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Chocolate for the Brain? Creative Dementia

Chocolate for the Brain? Creative Dementia

Chocolate for the Brain? Chocolate for the Brain? Creative Dementia. Creativity is a lifeline for me. Does having a creative mind help you avoid Alzheimer's? Some research has shown that musicians' brains are more resilient because of the additional neural networks formed while learning their craft.

Are there other art forms that may provide this same resilience for those who are not musically inclined? Thankfully, there may be. Writing, painting, drawing, sculpting, and dancing are options that may improve our cognitive health.

Engaging in creative activities such as writing, painting, drawing, sculpting, and dancing has been linked to cognitive benefits that may help prevent various forms of dementia. Research suggests that these artistic pursuits stimulate the brain, fostering the development of additional neural networks. While musicians have shown increased resilience, other art forms provide similar cognitive advantages, offering a diverse range of options for individuals not musically inclined. Embracing creativity throughout life appears to promote cognitive health, potentially serving as a protective factor against conditions like Alzheimer's and supporting overall brain function.

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An art kit specially designed for people living with Alzheimer's may give caregivers some peace while also allowing your loved one to express themselves creatively. Lola's Art Kit has the supplies and prompts to facilitate drawing, sculpting, and writing.

Spending time on a creative passion, no matter your age, is an excellent investment in your cognitive health. The bonus is you and your loved one can participate together!

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