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Dementia Challenges - Avoiding Triggers

Dementia Challenges - Avoiding Triggers
Tami Anastasia

Dementia Challenges - Avoiding Triggers. Are you aware of your triggers? Those actions or statements that make it easy to become unreasonable? I know most of mine, yet it's still a challenge not to let them trigger me. If I were also dealing with dementia-causing disease, it would be nearly impossible to control situations that trigger me into unreasonable behavior.

Triggering outbursts is a challenge we face daily as caregivers. Sometimes it can be the most straightforward request that can cause an explosion. We can start a fit just by being present. Sometimes, caregiving can feel like a no-win situation.

Triggering behaviors was a suggestion from this previous guest, Tami Anastasia, and I jumped at the chance to chat with her about how to avoid them. Knowing what we're doing that can cause these unpleasant moods, what other issues might be a trigger, and how to navigate them all may make your caregiving just a bit easier. That's our goal in this episode.


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