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Holiday Gift Ideas for Dementia Loved Ones & Care Givers

Holiday Gift Ideas for Dementia Loved Ones & Care Givers

Holiday Gift Ideas for Care Givers & Dementia Loved Ones. Looking for gift ideas for a caregiver or their loved one living with dementia? Join us as we discuss a curated gift guide, presenting unique gift ideas from everyday essentials to self-care treasures and emergency makeup tools.

Explore creative exchanges like a favorite things party, not just for practical gifting but also for building connections in book clubs and caregiver support groups.

But we go beyond gifts—discover the transformative power of shared experiences. From pickleball lessons and hiking trails to accessible online cooking classes and subscription-prepared meals, we highlight ways to create meaningful connections and enhance the caregiving journey.

Learn about simple gestures, such as mowing the lawn or holiday decorations, extending care to both humans and furry friends. Navigate the emotional challenges of gift-giving, especially when recipients may not recall the gestures, with insights and creative solutions shared in our discussion.

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Time Stamps

(0:00:01) - Gift Ideas for Caregivers and Dementia

(0:09:57) - Caregiver Gift Ideas and Activities

(0:14:02) - Gifts and Challenges in Caregiving

(0:21:02) - Gifts and Activities for Bedridden Loved Ones

(0:28:27) - Caregiving Challenges and Creative Solutions

(0:38:14) - Real Caregiving Pictures and Holiday Gift Ideas

(0:43:49) - Discussion on Podcasting and Appreciation

HERE is the Happy, Healthy Caregiver Gift Guide


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