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Home or Memory Care? A Conversation on Finding the Best Fit

Home or Memory Care? A Conversation on Finding the Best Fit

One of the biggest challenges I have helped caregivers navigate is the decision to move a loved one to memory care or care home. Far too many family members promise never to put their loved one "in a place like that" before they know how much care will be required.

Selecting the right care home for someone with dementia requires careful consideration. Begin by researching facilities with specialized dementia care programs and experienced staff. Visit potential homes to assess the environment, ensuring it is secure and adapted to the unique needs of individuals with dementia. Engage in conversations with staff to gauge their understanding and approach to dementia care. Inquire about daily routines, activities, and how they handle behavioral challenges. Seek recommendations, read reviews, and assess the home's regulatory compliance. Finally, trust your instincts and choose a facility that prioritizes safety, individualized care, and a supportive atmosphere for those with dementia.

This episode is a conversation between two caregivers who decided that a care home was the best choice for everyone involved. We discuss how to find a good care home, the pros and cons of making this choice, and tell funny stories about our Moms residency.

The one thing that I feel it's important to know is that there can be more benefits for your loved one than you'd imagine. My Mom had friends and participated in activities she refused to do with her family. My Moms quality of life was much better in a care home than she would have had had she lived with me.

If you're struggling with deciding whether or not a care home is the right choice, this is the episode for you.


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