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Dementia: Signs, Symptoms & Stories of Lewy Body

Dementia: Signs, Symptoms & Stories of Lewy Body

Dementia: Signs, Symptoms & Stories of Lewy Body. Dementia is a complex neurological condition that encompasses a range of cognitive impairments affecting memory, reasoning, and daily functioning. One specific form of dementia is Lewy body dementia (LBD), characterized by the presence of abnormal protein deposits called Lewy bodies in the brain. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of LBD is crucial for early diagnosis and effective management.

Common signs of Lewy Body dementia (LBD) include fluctuating cognitive abilities, visual hallucinations, and motor symptoms such as Parkinsonism. Patients may experience vivid and often distressing hallucinations, adding a unique dimension to their cognitive decline. Additionally, individuals with LBD may exhibit difficulties with attention and problem-solving, further impacting their daily lives.

Sharing Stories as a Form of Advocacy

Stories of those affected by Lewy body dementia shed light on the emotional and practical challenges faced by patients and their caregivers. These narratives emphasize the importance of fostering a supportive environment, raising awareness, and promoting research to better understand and address this specific form of dementia. By sharing these stories, we aim to enhance public understanding and empathy toward individuals living with Lewy body dementia, ultimately contributing to a more compassionate and informed society.

Our guest is Mary Lou Falcone an internationally known classical music publicist/strategist. Combining communication skills with her background as a performer and educator Mary Lou adds another layer: advocate for LBD awareness. Her late husband, the illustrator Nicky Zann, died from LBD in 2020 and was the catalyst for her first book, I Didn't See It Coming.


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