A Supportive Podcast for those Dealing with a loved one with Memory Loss

A Supportive Podcast for those Dealing with a loved one with Memory Loss

Family Caregiving Blueprint

Circle of people forming a family caregiving circle

Family caregiving would seem to be a natural outcome of our love for each other. Unfortunately, that is frequently not the case. Caring for someone living with Alzheimer’s is hard enough but going it alone doesn’t work.

65% of caregivers end up hospitalized and 18% of caregivers die before their loved one which is a terrible statistic. Coupled with the stress, heartache and physical demands of caring is the tendency to become isolated.

With this in mind, I offer up a family caregiving blueprint. I spoke to Cindy & Cory (Mom & son) about how their family has approached the needs of several family members across the country.  They formed what they affectionately call “the committee” and have expanded the participation as more of their family require care.

So that you can get started as you listen, some tips;

  1. Don’t expect anyone to do anything.
  2. Allow each person to handle tasks that align with their skills.
  3. Talk about what needs to be done and the best way to make it happen
  4. Remember, this is your family, lead with love.

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