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Connections through Art

Connections through Art

Connections through Art. Participating in art can provide older adults with multiple benefits and enhanced cognitive function. One of the challenges caregivers face is handling frustration when confusion is common. When our loved ones lose control because their memory is failing, they frequently lash out. 

  • Art for older adults can help relieve this fear and anger by; 
  • helping individuals relax;
  • providing a sense of control;
  • reducing depression and anxiety;
  • assisting in socialization;
  • encouraging playfulness and a sense of humor;
  • improving cognition;
  • offering sensory stimulation;

Plus, it can be a lot of fun. It’s worth a try. My Mom was a very creative person, but she feared “getting it wrong” whenever I attempted to do an art project with her. I’ve seen some other methods that I would have liked to have tried with her, but since I can’t, I’m sharing this passionate young woman’s story with you.

Marie-Louise is my guest today, and how she became passionate about using art to connect with older adults will delight you and maybe, give you the confidence to give art therapy a try with your loved one. The passion and insight that Marie-Louise shares will make you feel great. She has tons of advice, ideas and heart-warming stories!


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