver will find tips that fit. Those are the wise words you find when visiting the website www.365caregivingtips.com. Joining me, again, is a favorite guest, Gincy Heins. She was so delightful I knew I had to have her back.

Caregiving is a marathon of the journey. The more advice we have to help us navigate this responsibility, the better off everyone will be. With their fourth book, Gincy and four other authors have given us enough caregiving tips to get us through just about any situation. 

About Our Guest:

In addition to four books, Gincy shares a positive life tip on her Instagram page daily. If you're looking for a one-minute, positive thought for the day, you need to look her up!

Gincy is the caregiver and advocate for her husband, who was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment when he was 55 years old. She is also a mom, teacher, speaker, city commissioner, and volunteer with AlzAuthors, the public library, spcaLA, and Alzheimer’s Orange County.


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